Saturday, February 11, 2006

Friday 2/10/2006

On The Campaign Trail

"Basically, I think that I am the most qualified person at this university to be Student Body treasurer," she said. "I think my chances (of winning) are actually very good." -- Susan Henriques

So Susan releases her platform first... she also sounds pretty damn confident regarding her chances of emerging victorious...and she claims to be the most experienced. If Susan was really a threat, then I would surmize that UNITE might have asked her to be its treasurer but they didn't, it's sad that merit plays so little a role in Student Government, but I truly believe Susan is without a doubt the most qualified followed by Lola. I also think Susan's website is very well done and documents all press related to Susan, except of course a letter of support I wrote to the Alligator b/c of course it was written by yours truly, read it if you'd like:

I haven't heard much from the Boyles camp except for a certain bump in the road they'll be having with a certain sorority president...but I won't say a word except maybe for....don't push people around too much. On the UNITE camp I've been speaking to a few people and I'm proud to say more and more people seem dissatisfied with what Ms. Cullin, Mr. Jardon, & Mr. Roberts are doing, how low they've sunk even if it's the lesser of two evils, b/c that's never really been a viable excuse and further proving I'm not crazy.

I've also been trying to contact my good friend Ansell Fernandez whom I hope isn't mad at me b/c I'm not supporting Jared. I know that when needed me I was there, so if anyone here knows him, kindly let him know I'd like to hear from him. Alrighty then....that's it for now.

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