Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Saturday Review w/ Christian Duque


Well I'm kinda bummed out because I've decided to retake the lsat...I'm going to apply with what I've got, try and find at internship in gville, and try those ****** logic games again in June. If I don't get into the schools I want or any for that matter (lol) then I'll either teach or teach and attend grad school, only to re-start the process in 2yrs..I don't care if I have as many retakes of the lsat as JFK Jr. had attempts at passing the bar...I want to be an attorney with every fiber of my body.

The Review...

Whiskey Room
We went to a VISA event put up at Whiskey Room and hung out all night long. I met this really cool UNITE senator, got to meet tons of Steph's friends, and got freaked out to seeing Andre Sameuls a few times. I'm not sure why he looked so angry, but then again he always looks angry. He was walking in and out of the crowd and after a couple of Yagerbombs and mixed drinks I started fearing he was going to stab me with a plastic butter knife or something, penn. style, j/k. In any event, they announced the Gator victory and everyone was merry.

But I gotta say...I've never liked booty music...usually I say its because I'm conservative and what not...but the real reason is because I'm afraid of getting excited and looking like a jerk. I'm also afraid of NOT getting into the mood and offending the girl. Lastly I'd be angry to get into the mood and then get left in that mood when the song is over. I don't know....I'm a wallflower with issues I guess.

Sen. Guerra Resigns
In what seems to have been a strange twist of events, Sen. Rebecca "Becca" Guerra walked out of chambers, following her resignation. While I don't know the details, I can't say I'm totally surprised. From the outside it looks like a case of greed, you have a student leader that's been blessed with longevity in elected office, she's been able to survive longer than many others, she's served on distinguished committees such as R&A, chaired Judiciary, and continues to have a very high level of participation in several leadership capacities throughout campus.

I hope there were greater factors at play than merely not getting a desired position. Despite strained relations and several different points of view on campus leadership issues, I've always believed Rebecca Guerra to be a fine student leader, one of the very, very best. I sincerely hope she resigned for legitimate resasons and not because she's pouting over not getting a gavel.

"Give 'Em Belle" World Premiere!
"Relive the Belle! Campaign in Sarasota!"
Hosted By:
Sarasota Film Festival

Good Lord!...Just when you thought the Mike Belle crusade was over, out from the ashes of failed dreams and used-car-lot-charm returns the fiery leader of naive, politically-charged stoners Michael Burt Belle (I don't think his middle name is "BURT" but it sounds funny).

In one way I'm happy that the venue location is Sarasosta...if anyone should suffer its that Republican hotbed (lol), however, I can't imagine what kind of footage will be shown. I would imagine we'd see people like Andre Samuels walking around, angry, and donning huge cardboard signs...perhaps we'll see cameo appearances of Adelle and/or split-second images of crosses, perhaps Mike Belle being crucified saying "My City, My City..why have you forsaken me." Will the documentary show Mike's lycra-bicycle-bodysuit-clad Senate speeches, will they show us Mike speaking to senile old folks on why they should come out and vote...perhaps Mike shouting at some old ladies in a retirement village....

"FRIENDS! GERT, JANE, RUTH, SHEILA...the time is now! If you elect me to the city commission....CITY COMMISSION!!!...I will make things better! That's right ladies, turn those hearing aids up, you heard right, I will fight FOR YOU!" .... LMAO

Poor of luck to him, I know that one day he's going to make it, we're all going to be just fine :-). Also remember that this is a WORLD PREMIERE, the next two showings will be in TOKELAU and RWANDA (home of Hutus for Belle, not to be confused with Tutsis For Mike [a Tutsi fanclub formed in the hopes of a Mike Patrone presidential run that never was, meetings are on hiatus]).

UF officials release list of Facebook dangers, guidelines

This is how it always starts. Just a week ago...a huge special on MySpace hit tv, today universities and their leaders (such as UF's Bernie Machen) are no longer just meddling in student's off-school lives (e.g. pushing to maintain 2am curfew) but also pushing for censorship on third party student-accessed websites.

Great Quote:
Florida Crew Vice President Jessica Sinto said the administration should not limit what students do online. Just because you are in a leadership position doesn't mean you should have to censor what you do in your personal Web site, she said.

To all members of the Student Senate, namely those that recently blocked legislation to curb the size of SG Cabinet...I would recommend that the SG RESEARCH Cabinet get invovled here, ask students where they stand, what they feel about sites such as facebook not merely as a way to sidestep or counter the administration's findings and statements, rather to build credibility for Student legislation to protect students should the Gator Nation not want to take Machen & Co.'s "suggestions" to heart.

Btw..who is the Research Cabinet Director and what has he/she done?

Letter to the EditorSG should break free from its own history

Sen. Grove makes a fine point, parties always talk about bringing out about a level playing field for all students, essentially giving way to ACCESS to SG (but rarely live up). I have to say that while I do and have always respected Jared Hernandez, I do not believe it's at all plausible to base a letter on what-if's, no one knows what Jared would have done or what the circumstances would have been like. Take Jamal for example...President with roughly 25 loyal senators, he had to comply and give up Accent & SGP b/c even with huge popular support, friendly Alligator/press, 25 loyal senators and a slightly friendly court he was still in danger of being impeached and removed (they tried and came close many times in closed doors, tragedy was always thankfully averted). Legacies are staples of the corrupt political world, but it's not in stone. A party could and should come along that will not fear going to war, but if Access fell short there is no way anyone is going to tell me than a UNITE or an Impact would get the job done. It's not honesty v. dishonesty, it's real world politics v. noble political rhetoric.

March of Dimes funds animal torturing

That's really repugnant. I have zero tolerance for animal testing, esepcially the cruel & pointless kind such as this is. Kudos to the Alligator for printing this letter and mega kudos for the letter's author coming out and shedding some light on this matter.

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redhotgator said...

Radikal, let's review the facts on the Becca Guerra case (in case you have forgotten "facts" are pieces of truth):

1) She did not resign during public debate, instead she waited 5 hours until her report to give her speech. So her leaving after her resignation was not completely shocking. Also, as many others seemed to NOT understand, by giving her resignation she no longer had voting powers. So why stick around?

2) You call it a case of greed, but Guerra is one of the FEW who has not demanded positions, especially positions she did not deserve. She has always worked hard and in every case of moving up, she has been the BEST person for the position. Let us not forget that she has served 2 years for the students. That's a year longer than you, despite all of you talk about being a student advocate.

3) Maybe you will remember she usually does pretty well in the polls: #1 in LS for ACCESS (that beat you!), #2 in District B (as the only NON-GREEK GIRL on the Gator Party ballot for the seat). So the girl works her little ass off!

4) Her presence on several important Senate and campus committees displays her motivation, hard work and commitment to the students.

5) Since you were NOT there on Tuesday night, you missed her speech. She explained how she had the chance that night to run, but CHOSE not to run. A true leader leads. Guerra explained that she wanted younger leaders to have the chance. That doesn't sound greedy to me.

6) It's nice how now after a few crappy blogs bad mouthing her, now you show her some love. Maybe you should work on that.

7) Get your facts straight Duque: she did get a gavel!

Chairwoman Guerra has always displayed the upmost class. Perhaps you should have been attending Senate in the last few weeks. She was the ONLY person questioning R&A recommendations, while also challenging the status quo and continually fighting the cause against the evil clutches of Blue Key in those Chambers.

It's nice that you devoted so much time to her Duque, she must truly be flattered. But now that she's gone leave her alone!

Christian Duque said...

Oh protem or not to protem...

My entry on Sen. Guerra was extremely well written, very respectful, and did not presume to know the facts or the details rather it posed several questions to several matters that I was not informed of on detail, however, my source is high up in senate and I based my entry on that.

My commentary on Sen. Guerra did not merit your attack and quite frankly I'm shocked your this angry.

Sen. Guerra is not the only one that beat me in the LS ticket, I was dead last (getting more votes than Mackensie only, but then again I was an IFC Greek [1of3] on the entire Access ticket w/ my own house supporting Innovate but I digress...I know a thing or two about working hard too). And when I had the opportunity to go over to the ZTA house at Joe's invitation to make Voice a Gator frontgroup and get some gravy, we turned him down and ran hard to come in a humiliating 4th....I never sold out, others did.

I'm glad you wrote, but you're a college student and as a college student you should take up reading comprehension, because I think I wrote a very neutral entry and I think you're being a little silly.

I want to thank you for your entry and I want to let you know that I'm always here if you want to talk. If you're truly as enraged as I think you are, you can also visit my home or come over to Gainesville Gym, I'm always eager to meet my fans. I'm in the book. :-)

Askinstoo said...
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