Monday, February 20, 2006

From The Heart

It seems that according to UF's new breed of 'independents' you can only be a member of the club if you follow them, thus (in my book) defeating the purpose of free-thought. Let me say that in the last couple of days I've received some rather harsh emails for not trashing the SWAMP Party. Initially I wanted nothing more than to spend my last few months in Gainesville helping out my friend Ansell Fernandez, even helping him re-register the Access name. As time passed and Jared began making the party more in his image, Ansell would call to inform me, I didn't place the calls, and I didn't like what I was hearing, so I started to write. By the time of the Siler thing I was done, no longer was I anti-Swamp I became anti-no one and neutral.

When the platforms came out I read them in the Alligator and on the party sites. Overall the Swamp package sounds more practical and beneficial to the general student body. As much as I wanted to trash Boyles & Co. going into this, I have myself to live with and I have never been a puppet....not when I was in FIJI, not when I was in Access, and not now. If the people that 'loved me' for being me and have called me their friend for all these years are willing to cut it all off and think of me as the enemy for VOICING a different opinion, well all I can say is I'll have to make new friends. Everyone here knows me, I write with my own name, my address is public, my phone number is public, I work out three hours a day at Gainesville Gym and now I got a job, I'm here only waiting on lsat scores and where my future will take me. My life revolves around civic duty and a strong commitment to social change, I don't and will never measure my success by the title before my name, the car I drive, or how fancy my job sounds. I will be happy in my life as long as I can look myself in the mirror every night before going to bed and not feel ashamed for anything I did during the course of my day. I'm successful and happy.
As for these elections, once again I'm voicing an opinon and as of right now if I was a student and I had to vote, I would vote for the Swamp Party. I wouldn't shoot off fireworks or pee in my pants out of excitement to vote for them over UNITE but I probably would. To think that I've written a fair share of negative stuff their way as part of the rhetoric and not one of them has written me hateful emails, de-friended me on facebook, left me stupid voice mails on my phone, or talked shit to my friends. When I see an organization that retains its support bases the way it SEEMS that many folks in UNITE do, I would never want to vote for such a group.

Maybe things will change by election time and maybe they won't, but because of people like Ken Kerns repeating the same old bullshit that I didn't enjoy SG and I'm doing this cuz I"m bitter and having to write the same tired but sincere defense is over. Now I must approve comments, as long as you don't accuse me of the same tired thing and I don't have to defend that position I"ll approve w/e else. I still remember having to look at my whole fraternity, all of my brothers in my formal room when the Innovate/Access vote was counted..out of 40 brothers only 5 went Access. I stood there making a really heartfelt presentation and I stood there defeated but I still ran, I still did my thing. I got heart and I'll be fine in life. My only question to the people threatening to stop being my friends cuz I happen to like SWAMP a friggin hair more than UNITE is...if my whole fraternity voted me down and I still went out and took care of business just what the hell do you think I'll be w/o your friendship?

I'll be just fine is what I'll be, cuz I'll be able to look myself in the mirror and not feel ashamed of anything I did during the course of my day. =c)

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