Saturday, February 18, 2006


Let's start out with....

UNITE @ La Casita & XS.......
I don't have found memories of that particular club...I remember Yagermeister & Red Bull, being dressed in drag, drunk, and then having to dance ballet for the Sigma Kappas. A good philanthropy chair does what has to be done. I had to clear that up b/c everyone always asks what's my beef with XS....I was traumatized....but really, what do you care, you're here for the RADIKAL's twisted, uncensored view of SG and by the LORD ON THE MOUNTAIN TOPS you're gonna get it.

So....let me clarify...I'm not Pro-SWAMP believe me, but the UNITE people are the only ones getting in the newspaper and that noticeably-extra-amount of publicity is actually working against them in my book, because it makes me write more critiques on what they're doing. Wow, excessive press can actually be detrimental..who woulda figured that!

(((1))) So...UNITE holds its first volunteer meeting not at the home of independent parties (the REITZ UNION) but at the Hispanic-Latino Institute aka LA CASITA....can anyone say RACIAL WAR? "But Christian how can you say RACIAL WAR when both candidates have at least one African American and plus one Hispanic American?" Well, let's not forget that ACCESS ran an African American presidential candidate and well known Hispanics like David Ruiz made comments on Jamal to the effect of calling him an 'Uncle Tom;' while others did the same without being caught at it, their opinions were publicly known. You doesn't have to be a racially-heated campaign only if one party has one type of ethnic bloc and the opposing party has another, in an election like this one, we could actually, conceivably see ethnic blocs implode.

Let me be elaborate. I'm a type of guy that loves the House, I find Senate to be stuffy and I find its tone to be very formal and full of hollow pleasantries. The House reminds me of the House of Commons with all the yelling and belligerence. One group I especially love in the House is the 30'Something Group...if you guys do your hw you'll find out that one member of this righteously liberal group was a fmr. UF SG PRO TEM! Where am I going w/ this....well....the former paragraph may seem awfully scientific, most people would quickly dismiss anything beyond Greek or NonGreek.....Preppy or Freak.....when it comes to SG elections, but the people involved go onto the professional political circuit, the stakes are high, and the strategies are complex, so while my theories may border on the fringes of lunacy to you @ first inspection...I'm telling you that a lot of thought goes into these campaigns and every little intricate detail is their for a reason. I firmly believe there are some pretty serious implications w/ Boyles' first meeting being at a Greek house and UNITE's being at LA CASITA. I believe it sends out a very desperate message and if I'm correct on my presumption, this campaign will be a very, very dirty one.

(((2))) Campaign Photos - View The Report Card

(((3))) Progress Coup - I guess I've found out something that's been news for a month now, but Thomas Jardon (fmr. Impact President) is officially out of UNITE Exec! is it that the larger half of a coalition, so large that it retained its name for the merger, finds itself completely under the hand of the V.P. candidate of the smaller party? Why is the leader of the larger party abandoning ship due to difficult working conditions and the 2nd in command of the smaller party usurps him and the others? I have to be honest here, I knew of Allison Cullin, I knew of that Meyrowitz person (apparently out of UNITE Exec. as well), but I happen to have worked with Thomas Jardon and while the kid's a Republican (that's really sad), he's a good guy and a strong leader, I respect him ya know....but I mention this only b/c my friends in UNITE kept and continue saying "there's good people involved with UNITE?" Well if that's true, who are they? (And if it's not understood, that same "who are they?" is for SWAMP as well).

(((4))) Platform Review Time:

SWAMP goes first:

Ya think you could have used a smaller text?..SHEESH! I can hardly see the words on this page.

Create a 24-hour café on campus
That's cute. No study center, just a nice corporate shop to charge $5 for coffee all night long.
No Thank You.

Increase campus field lighting to aid student recreation
Recycled Issue

Install medicinal (Tylenol, Advil) dispensers in Reitz Union restrooms
Not Free I'm sure. Don't put Triple C's or Sudafed or you might have some stoned senators.

Improve safety on campus through increased coverage of emergency Blue Lights, better lighting and courtesy phones in Residence Hall Areas

GOOD GRIEF! Really Recycled Issue

Advocate to temporarily suspend open container laws on campus for Football Game Days

FUCKIN A!!! =o)

Increase the capacity and services available through WebMail
sounds pretty damn vague but sounds promising

Provide funding for extended Baby Gator hours and satellite child-care centers
BABY GATORS is the magic word. UNITE says help for the children, SWAMP knows the name of help for the children. IDK, =o)

Proactively increasing diversity of involvement in SG within cabinets and agencies such as Accent and SGP
HAHAHAH...AEPi & Theta Chi...change it...and they'll make you die.

Establish liasons between the Career Resource Center and Academic Departments
Sounds good...students do need jobs after college...

Work with the Gainesville community to bring discounted rates to student rates for cable, internet and professional exam review prices
IDK if that's do-able, but hey, that sounds pretty good.

Stop city attempts at raising towing rates
You have no authority there....who's the assbag that put this here?

Support state legislative initiatives to make textbook purchases tax free
Was UNITE trying to say this? Well..they didn't, so, I guess good job again for SWAMP.

Create an Asian American Center and an Asian American Affairs Director
YOU MORONS....this is a good issue...why didn't UNITE include this?!

Make necessary structural repairs to La Casita and the Institute of Black Culture
Boring, Old, Dusty Minority-Milking Issue

Demand more female and minority faculty members at UF
Good Issue, make sure to put in for blonde ex-cheerleaders too.

--------NOW FOR UNITE----------

End promised positions. Unite will create a culture change of inclusiveness for all students.
You are so full of it right now that I'm not even going to comment. MVP...

Reduce Cabinet's size to promote efficiency and accountability within the Executive Branch.
Blah. Did Joyce Medina get this done? I think it was mighty gutsy of her to even try, good work, even if I didn't vote for you. Good work. but um back to UNITE....every party promises something like this, look at Access, Jennifer Pucket decreased Cabinet by 2 spots then increased it by four...cabinet is what a winning president gives his losing senate candidates it's the way it can't try to change it and even if you do, you'll fail. Welcome to real world politics.

Establish organizational diplomats whose sole purpose is to facilitate organizations' programs.
Boring, additionally it sounds like more bureaucracy.

Create a student-friendly Reitz Union. Fully automate meeting room, banner, and table reservations via the Reitz Union web site
This sounds like it should have been re-worded to "create a more sg political party-friendly-Reitz. Which scenario sounds better:

(A) "Hey Susie, hey Jim let's not go clubbing tonight, let's go to the reitz, rent a room, get a table, and play with each others banners!!" LOL


(B)"Hey Susie, hey Jim let's skip the clubbing for tonight and go over to the Reitz. They've got free movies and thanks to those cool SG Kids, the GAMEROOM is now free for students too!

Think about it. Answer B was the correct answer by the way and it's got a good idea in there, can you find it?

Improve student childcare facilities
Is Sally Struthers workin with you guys? I like SWAMP more on this one.

Ensure 24-hour access to the new Library West Study Center

I don't like SWAMP's cafe idea, but this Library option vaguely resembles a 24hr study center...
in which case that's an old-ass recylced issue. Is James Argento workin with you guys? J/k I love ya James.

Lobby for friendlier textbook policies to save students money. With cooperation of Faculty Senate, limit new textbook editions to every two years.
You must be on crack...did the Faculty Senate ever get back to us on limited grade forgiveness?We should contact poor Heather Cumming on that, she worked like crazy on that bill, it finally passed Student Senate but I doubt anything ever happened with it in FS.

Lobbying for the protection of private studying resources such as TutoringZone's SmokinNotes and Einstein's Notes
Ummm..let me go to my workout gym clothes bin.....I have a hunch about something...
Riiiiight...ya know...I can't tell you how much CLASS radiates from y'all right now. Tutoring Zone appears on the back of the Spring '05 Impact t-shirt...I really hope this company doesn't appear on the UNITE shirts as well. Either way this minor coincidence sounds kinda SG party fighting for the survival of a formerly-named sponsor.....I know there's a lot of Republicans in UNITE but did any of them work for Team Abramoff, just curious. LOL

Reduce SG administrative budget by eliminating promotional items
Like the awesome planners students get? What so you can usethe money to televise yourselves online, sounds a little vain to me. For some students all they see out of their $600 A&S Fees are those planners and you're going to take them away? FUCK THAT! (Ya like that word don'tcha Jared, lol).

Improve training and clarify roles of Assistant Treasurers
This sounds like....strip them of power and do away with post.I like the AT position, I think it adds something more to the Treasurer'sOffice and I think it makes for better productivity from that particular office.

Before SG officials look to reduce organizational budgets, SG will reduce its own budget wherever possible.
This sounds odd to me. SG's budget is A&S Fees, split in roughly thirds to Reitz,SW Rec,& student orgs...this is kinda like the lsat if you're going to reduce the budget but not from orgs then you must be talking about reducing funding to either the Reitz or SW Rec? Otherwise just what are you talking about?

Proactively address poverty in East Gainesville utilizing the combined resources of the Cabinet, service student organizations, and the City of Gainesville.
What?! How can you put this into your platform, I mean how could a cabinet or even a college SG address the socio-economic shortcomings of a historicallydowntrodden community? This has got to be the cheapest platform initiative I've seen in years, I only hope it's at least well-intentioned, because it's absolutely absurd. It's a great way to milk African American votes, but it's cheap and it's absurd as well.

Extend availability of free printing to all CIRCA labs
Nice thought, but too expensive given all of your other promises. (Same goes for SWAMP)
Also heavily prone to abuse, in my humble opinion.

Establish Internet Online Voting. Students will save approximately $20,000 per election while maintaining voter privacy with a minimum number of on-campus polling locations.

It's a referendum issue, kinda redundant to still have it on a platform. What if the students vote no on the referendum, but vote for UNITE.....does that mean you'll go against their wishes and still implement O.V.? Credit will be given where due, I'm sure most students can deduce that UNITE's people were OG's of Online Voting, but take it off your platform, it seriously looks redundant. Key word here: REDUNDANT.


Good job, a few spots you could have done better and there's a piecemeal bullcrap factor. LOL

Your platform leaves much to be desired, you've forced me Mr. Anti-System to give the goldfish crackers and the yellow star stickers to SWAMP.


Not Anti-Greek, Anti-System said...

You have been noticed.

Maybe if you sent me an e-mail next time, or posted a comment, I would have known that you were blogging again. 'Twas nothing personal.

While I can't say that I agree with all of your points, you do make quite a few good ones. I think that you are riding the Unite kids a little hard. After all, they don't have your experience, nor do they have that of Swamp's. Yet, if the elections were today, I think they'd win. And that says something. I also think, and you surely agree with me, that if elected, they would do closer to the type of job that you would do, should you ever be in office again, then John and Swamp Co. would do. No?


Christian Duque said...

That is a major problem we have in the independent community that needs to be addressed asap. A lack of experience should not be met with extra-time, catch-up, or the kind compassion that results in a vote. The UNITE people find themselves with a lack of experienced personnel b/c they effectively ran them out.

Additionally, UNITE has effectively become more establishment than the Greeks by their use of college athletics. You have Lola Bovell holding a FRIGGIN FOOTBALL in their exec photo (WHY?)! Also you have a buy out that was reported as it was happening in the Alligator (UNITE:MVP). UNITE is not the party that represents me or the kind of SG I'd like to see.

I never supported Impact, I respected Progress but wasn't a supporter, and I can't say I'd a been a UNITE supporter if still on campus. Everything that was left of Access I took with me to form Voice, I wanted to recreate Access or at least the little spec of hope that the yellow & blue was for me....I guess it wasn't much of a surprise when we came out with a mere eight-hundred and five votes, but aside from Jamal Sowell's Access Party, my Voice party is the only other party I'd really support.

UNITE means as much to me as SWAMP, I don't like what Boyles did to Dennis, but then again what backbone has Dennis shown? John Kerry lost the 2004 bid for president, but John Kerry is still all over the political scene fighting for the people. Dennis was a treasurer lost the presidency in a run-off but what..he's now retired? People like Dennis should have carried on UNITE and the independent community but what happened in 2004 was both a blessing and a curse in disguise.

Independents are fueled by a romantic political passion that separates them from the mainstream flock, when losing mainstream parties are mourning and crying, independents are counting up the numbers to see how many more votes they got this year than the past and efforts are already in motion to counteract the new kings of the hill....with ACCESS independents broke so many social sub-group barriers and so many people joined forces that everyone collectively won! Most of the idealists were either run-off by the bureaucrats or graduated, leaving the community to be led by opportunists. The people running UNITE are entrepreneurs not radically-minded rebels..DON'T BE FOOLED. What do you have in UNITE's leadership:

1 Fmr. IFC President, member of FBK
1 Football Player
1 Fmr. Alligator Reporter
1 Rejected Innovate Leader
2 IFC Greeks looking to capitalize on the houses.

UNITE is trying to bring in the Greeks, the athletes, and the average students together. This party is looking to consolidate all the blocs and that's just not practical, it's sketch as fuck if you ask me. You can't help everyone, someone has to get the short of the stick, this is how the real world works, I didn't write the rules, I just follow 'em. UNITE's stake at utopia is bullshit, all they want is the votes and the power.

All the ranting aside....I'm comparing SWAMP and UNITE solely on merit from here on out and while I won't be campaigning on Turlington, a good chunk of people still value what I have to say. I think I'll be making a decision by the end of the election on who I'd pick, because while this election is def a boring one, if you look at both parties impartially, I do think a choice based on merit can be made.

TheRadikal has been updated regularly since its inception. I've never stopped writing.

Michelle L. said...

in reference to some of the campaign platform issues:

on Swamp's platform, I believe you failed to comment on a recycled Innovate platform issue of giving one "freebie" parking violation per UF student per year. I personally thought it was a terrible idea then, and it's still a terrible idea now.

On UNITE's platform, I do belive the promotional items to be cut would be like the SG waterbottles cabinet was hoarding this year and also SG ads promoting simply SG in Campus Talk and similar publications. That's different from ads promoting Accent or SGP shows. Why do SG execs need full page ads in these magazines promoting themselves? This is mainly so that instead of cutting money from student org budgets, they would just limit SG execs from getting new office furniture every year to maybe every other.

And what's wrong with houses being on both sides? I've waited years since Ignite/Swamp in 2002 to see this happen again. When houses are on both sides, this is the only way that the election is really about issues, qualifications, and getting the average student out to vote. When students see every frathouse with their banners up for ONE party, they immediately think it would be a waste of time to vote. Now that there may be 2 different banners being waved by houses, maybe some students will think that their vote really will make a difference in this election and vote.

Oh yea, and Dennis is in Tallahassee on a gubernatorial fellowship with Jeb!. And Andrew Hoffman is working for Dick Cheney, last I heard.
Don't insult people from moving on with their lives to bigger and better things.


Gatorman said...

Well i am not sure if they listened to you or not, but Unite has changed it's the exec party photo to Unite t-shirts for the guys and a red polo with a Unite button for Lola... I think that that you will agree that it looks better, but still not the suit and tie.

As for John, Ryan, and Lyndia's poses, I think Ryan looks scared (not a deer in the headlights look, though) in the photo, but John looks confident, I don't see the over confidence or intimidation (I think the smile does away with that). But Lyndia looks the best.

Christian Duque said...

Does It Matter....I believe Dennis was still on campus last Fall..I could have sworn seeing him at Turlington for the Impact/Progress marriage.

As far as Andrew Hoffman he's back in Gainesville and we were at Silver Q last night. I can't get into specifics but I don't believe Andrew has ever been on their exec as he was with both incarnations of Impact. Thanks for your input and that's not sarcasm, I do appreciate the clarifications you made.

Also to Gatorman, great post. I really do hope UNITE gets their act together. As far as Swamp/Ignite that was a great election but when you have rival Greeks involved plus a new demographic w/ Atheletes, I believe the average students will end up losing.

I've also been receiving a hefty amount of hate mail telling me to move on and be quiet, lol. It's crazy that for spending maybe 15-20 minutes a day on one of many of my blogs that so many people have become threatened by what I have to say....the threats and the emails...they only make me feel more needed than ever. I won't be going away.

It's so bizarre how an alumni that's graduated 50yrs ago can still be a fanatic of Gator football but you can't care about SG ten months after graduating, its like you're some kind of a loser for having an opinion. LMFAO


Gatorman said...


Well since I got in trouble earlier from ken and james and others for suggesting that UF SG and campaigns should be run by students, I will agree with the general sentiment of alumni should move on...

I believe the difference between the football and SG is that football is considered a specator sport, where SG is STUDENT government, not alumni government, just my opinion though... keep on blogging

Christian Duque said...

Oh absolutely 110% agreed. SG should be by the students and for the students which is strictly why I'm not involved with any party on any level, why I haven't (and won't) put a foot on the third floor, why I haven't been to a single senate meeting since I stepped down, and why I haven't and will not put a step on campus to campaign (for anyone). I believe SG should be run by the students in its entirety and that's something I've stood for a long time.

My only difference with the status quo is that I prefer to run a well-maintained blog that discusses whatever may be going on with UF SG from an alumni's point of view. I choose to write my opinions from outside of SG rather than do to what James Argento for example does, of leaving sappy facebook messages on the "it people's walls" because that's just not my style, or, like Ken Kerns would do, propping himself up to be an SG God writing books about the past.

To each his own and not mocking anyone, but I feel that my blog is a pretty innocent and pretty minor offering in the grand scheme of things. I'm totally letting the new generation of SG'ers do as they wish, I just choose to write about it from my own perspective. Even if you were to google for SG blogs the Radikal would not be a top hit and if you read the Alligator's story on blogs, the Radikal was not mentioned there either. This is really my private journal and I'm really happy so many people are reading it, but I'm not trying by any means to shove my views into anyone's face.I thinik anyone wanting to be a part of SG deserves a hell of a lot of props for doing so and even if I may ride people hard at times, I swear on a stack of Holy Bibles that it's not personal, it's just politics.

All I want is to be able to have an opinion. That's it. Thanks for your really cool post =o)

Random said...

1. Dennis is actually doing the internship for both Fall and Spring semester, even though you might see him in Gainesville every once in a while.
2. Reliable sources tell me you were seen in Reitz third floor over the winter break.

Christian Duque said...

HAHA.."reliable sources."

I stand corrected, I was there for ten minutes as a favor to Ansell Fernandez in registering Access. Your sources are correct =0), I also attended the Online Voting Sub Committee results session, I checked my calendar.

Ya caught me! caught the tater. But except for those 2 single times I haven't been anywhere near SG. LOL