Monday, February 27, 2006

Endorsements & Ravings

Wow is all I can say....I was at an excellent SIFE party last night and will have one at my house my first paycheck will be coming in shortly....the beer at this party was amazing and I met a couple of people that read my blog....I was stunned!! The conversations were great and a very, very close friend of mine made comments that Jared would probably wind up being an ambulance-chaser attorney, I pointed to a magnetic sticker of this Begin dude (a ambulance chaser lawyer) and we laughed hard. I wonder if Pete or Tom have any beers in the fridge, I think I'll steal one. In any event, I worked eleven hours today and I'm told in three weeks I'll be in a management program...soon I'll be able to buy all the choice bodybuilding supplements...but really....who cares?

Alrighty then....I read a fantastic breakdown of the SG elections here: , I give it five stars!!! If only Ken Kerns could write like this guy, you might be able to buy his publications at bookstores. I also sent a message to Adam Roberts yesterday morning just reminding him that even though I think he's a political mobster and that his party has sold out the independent community that I still think he's an ok guy (LMAO) and that this is purely politics. As usual he was very professional, I've never said anything to the contrary, he was very nice and offered me his number and really wanted me to call, which I didn't. One thing about me, is that calling would probably have been the best thing to do, maybe I am totally wrong, maybe I need to talk to him,....but ya know what....Ken Kerns, James Argento....these kids aren't Greek, they have no idea what goes on behind closed doors and with the support UNITE's got...I know better than to buy into the Dennis Ngin approach to politics. Dennis was an honest guy, a good guy....and they f*cked him. Now all of a sudden Adam's in charge, they're just as honest and taking a 1/3 of the Greek vote and running 40% athletes and they haven't made any deals they'd deny in the public eye....highly unlikely.

I see no one said anything on the Chris Chase interview....I guess people can't exactly say I'm using old info or ancient sources b/c Chris actually knows more than most of you, no offense, so I guess it boils down to choosing your battles =o) ... that was kinda the point;c). I gotta say that even though I've been trying to choose a side, I can't think of a good reason. I do love those Impact shirts....I use them to work out and the name sounds great, but even though I could use a few extra free shirts, I don't really want them so badly that I'd support either Swamp or Unite, I'd actually rather be an inmate at Camp X-ray in Gitmo and be subjected to brutal torture involving sleep deprivation and DieHard Gold batteries and mattress racks than support either mainstream party. Sorry. I do believe the most competent person fielding for exec is Lydia Washington, however.

For the presidency I would like to declare myself NEUTRAL (I think the best vote the students could cast between Boyles & Hernandez is scribble in this phrase: "NO CONFIDENCE") However, I do think Lydia Washington is an amazing candidate, so if ur ok with voting for presidential candidate based solely on his choice for veep, then I guess you could have a party to vote for, but I wouldn't vote for the chief executive based on his #2. I would however like to officially endorse Susan Vas Henriques for Student Body TREASURER.

I got Lola into Senate not James Argento, I have the emails and I also have a micro-cassette tape with people I can't mention where I outlined what I'd do to the Fall-2004-sellout-Access if the 4 Voice candidates were not put on the slate. As I've said before....I chose Lola, Fernando Nin chose Analiz Velasques, and Kathy Valle chose Ansell Fernandez....Danny Martinez' pick bowed out for personal reasons. Argento has no claim to Lola being brought into SG, she was an Accion/Voice pick, that's it! However, Lola went Gator and I have no respect for people that sell out, even if to extend their SG careers....for shame!! LOL (Extending your SG career isn't moral ground to sell ur ass for crack rock...LOL) So, once you go Gator, Innovate, Ignite, whatever and you wanna come later, you'll find that the locks have changed. If UNITE weren't so far mainstream I'd apply the same principle to Boyles, but UNITE have out-mainstreamed SWAMP, who'dda thought that was possible? Not I.

I won't go into detail on endorsements for senate, but I will for my old College...I will be pushing for Gavin Baker and his four colleagues to get elected. Gavin Baker reminds me so much of myself, he has his own .com like I did when I ran, he goes to org meetings and fights for his party like I did, he works for his senate seat like Jared works for this presidency...Gavin Baker is not a bozo milking his letters and he's not a jock, he's also not lame or stupid looking like many of the pencil neck dweebes that haunt indie parties are...he's a GDI because he's chosen to be one, not because of circumstance...and I believe a vote for him and his four colleagues is in the best interest of ALL LS students. Gavin Baker will definitely fight for you, so please give him & the UNITE senate candidates your support in Liberal Arts & Sciences.


Amanda Kane said...


Though I may disagree with much of what you say, your blog is entertaining. Thanks for the love of our LS seats... Gavin is amazing as are the other four. I encourage everyone to take a closer look at them as well.

Third Floor Whore said...

Gavin says thanks for the endorsement. My addition, i'm glad you like someone on unite's slate. i kind of wish you looked more into the others, they seem pretty damn diverse and independent in spirit.

Christian Duque said...

No, don't get me wrong, I believe UNITE has some great kids running for senate, I even alluded to that in my endorsement entry but I felt it was only my place to push for LS b/c that was my college.

I also think Siler is a great guy, I mean he's either great or crazy to want to be a SBVP, but in terms of experience Lydia beats him out hands down. Still...who the hell goes out and votes for a president based on his veep candidate? The Alligator put it down right, the veep is secondary.

Jared's not a bad guy, John's not a bad guy, Jared's not a good guy, John's not a good guy LMAO...I'm sure that Josh Weiss or Mike Patrone might tell me they saw John Boyles heal a lepper and I'm sure Allison Cullin and/or Adam Roberts might tell me Jared Hernandez spends his free time teaching orpahns how to juggle apples and oranges, but these are the PR people, these are the eggheads that live, breathe, and poop the executive tickets of their parties.
I believe that Susan and various Swamp and Unite senate candidates want to serve b/c they want to bring about change and that's great. But John, I think he just wants it because his ego needs it and he wants to put an end to American Pie/American Wedding based discrimination against band-geeks. Jared wants to be pres...maybe so that he'll finally feel like a....nevermind....I guess he just wants it because his gf was a sbp and he wants to be on level playing field with her. But what do I know?

I also want to say that James Argento is bonafide HOMO. I'm sorry 'old friend,' 'old yeller,' his last entry makes it sound like him and Jared used to have an intimate relationship! You know why I'm really pissed at James, b/c he sits there talkin about how he may have seen Lola hand out one flyer way back when and getting all nostalgic, when JOHN BOYLES one of US, one of the ORIGINAL 13, one of the kids that came into SG with us is running for STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT WITH THE GREEK PARTY W/O BEING GREEK AND NO ONE CARES, NO ONE GIVES THIS KID HIS FUCKIN PROPS, EVEN ME WHO TALKS SHIT ABOUT HIS RELIGIOSITY AND HIS NUTTY MAJOR...I GIVE HIM HUGE KUDOS! BOYLES IS NO MORE A SELLOUT THAT REBECCA GUERRA, THAN DIANE KASSIM, THAN LOLA BOVELL, THAN JARED HERNANDEZ...SORRY..>THAT WASN"T FOR 3FW or Amanda that was all for ARGENTO, KERNS, AND ALL THE S'04 ACCESS PEOPLE IN UNITE!

I will tell you that this election has been a boring one...and no matter what you tell me, UNITE held a meeting at the only fraternity at UF that "allegedly" (and I use that term despite being pretty damn sure from what I've been told by my own fraternity brothers) checks prospective pledge's parents W-4 forms before even considering them for membership. I love ya Pughe, but that house with all due respect is the most elite, most high society, and one of the most Southern Gentlemanly fraternities on campus...they make the AGR's look like illiterate cowboys and the KA's look like unemployed please...if you got these Southern Gents on your side, don't feed me any lines of how you're carrying on with Dennis' approach to honest politics. HAHAHA!

Whew...I got work at 7am, better start winding down. Amanda is it? I've probably met you many times and don't know it, but I know of you and I know you work really hard, though I'm not sure why. Best of luck to you, the third floor whore, the Unite whore, and the Swamp whore...oh yeah VOTE 4 SUSAN!!!! :c)

SG is passionate stuff...I hope w/e happens happens. I hope Susan wins, I have hope Gavin wins and speaking of SWAMP SENATORS I hope Lauren Mierley gets her seat...that's a really good senator, a really HOT senator that I didn't have much of a chance w/ back in the day, that was from a rival party than I was, but that really worked, works, and will work by the students.

Well that's that.

Michelle L. said...

Wait... you're saying that Jared Hernandez doesn't spend his free time teaching orphans how to juggle apples and oranges?

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't honestly be surprised, but I am, in fact, appalled. Jesus; I think I was wrong about you being "misguided," I'm back to thinking you're an outright idiot. Thanks for confirming my first impression, though.

Christian Duque said...

Not to worry Virgil...I've never cared much about the opinion of people such as yourself. I don't smile when I'm in your good graces and I don't frown when I'm in your losers bin. Christian Duque writes what Christian Duque feels, period.

Btw, if everyone knows who you are as one good SG candidate brought up to me in an email, why do y'all hide your real names behind silly s/n's...that kind of thing distances SG and SG folks even more from the average student.