Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Updated Information

Why is it that people only contact me when I'm either about to blow the whistle or have blown it too loudly? Since last May I've formed a series of facebook groups, logged plenty of hours at my cellphone, and emailed dozens of letters expressing how important UNITY was with opposition groups but do you think Mr. Adam Roberts ever called me? Do you think he ever answered any of my emails? NO! But when I started making noise about how slimey the UNITE campaign was and how I wasn't going to tuck tail and support them, he offered me his # and 'wanted to talk.'

Last year when Impact was down two thousand votes, it was VOICE that endorsed, it was VOICE that shot itself in the face to help out Dennis & Impact, but those MOTHERFUCKERS... do you think they showed any kind of appreciation or respect to VOICE? me, Peter, Vida, Niraj, Eric, Kevin, to any of us?! We weren't invited to their dirty marriage, hell the IRON FIST people were there, but no one from VOICE, they thought we were a threat then and they think the same of me today. This year I told Ansell Fernandez I wanted in, I told him I just wanted to listen, I told Jared the same but they made sure not to invite me to ANYTHING, they never once looked at anything I wrote, they never once cared that I existed and not just me, but the other dozen or so members of their OWN parties that they were casting aside. How do you think I found out about Mackenzie? How do I know what Jardon and Cullin are doing before anyone in the party does? I was in SG before any of these people. I've heard some people call Tommy Jardon sneaky, I WROTE THE BOOK...point is, I get a good dozen emails a day...half of the people demand I stop this and back UNITE and the other half say they're with me.

If I'm so friggin out there and MVP joined UNITE and the Alligator loves UNITE soo much and it's a two party election...why was UNITE hurting so badly for slate #'s? I am so mad right now, I'm beside myself, to think that all I wanted to do was be able to raise a point to offer an opinion and these fuckin UNITE kids ADAM ROBERTS, FERNANDO NIN, ALLISON CULLIN, DAVID WHATEVERHISLASTNAMEIS, TOMMY JARDON....not one of them called me, not one of them let me know about anything....when I worked for Access no one can deny I put my heart into it, but when leaders start picking and choosing who gets to be heard then you've got despots. Even at our worst hour, Andre Samuels at least never told me to shut up or be someone I wasn't, these people are going to kill the independent movement, let me not forget Kevin Bacon and let me say it again, these people are going to kill the independent movement.

And let's not even talk about SWAMP, they're all jerks ...they're system trash and I never came to expect anything from that side. Ever since John Boyles buried his head up Mike Provenzale's ass I knew he was a political traitor, he's a nice guy, but politically he's a spineless turd. As far as that email Mackenzie....I read it, but you've changed your political affiliations more times than Metallica has changed musical directions. I'll keep what you said to myself but you need to know that I've been in the game enough years to see a shady situation a mile away, naive I am not and whatever may be the situation now, my Progress Coup theory was in fact not as far-fetched as most people thought....I mean the coincidences do tend to add up but maybe there just coincidences....who knows.

Lastly, I think it's time we all dropped to our knees and with your permission Mackenzie, let's chill with Johnny Boy:
p.s. these pages are tagged up the WAHZOO and I'll be battling it out with SWAMP & UNITE for search engine placings ;c)


blueorange83 said...

dude you are so full of crap! I am NOT a supporter of the Swamp Party and I don't really like Greeks all that much but spreading the type of religous propaganda that your spreading disgusts me. Seriously. The website's not even funny. Despite your feelings towards John's politics or his political connections, attempting to slander him as a person or his religion is so not kosher. You should be ashamed.

Christian Duque said...

If you understood anything, you'd know I'm not slandering John for his religion and if you read the bottom of the page you'd see the page was a parody.

John is a really nice guy, but he's also a political traitor and when you get involved with politics it tends to get ugly. John hasn't contacted me to pull the site down and something tells me that my sites/comments are not making John cry himself to sleep. So kindly either go back to chasing out devils from students at Turlington or go back to facebook and stare at John's photo. ;c)