Friday, February 08, 2008

Will McCain Face A Split Democratic Ticket?

As the election battles heat up, I think more and more Americans will get wise to the fact that these two major conglomerates of bureaucrats that we've come to identify as the U.S. Two-Party System, are no more than businesses. Sure, we can talk about how Bush stole 2000, but how can we even begin to discuss the injustices that went on at the polls, when we can't even find fairness in the nomination process to begin with?

Even when he had the momentum... did anyone think Bradley would steal Gore's thunder? And who really thinks Obama, who I predict will receive the still-valuable Edwards-endorsement, will prevail over Hillary? Now let's not kid ourselves, the big argument to come will be all about Super-Delegates, the new Howitzer of the GOP. The Republicans are just as dirty as the Democrats, but they want to win, and so Rudy, Fred, and Mitt went home. Mike & Ron are so far behind there's no point in even lookin back anymore, the McCain Tourbus is gonna go non-stop now.

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In 2000 we witnessed America barely hold on through the turmoil of an election where the winner of the elections was someone other than the person that got the most votes. As a nation we pulled together and honored the laws of the land. However, can a political party, even a bureaucratic den of politicos and lobbyists, endure a split as nasty as what we may be in store for this year? If Obama had the exit polls and recognizable edge (more than a razor's edge but just barely higher than 3:4% average margin of error...but the Super-Delegates force Hillary in... what's to say the Party will hold? Maybe the bureaucrats will hold, you know what motivate$ them, but will the voters will hold?

Also let's not forget that this wouldn't be something veiled in secrecy and shrouded in silence, buried in one of Howard Dean's file cabinets...this would be national/international news, the Rush Limbaugh's. would inundate the radio signals, the Sean Hannity's would take to television, the Ann Coulter's would take to hardback, the NY Post's would pound the article onto the black and white pages of their daily papers and so on and so forth.

If Super-Delegates decide, I say the Party won't hold. I say American would finally have a Multi-Party System. Would that be so bad?

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Anonymous said...

Ron Paul's original strategy was to go for delegates and hope that no candidate achieves the proper majority. If that worked, he could of had a better chance because such an event would not depend on popular votes. Unfortunately, Mitt dropped out, so it is unlikely to happen. His main concern now is to to re-win his seat in congress.

Well, there's always rioting :) j/k