Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's All Over Now

To Lola: Sorry you lost and from what I hear, you did a great job campaigning. I'm proud of you for that. However, you switched parties and even though I never thought much of Impact, THEY were the defacto indie party when Voice & Progress dissolved/went inactive w/e you wanna term it. You didn't lose because of the Hispanic community or the Greeks, you lost because you made a mistake in the Fall '05, opting for relatively easy re-election with the Gator Party and then you saw opportunity back on the indie side and well...GDI's don't like that, Greeks don't like that, Blue Keys don't like that, actually I don't think anyone likes that. So, I'm sorry, but this is politics.

To Ryan: I didn't want to applaud you for recognizing flaws in the budget or admitting publicly that many parts of Swamp's platform may not be met....I've been accused lately of being overly easy on Swamp, so I decided not to say anything. However, I think your honesty was probably met with most positively. Please do a good job for the students, because in the end when their orgs can't proper funding, their programs suffer and while balancing the budget may be the goal, SG's top goal should be keeping students well represented and their activities well funded. Be fiscally responsible but don't be overly terse when you don't have to be.

To UNITE: Inexperienced leaders have proven not to work. Sometimes candidates make good members of exec, sometimes you shouldn't fix things that arent' broken. I think everyone should applaud Adam Roberts and his inexperienced exec. party members, each person on the UNITE exec deserves a drink on the party and swift kick in the ass out of its leadership. In fact, UNITE should just disintegrate now and all the UNITE senators elect that truly believe they are GDI's should break away, change their affiliation to independent, elect a minority whip and a minority leader to sit on R&A, and truly work for the students. The Hernandez/Siler/Lola experiment is OVER -- UNITE is DEAD! Those of you that are real, are indies anyway so do the right thing....this whole campaign was a pricey was run by AMATEURS that pissed in the face of experienced critics...UNITE lost the vast majority of senate seats, lost the presidency, lost treasurer and worse of all...wasn't even close in either of these.

TRUE INDEPENDENTS don't BUY support with ALCOHOL! TRUE INDEPENDENTS meet @ The Reitz...You speak of improving UF facilities for students, yet your base of operations is a fuckin restaurant or a club? That's for the Greeks, is it sheik, maybe so...but Indies are about the AVERAGE student, the downtrodden, the weak, those that need to be impowered that need to overcome adversity....IMPACT & UNITE didn't seem to comrehend this...and both parties did SO WELL from Brick City to XS, both groups got severe ass poundings at the O&B.

I'm tired now, tired of SG too. Soon The Radikal will look at news outside UF, but...election and sg coverage will resume when I feel it's necessary. I may post a few more times this week but I wanna write about sleazier people, so I'm going to set my sites on Washington D.C.

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