Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I <3 Tommy Jardon.

Minorities have traditionally been exploited by the Machine, there is a little room to debate this point. Traditionally the Vice Presidency is the area best-suited for minorities, largely out of a general distrust between opposing Greek Councils -- that's right folks, it all goes back to the Greek Councils.

It's very difficult for the IFC/PC to be able to trust the tiny, politically-malnourished Multicultural Greek Council (largely over the fact that this council tends to side more to the NPHC side). Lately, conditions in the three Greek camps have been somewhat relaxed, the MGC have boasted of Vice President Joyce Medina & Fill-In Veep Arturo Armand; when Access sold out, the MGC's underdog sorority saw it's then-president, Analiz Velasquez get herself in Senate, in a term that did not see a Gamma Eta get tapped. Next of course we saw Lola Bovell enter the ranks, followed later by Kathy Valle (two already-established names), but nonetheless.

Recently I received an interesting email. While given permission to credit the email to its author, I feel that doing so would only increase drama and with elections around the corner, I'd much rather see people putting there all into defeating the wretched System that fend off trolls on the blogs.

"As far as Kevin goes, he's even more do-nothing then Moseley was. He's going to take credit for all sorts of crap including the credit cards in the on-campus food places but the reality is that it was Moseley that did it with his staff and Kevin just took credit. He's practically moved into the 3rd floor over the last semester since becoming Senate Prez and his grades are perilously low as a result. He's got nearly nothing legit to his credit and his real soft underbelly is that nobody owes him anything which we think is going to make it difficult for him to marshall the troops as far as especially enthusiastic org support goes past IFC/PC/BSU."

Now I don't know Kevin, but from various interview all the way from Nina DeJong's to off record statements by key players in both the System, FBK, & Indie camps...this guy sounds quite a bit like Sam Green. A lot of people are convinced that TR.com was like a Green fansite, but to the discerning reader, it was clear that my only angle there, was showing how the Machine wanted to keep a potentially risky player down. "Player" in the political game, not "playa" in the Hip Hop context." 'Aight?'

'But Umm...' yeah. Whether this kid is another Jamal Sowell or he'll have the mental makeup of Ronald Reagan did his last year in office, this I don't know, but if anything's for certain it's this: minorities are exploited by The Man.

Tommy Jardon may be a republican...good God, a republican, but he's Independent at the core and he's had to fight hard for the cause, whether it involved getting spanked with Dennis, dicked by Adam Roberts, backstabbed by Ryan Moseley's people, or what not... he will be one of the best Student Body Presidents UF has seen in ages. I only wish I was there to vote for him and this without hearing a word on his platform. And it's not because he's Indie; I endorsed Swamp over Unite so it's not all FBK v. GDI's.

I begged for a Baker candidacy, a Nelson one, a Haupt one (got that, cool!), but I have been pretty vocal these last years about Tommy Jardon. If anyone can make a dvd of him in action, please let me know how I can get it. I'd pay top dollar, no really. In regards to the minorities & the system, what more's there to say? You know the drill...

latinos, we're all good swimmers and beat our wives... black folks love fried chicken & watermelon, asians are all skinny & brilliant in math....DO THESE STEREOTYPES OFFEND YOU? If so, now you know how I feel when The MACHINE throws tickets together comprised of the guy (or gal) they really want and then pad the ticket with colorful faces to win votes from people that don't know any better. Tommy Jardon is a Hispanic-Latino in the vein of Gil Sanchez, with better networking that a friggin ATO, with more class than any new-money-tool you'd meet in FBK and with the kind of self-confidence that will enable him to wipe the floor with anyone come the debates.

I love Frank Bracco, but Tommy Jardon is the one Ace in the deck that the GDI's should thank their lucky stars they can play this time around.

"Wow. We all know what happened. But wow."


Anonymous said...

someone needs to inform kevin reilly that home zone is now open for dinner. i want to see his jacket explode when he tries to close it at senate before he moves into mose's office

Anonymous said...

Tell us who wrote the email

Anonymous said...

I just realized how little you know about the politics of the Greek communities. You have been gone for way too long. I would take another look if I were you.