Sunday, March 05, 2006


I'm really, really wasted. I got to see family, thank you. I partied hard but when I finally made it to the couch, I just wanted to cry, I kept rubbin my eyes cuz I missed the good ole Access days, I'm gonna go to sleep now, piss faced drunk and I'm gonna dream about the Spring 2004, some people spend their whole lives thinkin about the first time they lost their virginity or when they got inducted into their frat or when they got thinkI'm always gonna think about Access. I know I'm drunk and I shouldn't post this, but I'm in love with a student government party. Goodnight.


Vote 4 Susan said...
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Christian Duque said...

I would appreciate it if my blog wasn't used to place ads. If you'd like to say something and then include something like this, that would be fine, otherwise please don't spam the comment box, even if you're a candidate I've endorsed, makes no difference to me.