Monday, February 13, 2006

Reactions To The Bullshit

Oh My...Another week of this SG bullshit.....How my heart goes out to the students....

First - Kudos to UNITE for coming out with their platform first!
Sadly, it seems that Jared Hernandez has never heard of a Big 8 agency named AAREST b/c it seems he considers work against sexual battery a cause all his own. Forums, special councils, special committees...that's just a load of hot air....what's one more council with a chair like Fernando Nin going to do except come out the results you tell him you want before the start of the meeting. Been in SG too long to buy that crap, just admit you stand for nothing.

#2 Swamp & Josh Weiss you're full of shit! There's a word for you in the Spanish language "come-mierda." No party FBK/Greek party has ever cared about the villages, the Mayor's Council, or anything related therein. I make the following points with historical support...which side of the aisle reduced funding for the Baby Gators program, which side of the aisle let the playgrounds in the villages rust away, which side of the aisle has traditionally opposed the idea of graduate decals (parking) and against efforts at removing the international students fee? Answer: the FBK/Greek backed parties (i.e. Ignite & Innovate). Swamp promising to look out for Family Housing leaves me speechless.

Also, Swamp gets a big thumbs down for taking longer than UNITE to come out with their platform. They're only going to copy each other, but it makes Boyles and his crew look somewhat unprepared...hell with a shitload of busty blonde sorority girls all over the place who can blame ya, but get it together! John remember this valuable lesson, good looking women are like buses, there's one every ten minutes, so focus on beating Jared!

Great letter by Mike Gimignani and way to go to the Alligator editors, publishing only their former employees works and crapping on everyone else. How ya been Mike...can't thank you enough for all those letters I wrote that you never printed.

#4 There was one student that got a guest column....Mackenzie Moritz, the one man that no matter what he does or where he goes, will always have the Alligator kissin his ass. Mackenzie's article was intense, well-written, and 110% believable (if your name is Warren and you've got a sister named Mary).

Full article:
SG parties shouldn't defend mediocrity

"In fact, the Unite Party in particular is trying to co-opt the online voting issue Henriques is responsible for getting on this Spring's ballot -"

Duque's Response: Welllllllllll Mackenzie makes an interesting argument. The issue of online voting is an old one, but whom should get the credit for its last wave of popularity. I would have to say that Onlinve Voting Milker #1 was Diane Kassim whom formed the committe to investigate online voting (chaired by then-Gator-lapdog- Jared Hernandez). Susan may have had the idea first, but Diane's committee pushed the card for intranet voting which set the scene for the possibility of online voting (which the courts had been flatly opposed to). If Mackenzie wants to argue that Diane cannot be credited then we could go one year back to the Executive Committee created SB President Jamal Sowell and headed by R&E Chairman Andrew Hoffman, but I don't believe giving credit soley to Susan (or Progress) is plausible.

Also was Susan solely responsible or was it an Impact/Progress joint effort. I just find it hard to believe that just one person did so much, but it's possible, I mean look at Jams Argento.

On the other hand, Henriques' ideas are realistic and innovative - addressing real problems students have with the office she is running for.

Innovative....Innovative....Mackenzie must be getting nostalgic over his old party...wait a minute, he only voted for Innovate's initiatives, he was Access all the way, what am I thinking? And what ideas does Susan have that our so great? I mean is she going to re-organize the bookshelf or send Glenda out to Lowe's to buy a new doorstopper....I mean sell her for being an independent and for having experience in SG FInance...don't make her out to be the second coming of christ...sheesh!

"Students deserve a better choice than the lesser of two mediocre campaigns."
Kudos to the former Pro-Boyles ENGAGE Party president...the rhetoric is purely rooted in bullshit that now it all makes sense to me why the Alligator would print. The new slogan of the Alligator should change from "We Inform. You Decide," to ...."Lining Bird Cages All Around Gainesville."

And so tomorrow I'll get about two dozen emails, ranging from the one-liners to the novels, 90%% blasting me for personal attacks and a 2-3 applauding my efforts. I have to say that I don't attack people just to attack them, it doesn't make me feel good and I ceratinly don't dislike anyone I've mentioned, but friend or no friend, you can't get away with writing a column or holding a view that's purely hypocritical up and down. This blog is the only blog that NO ONE lists, no one links me, I don't kiss ass from D.C. or stick in a joke amidst every other sentence, I tell it like it is and the people that read my stuff want a dose of Christian Duque b/c whether you love me or hate me, I don't water down the facts.

And once again I'll say it...Jared and John are nice guys but politically speaking their a couple of assbags and neither deserves your vote. If you must and only if you absolutely must vote, again, I would say, consider Susan or Lola and that's it. Thank You.


Christian Duque said...

You look at that photo and from left to right you see a presidential candidate from one party, the campaign manager of the only independent candidate, and the president of the second mainstream party...all hanging out together, having drinks, and sharing laughs. There's nothing wrong with all the party leaders sharing budding friendships, but sure does make you wonder....

If one of them wins will they truly run each other out, will they truly make government more effective if it requires meddling with their drinking buddies' political ambitions? All I'm saying is, it just makes you (or at least --> ME <--- ) wonder.

I would pay top dollar for a photo of Frances Harrell, Andre Samuels, and Meredith Pelton pre-Access/Innovate election sharing a pitcher...

PuckLight said...

Wow Christian, nothing better to do than look through facebook photos? Things must be pretty bad out there in the real world.

Its pretty hard to get your facts straight when you're not here. I'll make it my job to keep you informed our your innacuracies from now on, don't worry.

Bitter that these three people are going to be more successful in UF SG than you were? A lot of people are, don't worry. They've even come up with a name for it: jealousy.

I would pay top dollar for a picture of Christian Duque and Marc Adler sitting around the orange and brew waiting for election results that have no bearing on their lives sharing a pitcher...

Christian Duque said...

I was pretty successful in SG =o)
I'm waiting on lsat scores, but I have plans, thanks for your interest in my life ;c)
Your dislike of Adler makes me think you might be Kerns or Argento...I don't really know Adler but I did envy him for a while, won't go into specifics. Peace

Matt said...

Forget about campaigning, lets look at the facts about the Pants Party. The Pants Party claims to be representing “core values” like “honesty” and “representing student interests, Not SG’s”. (Although, I think “representing” has questionable validity as a core value). Just the other day, all four of the Pants Party’s claims of electoral misconduct were denied by the Supervisor of Elections, an independent governing body. How can they claim to be honest when making such outrageously false accusations? Something I think they do honestly believe, however, is that they somehow better represent the student body? WHAT!?! There is a gator giving the middle finger to everyone that visits their website, and they have a keg on their t-shirts. How is this furthering the Student Body’s image in places like Tallahassee or Washington D.C., never mind places right here on campus like Tigert Hall or that group of visiting interviewers from the company you are trying to get a job at. Why can’t everyone see the fraud that these people are perpetrating on the student body and the lack of class that they have?
Matt 3LS