Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Lola..Lola...Lola...I put you in senate, sure we could sit here and say me and Fernando, but what clout did/does Fernando really have? Zilch. Accion-UF was supposed to be something great, but soon after Nin's defeat for the HSA presidency he didn't like the idea that I had real plans for the Voice Party, the party that put you on the Fall Access slate and that made a few other discreet things happen from the highest echelons of power of the AP. Nonetheless, those are minor details for only a few people to know about.

I wanted to see you run for president one day, you or Ansell, you were the two I always believed could be the Gil Sanchez's that got it right, I had high hopes that either one of you would go all the way! And today you're in a run off for Student Body treasurer but times have changed. When this photo was taken I would have endorsed you 110%, but then you switched to the Gator Party (something I hated) and decided to run with a party such as Unite (a party that unless you live under a rock you'd know I don't care much for).

In my heart I want you to win Lola....but the Lola I see is the one in this photo, not the one that switched affiliations, the one that's never bothered to stay in touch, and most definitely not the one running with a fake independent party. I will always love Nikki Grant, I will always highly respect Michelle Lightbourne, I will always fear Tommy Jardon (lol), I will always think Adam Roberts is a nice kid, I will always think Kevin Bacon is one sketch-ass motherfucker, and I may never be able to point out Allison Cullin even from a group of ethnic Samoans, but the point is it's not the people I don't like its the concept (and yes a handful of people on a secondary level) of UNITE that really get under my skin.

So I hope that whatever's left of the Lola of 2004 wins, but I'm not sure if that's an

To all the people that supported/support Gator, more power to ya. To the people that went Ignite-Innovate-Gator-Swamp we're def. rivals but y'all are at least true to your convictions. My problem is with traitors & political opportunists. You can never break bread with or share a drink with a snake, you can never call a slimeball your friend. Like Tony Montana..."I got my word and I got my balls," without those ya ain't worth SHIT. =o)

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