Thursday, February 16, 2006

Gettin Down To Business

Alright...let's do this! Now I'm just going to write what I think, no order, just like throwing colors on a canvas...get ready, go:

1. I was soooo tempted to reproducing the facebook message that Swamp Party VP Candidate Lydia Washington wrote me, on facebook, but I've decided to show some self-control. Lydia wrote me the sweetest, most real message I've received this entire election season and while I still think that in a political sense John Boyles isn't right for UF, I do have to say this particular post may at least appear to sway more towards Mainstream Party A than Mainstream Party B.

2. Fernando Nin, Adam Roberts, Thomas Jardon, all you stiil smiling, still thinking Christian Duque talks out of his ass all the time and knows nothing. Did ya read yesterday's Alligator, did you read today's, hold tight, better yet, did you read the letter of William Foster? Your presidential candidate was mentioned three times in articles today and in one letter....why?.... because of his potty mouth. But its not just Jared, your VP candidate put the potty-mouth-ball in motion. You people need to understand that when an old SG expert like myself (not like James Argento writing cheesy messages on candidates walls or better established BLOGGERS coming out of the woodwork merely to compliment someone's hair) gives you advice, you should really shut your pie hole and take it. There are TRADITIONALISTS in SG, these people don't cater to any specific party but they expect some class out of their leadership, they expect polished quotes, they may be living in a bubble but they vote and anyone that votes is someone you should keep happy, real happy. The traditionalists at this moment will vote for Boyles and you can keep ignoring me or bury that ego of yours, that two-elections-and-counting-losing-ego of yours and CHANGE B4 YOUR LITTLE RED BOAT SINKS! William Foster is not Christian Duque, he's not SWAMP, he's a kid I've never met, but whom is a member of two UNITE candidate groups, he's the kind of person I'd consider hardcore-UNITE and he not only doesn't support Jared, he wrote to the friggin paper to tell everyone about it. Your party is a joke, at least clean up your mess and give the fascade that you got things goin right.

WHewww....I'm nearly spent.....nope I'm good to go.

3. Now let me lash out at the Alligator. Ok...let me break this down into points:

a. We have a front page article accusing Ryan Moseley of being cuplable for the budget errors, all the while the SB Treasurer and SG Finance Office officials have accepted the full blame. The Chair of a committee is one member of a committee, with one vote, and even though the budget may have been presented at the last minute and approved quickly, that's how it's usually done. Is it possible the Impact people saw errors and sat tight until it was more convenient to protest?...I don't know.

b. Why did the Alligator run a photo of Moseley on the front cover when two higher officials claimed responsiblity

c. Why did the Alligator print "and while we're at it we'll blast Lola Bovell," then quoted her, but never blasted her? That made no sense. They did say Moseley didn't accept guilt, establishing that he was the committee chair, but they never went in depth with Sen. Bovell. In my humble opinion there was no 'blasting' of the UNITE treasurer candidate to be had.

d. Why did the Alligator print two-UNITE based letters in the Opinons section (Michael Schuster, whom I've heard nothing about would probably be w/SWAMP [I'd presume] but his letter was totally unrelated to SG)? "But Christian, how's William Foster on level field with Allison Cullin," you might ask. Well it seems that Mr. Foster is a supporter of a certain Gavin Baker, a certain former Alligator writer, a certain fellow that just a couple days ago had an editorial printed. This week we've an editorial from fmr. Alligator editior Mike Gimignani with the topic being SG, an editorial from Gavin Baker (a former Alligator writer) with the topic being SG, and now a third piece from a supporter of the writer.

e. Impact Party leader Allison Cullin states in her leter that "Tuesday's Student Senate meeting reinforced the lack of leadership that has plagued Senate's legislative branch the past few months."

I. OMG---How in the hell does a Senator make a comment like that...Senate can't have a legislative branch....dear....SENATE IS THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH! Someone get this girl a martini...put it on the Voice Party tab.

II. 'Lack of leadership' are equally to blame for that. Your 45 minute senate meetings and you drunken stupors at the swamp restaurant are equally the fault of Gator's bullying tactics as Impact's head-bowing and silence. You can't honestly think that after me writing to your Impact friends on how to sabotage GATOR's majority and on how to use Quorum calls, roll call votes, the amendment process, no-votes, and the press to give your minority some edge and your party doing NOTHING that you can come on here and become Joan of Arc in the months preceeding the election. You may be a republican, but that's still no excuse, you can't go along for the ride, drink Gator's beer, and eat Gator's french fries and then try to piss on their parade....not when Impact had its on float. NO ONE FROM IMPACT CAN MAKE LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENTS AFTER THEIR PITIFUL RESISTANCE FROM '05-06.

"They should have taken reponsibility for their mistake."
Sweetie..they DID, you just didn't like who took the responsibility.

"It's time to expect more from our leaders."
Have you seen who your party is running?

"It's time to change our leadership."
AGREED! Go tell your party to disband and I'll tell SWAMP to do the same.

My message to the Alligator: We all know you're going to endorse UNITE and that's fine. I mean you do seem to have a vested interest in UNITE winning (but that is just MY OPINION), perhaps you want that GSun insert removed or perhaps you don't want SG to look into its own campus newspaper, maybe you fear the Gator Times might come back...I don't know, but what I do know is that your editors and writers are hogging the medium with their own views and some of your fmr. staff members are running for positions...all I'm saying is...don't write pieces and use your third grade psychology to subliminally screw the SWAMP Party...I know that many of you may hail from trailor parks littered deep in the sticks of Alachua County but I'm from Miami and I love politics and quite frankly I find your attempts at discretion to be insulting. Be fair, that's all I'm saying, please be fair.

f. Lastly...I'm really not behind SWAMP but this student paper is annoying me playing favorites this early on. UNITE announces its platform and they get a front page article. SWAMP does the same but you bury their spot in the middle of the paper. Again...between the lines.....that's the kind of bias I'm talking's the little things that to us SG experts start adding up...quit nodding're not an SG expert....but that's what I mean. The SWAMP Party should know they won't get the endorsement, so why are they not losing their cool? Perhaps its the traditionalist in them, perhaps its the kind of formula that will get them elected, or perhaps it just hasn't dawned on them that they're being screwed.

Well that's it for now. I never thought I'd be sticking up for SWAMP but these parties are mainstream groups, they're centrists, so it really annoys me that the Alligator would be playing favorites like this. UNITE is not ACCESS please do not insult the 12,000 kids that lined up under cold drizzly rain to vote for change, UNITE is a party with a fmr. IFC/FBK President with a bought of VP and a treasurer candidate that's prolly kickin herself for not having run for senate and never boarded the UNITE ship. SWAMP is the system party but they make no bones about it, so what the hell, at least you know what you're getting.

Well, that's it for now really, I really feel crappy but I'm honest, if anything, I'm BRUTALLY honest. And I didn't proofread, my apologies, but I'm SPENT!


Swamp Pundette said...

I wonder if it means that hell has frozen over that I agree with a good chunk of that post...


Christian Duque said...'t you get all excited from that taxed-but-unproperly-represented slither of land we call D.C.

I haven't sold out yet, I just don't appreciate either party getting the shaft from the Alligator, I don't appreciate the two-faced leaders in UNITE, and I think Bozos Inc. (the experts behind UNITE) should listen to some advice for a change while they still have some time.

I never really talked much to you, prolly cuz of that whole Judiciary incident, but you are blog royalty and I'm very grateful you wrote a comment, naturally you wrote one during one of my saddest hours, but it's ok, I still appreciate it.

Michelle L. said...

Okay now i know that you, Mr. Access diehard himself, isn't talking about the Alligator showing a bias. The Alligator played a HUGE part in that campaign, and it might not have turned out quite the same way without those infamous Marlette cartoons.

And do you really think that none of this "budget-gate" is the fault of the SG budget chair or current SG exec?

PS- To my knowledge... there aren't even any Impact senators on the budget committee, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

PPS- I really enjoy reading your blog, it makes me laugh everytime, even if I don't necessarily agree with your opinions.

Christian Duque said...

Does It Matter, I agree totally with you, w/o the Alligator's support ACCESS would have been at an incredible disadvantage...but look back at my post...I only make the claim that UNITE is not an ACCESS and that this election is not one with two wildly different parties rather two mainstream ones and under THOSE conditions I find it very unusual that the Alligator has taken such a hawkishly Pro-UNITE stance.

Next, I do appreciate that my blog makes you laugh...I can say the same thing about the performance of Impact senators from '04-05. See, I was around with a real party and though that party was an utter failure and I can now admit that, ACCESS fought its five months against the wall, Impact never quite did that, they just sat quiet and that's something I cannot forgive in them. (And it doesn't matter that there are no Impact members on committee b/c there are in senate and had they been rushed into voting they could have voted "No" or they could have voted "Yes" and then looked at the budget in their own leisure time that night...they did neither. Furthermore what is an Impact senator? Also when you ask if there's any Impact people on committee, I think it's necessary to point out that Impact & UNITE are the same right now and I'm sure both great parties have someone to blow the whistle in committee..if not...committee meetings are open to all and as senators they could have attended. Bottom line, the blame game in this situation is not a feasible way for UNITE to earn points, it's just not, sorry to all for the run-on sentences).

And for another thing,just who the hell is Adam Roberts? I mean he's a really nice kid and he was in charge of a cabinet that made sure the pc's in the SG lab were turned on in the morning, but aside from that, why is the PROGRESS Veep candidate in charge of the independent whose authority? Where'd Jardon & Meyrowitz go...y'all keep knockin my Progress theory but umm...where's the Impact-red in UNITE...cuz it looks to me like I'm not so crazy after all.

Everything I've said has come true, one way or another. My Progress theory stands (where'd Mr. Jardon & Mr. Meyrowitz go... not in UNITE exec. anymore?...well ah...correct me I'm wrong, but that would leave Mr. Roberts in full control would it not?), the other day who announced he was running Susan's campaign...I don't know, "is this what they call deja vu?" LOL