Wednesday, March 29, 2006

In The News....w/ Christian Duque

Lately I've been receiving a couple emails here and there (no not literally just a couple) from Gainesville residents that read my blog...what a shock?! And these folks have mentioned that I should look at other media types when I do my ITN reviews, so I've decided to include the Gainesville Sun, Satellite, Campus Talk, the Iguana, and every once in a while larger regional papers from Jax, O-town, and Tampa. I could include the NEW YORK times, the LA times, and/or the WALL STREET journal..but you can't get the Florida/Southerner out of me...I couldn't ever dream of reading anything beyond the 'state line.' (lol) New coverage will start in the coming days AND I've got two interviews I'm workin on that are gonna ROCK! Who would have ever thought that I'd get O.G. bloggers back into blogging for the SG elections when many of them had "given up blogging" or had said "I'm no longer interested in blogging".....that's right, the Duque started it all again, the Duque was the first (and only) to put interviews in the format, and now I will begin work taking my imprint to the next level....details comin soon. (LOL)


Jones said he wants to reform the jail system to reduce the population of nonviolent offenders, address issues of mental health and reduce the cost of housing inmates.

Wow...BUTCH JONES...sounds like it would have a nice ring to it...SHERIFF BUTCH JONES....he wants to save money on housing inmates and reform the jail system..I wonder if he plans to go about it the Joe Arpaio' more here:

UF brews alcohol plan

Is it legal to ask students to incriminate themselves? Surely students must identify themselves with gatorlink and/or other personal information if participation in the survey includes a hold being placed on their transcripts. Perhaps if Senate members can drag themselves away from beer and Margaritas at the Swamp, they could petition either Senate President Lauren Mierley or go to SB President Joe Goldberg and ask to have a subcommittee created to investigate student rights in this matter. Are students rights being infringed upon, is their privacy at stake, can the administration pry into students privacy and hold their academic careers in limbo unless students comply?

The Students pay for a Judicial Branch...where are they? Where is the Senate, where is President Goldberg, where is Gavin Baker? All the students have is SG, that can be a pack of dogs or it can be nothing, please let's make sure the Gator Nation doesn't get raped in the ass by the Bernie and his bureaucrat-goons.

The panel and crowd blamed parents and society for binge and underage drinking.

The panel may not be aware of this, but I would think most UF students are not ACR’s and student’s whose parents live in Hialeah or Key West are not going to drive six hours to hear some Alachua County come-mierdas talk about how Billy shouldn’t drink beer but can smoke all the cigarettes he wants.

[[[[[[Bloggers: this is something you should get into....forced surveys on students (whom by majority are under 21), with all anonymity GONE, with transcripts on the a campus more and more concerned with prohibition and dealing with material authored by the administration and city officials that have already been responsible for hindering students off-campus rights (i.e. the 2am curfew)...this just reaks of injustice. Support me or refute me, but say something please!]]]]]]

Marlette Returns


Melone should stop writing, join military

"Perhaps Melone should stop writing a column for the Alligator and instead enlist in the military."

I can't stand our president or his party, however, I don't think anyone should ever stop writing...The more I see this the more petrified I get, more and more people want opposing views (either racially motivated or politically motivated or religiously motivated or socially motivated) silenced. We live in America and while I agree the war is wrong and the troops are ill-equipped, I would never endorse my political opponents to stop writing...this is America we live in.

Shabazz had no place speaking at UF

We live in America and while I believe racism comes from ignorant people with very narrow minds and little if no compassion, as Americans we must fight for everyone's freedom of speech, especially those whom we agree with least. VISA used A&S fees money appropriately, they brough in a speaker to give a different (even if moronic) view, it has raised awareness on campus, students are writing about it and a reaction will defintiely come as a result of it.

In part the Alligator has fueled this, they accuse a man of views for which there are no direct quotes, it poses a highly biased poll where the results are in no way in question, and now students are angry and want to see VISA burn. Freedom of speech must be protected, we must TOLERATE the racists so that hopefully one day they will learn to tolerate those they hate and hopefully one day, learn to coexist in harmony.

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