Friday, February 29, 2008

Orange & Blue: Return of the GDI's

Alligator Election Story

What an amazing showing for the Independents. There will be some coverage in March related to this incredible election, as I know very little. For right now, I have to get back to studying, but let me just say how proud I am of Tommy Jardon, Sam Miorelli, Frank Bracco, and all the many, many others that worked for this party.

And for the System brats...'what, cigars again this year too? What a great tradition ole Pedro Allende started. Don't worry Frank, let them pretend FBK still runs Tally...Skull & Bones they are not; just a bunch of rich kids, with the IFC/PC in their hip pocket and Judas-Minority leaders, selling their people to the System, like the tribal "nobles" of Africa Gold Coast did some six centuries ago to the European vessels of their coast. Fuck 'em & their iron grip of UF.

Orange & Blue should feel very proud. I'm very proud of you guys. :)


Anonymous said...

The Gator Party's stance against online voting has pushed many previous supporters in the Greek community to feel that the party has lost touch with all sense of fairness. As members of the Greek community, we understand that electing a Student Government hostile to the Greek system is not in our best interest. But we also understand we are a minority on campus, and other students may not share our opinions. These students have the right to be heard, and online voting will make this possible.

It is inconceivable that online voting could allow more opportunity for coercion than the current actions of the Gator Party. In the past two days, the Gator Party has checked in on my sorority house every hour to count how many "I voted" stickers we have. We were told that voting is mandatory, which defies all sense of voluntary political participation. Not only were we required to vote, but we were also told exactly how to vote on every referendum.

Most appallingly, Gator Party members threatened that if my sorority did not have an "I voted" sticker from every girl in our house, members of our chapter would be blocked from future Senate positions and from Florida Blue Key.

Students and Greek members are coming to realize that power corrupts. We want to vote, but not because we are commanded or coerced to for fear of future consequences. We want to make informed decisions on referendums and initiatives rather than blindly follow the advice of a party we can no longer trust. We cannot support political coercion, so therefore, Gator Party, many of us could not support you.

Please try to understand that obtaining a position in Senate is a privilege, not a right. Many of you believe that you can and will make a difference if elected. Show us the logic behind your policies, not just your manipulative power to violate basic principles of fairness to stifle your competition. Please be respectful of students' ability to make decisions in our best interest so we can finally have a student government to be proud of.

Editor's Note: The author's name has been withheld because of her concern of retaliation

Ken said...

Just some thoughts for how the GDIs can examine this election and go forward in the fall with all guns blazing.