Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday 02/09/2006

First I'd like to tackle today's article on yesterday's UNITE rally.

If I had to guess today on who would win the election, I'd say UNITE easily, but this article reveals a great deal. For starters we can deduce that the Alligator has their heads farther up UNITE's than John Boyles was up Mike Provenzale's in 2004. Another sad point is when the student paper starts sentences with Brandon Siler and Jared rather than Jared and his veep...Jared may win the presidency but like MILTON in OFFICE SPACE he may need to relocate his office to STORAGE B so that Brandon can have his office and use the traditional Veep's office to store his trophies, NFL offers, and jock straps.

(For the audio click here:

Another blooper from today's Alligator is this classic quote:

'However, party officials said Unite is not based on athletic celebrity. "I want to make the Cabinet open to everybody, you know what I'm saying?" Siler said.'

No Mr. Siler we don't know what you're saying because you've been a real Vice Presidential candidate for less than an hour, could you kindly elaborate? Also, Adam Roberts, Tommy Jardon, and Allison Cullin should step up and groom their veep candidate:

The word "ass" is pretty much harmless, but it's kinda like bordering on obscenity. 'Let's kick ass' is great on the football field but in SG as silly as it may sound, it might upset some of the more traditionalist dispositions to see an exec candidate of a 'major party' being quoted w/ a potty mouth. (((Adam, Tommy, Allison, this is your moment to pat yourself on the...back...I just called you ragtag group of sellouts a 'major party' :o) ))))

Also, here are a few phrases to keep your candidate from saying:

Do you know what I'm sayin?
Can you dig it?
We gonna take it to the hole,
UNITE finnah win dis shit,

Basically, I'm pushing for good English and a distancing away from street slangs and phrases. But why am I even addressing this at the snooty ex-Impact/Progress kids, they're not in control, hell they couldn't even order themselves a pizza at this point. Andrea you were right and I should have believed you when you told me that 40% of UNITE's candidates were MVP and that w/o you guys these people couldn't win, but still, I have to ask why did y'all join them?
I look at Brandon Siler, don't know the guy, he looks tough, probably intelligent (3.8 GPA right?) so why did this guy bow down and take scraps for dinner...why didn't he run? Oh well.

I'm also pleased to see Lola standing for equality for all students and fighting against the 'priviledged few.' Lola Bovell was originally with the Fall 2004 VOICE you SG experts or Gatorpedia addicts didn't know that. Voice threatened to run against Access and little group called Accion UF led by myself and Fernando Nin forced Andre to slate Ansell Fernandez, Lola Bovell, and Analiz Velasquez. Ansell was Kathy Valle's pick, Danny Martinez had picked someone else, Fernando picked Analiz, and I am proud to say picked LOLA! When we registered VOICE and got a line in the paper Andre started calling our three lead candidates trying to bribe them, but they stayed loyal VOICE, finally Andre took the deal and we got what we believed (rightly so in hindsight) to have been a knotch up of Hispanic leaders. Roberts & Jardon may ignore VOICE, but HISTORY speaks louder....even today 1.5yrs later UNITE has VOICE to thank for one of its three exec. candidates. Good luck Lola =o)...and let's all be sure to save every email and make sure to invest in discrete recording devices =o) HAHAH j/k of course.

Well that's it for today. I'm glad to see the Rev. Boyles and his drunken Greek vikings headed over to Hillel to try and capitalize on the Jewish vote. In this heated racial election, where minorities are used for leverage (I don't consider Jared Hispanic and that's my own opinion), then I think its great John is trying to rack up on ethnic blocs.

Anyone want to challenge me? Please do, but please don't accuse me of being insensitive or politically incorrect, because I'm not used to that kind of verbal abuse and it really hurts my feelings.....Vote For No One! But if you must check out either Lola or Susan (if she's even still running), but only if you absolutely must. bye bye


Christmas Child said...
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Christian Duque said...

First off...Jared Hernandez nor John Boyles is a "good person" politically. They both represent things I've always been against.

Number two...Yes I'm bitter because I was excluded others were as well, but I'm an honest person I have no quarrels admitting that one of the reasons I'm angry is because I was left honest are the two main party candidates?

Number three...I'm not the only person that thinks what's happens've got people that won't touch those parties (on both sides b/c they think they wreak)!

Number four... Current student or Alumni...I've paid my dues in SG to be able to have an opinion. If Ken Kerns can have a blog and you all list him everywhere and buy his books then Christian Duque can have a blog and express his opinions.
Number one lists me and I don't care b/c somehow I've got enough hits and enough emails to keep me busy. Every once in a while when I'm not worryin about my lsat score or lifting weights, I like to read the alligator over a protein shake and then write an entry. No one LISTS ME and the hits I get are modest at best, if you don't like what I have to say don't visit my site and if you want to call me a traitor or ignorant do it, that's politics but don't expect me to shut up.
Is this election race-based? Yes, they all are. Was it dirty how Unite got Siler? Yes, that was pretty damn dirty. Is John Boyles a puppet to Greek & administration interests? Well it can summed up by his responsible actions during the Cosimi fiasco, the FBK funding scandal, and/or his lighting fast rise in senate, getting a bump up every consecutive term since he sold out his party.

Also I don't know how much could have happened in a week. I was helping the MVP people out and talked to them at length, I also talk to almost on a weekly basis with members of Impact and Progress, and I have a blabbermouth buddy in FBK, so I mean I don't know how far out of the loop I am. Better yet, the Radikal was the first to break the story that Mackenzie was helping John Boyles...wait...come to think of it...I think I was the only one. Whatever his views may be today, the leader of one of the more respected INDEPENDENT based student parties in bed with the frontrunner of the GREEK-backed elitist party is kind of newsworthy I think. Less than a year ago I was a party chair and all over the paper, yet I'm some kind of DINOSAUR that can't have an opinion....even if my opinions were a year old...SG hasn't changed that much that coupling my extensive SG historical knowledge and keeping the Alligator as my sole bathroom reading publication that I can't whip out a good entry. Gimme my props, sheesh!

This isn't rocket science christmas_child this is just corrupt politics boiled down and you may [now] have a vested interest, but don't blind yourself, better yet, don't try to blind me. Good Day.

ADC said...

I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from using my name in your posts. What you write, and the everyday realities of SG politics are lightyears apart. Your assumptions are highly misguided, and in most cases, you are just plain wrong.
So, when you have legitimat information, speak. But quit whining and screaming when you haven't got a clue.
A. Cullin

Christian Duque said...

When you get involved with politics you become the subject of public scrutiny and yes this public scrutiny is often times incorrect, but it's the back and forth debate that makes politics intriguing.

I have been very clear in stating that everything I write is based opinion-based, my opinion. I make no bones about being out-of-SG and out-of-the-loop, however I do have the ability to read The Alligator and I do get calls and emails.

UNITE is sketch if it were not you'd still have Tommy, you'd have Andrew, you'd have a decent VP pick, you'd have the suppport of the independent community, and you wouldn't be writing a letter trying to intimidate me away from writing my thoughts down....

You know...NO ONE FROM SWAMP has written in to ask me to stop or to get upset about the negative PR...only UNITE people have. As time goes I find myself more and more looking favorably on SWAMP, b/c UNITE seems to be in utter chaos.

I write what I see based on the little that I know and the little I deduce, I don't claim to be correct and honey...I'm not going to stop writing. If you wish to offer some insights or counter my opinions fine, but your Patriot Act'esque antics bounce off me =o).