Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Misc. Post

I'll go over a few things in the Alligator....
SG candidates to run solo, without party limitations
This is the one article the independents get from the Alligator. it' s rather depressing, but kudos to all the kids running on their own. I promise to compile a list for both Voice list-serves and get y'all some votes! I'll also be emailing these kids to offer any advice or answers to any questions. James...make sure to sign their walls and cover your bases, so that if they win by some miracle you can say you discovered them. *LOL*
Siler not an appropriate choice for VP
Horrible letter, it implies that athletes are not capable of holding office and maintaining their skills for the sport. The letter sounds excessively harsh on athletes and makes them out to be second class students in my book. But, Suzy is a very nice girl and is probably just wanting to let everyone know how hardcore Swamp she is. Blah
Siler will have plenty of time to do both
A very good letter by a former vice president I've never heard of. I'm sure James Argento has already run a few online searches and is currently emailing fmr. VP Jackson. Ken Kerns I'm sure will be writing an e-book about Jackson & Siler available no-where. (LMAO) j/k

A second Jackson letter will appear at odds of 4:1, asking James Argento to leave him and his family alone.
Depths of the Swamp
(A) "Beneath stained glass windows and a towering organ, Boyles betrays his otherwise reserved demeanor each Sunday afternoon to sing before the congregation at the Gainesville Christian Church. "
(B)"Bryson Ridgway is my big brother," Moseley says, referring to a former Student Senate president who is also a Sig Ep member. "He pretty much taught me that you can do anything you want to in life."

(A)Loving Jesus is great, but towering over an organ and membership in a cult are two things John might want to keep under wraps.
(B) Bryson also should have taught this kid to wait his turn. It's sad that FBK went with Joe over Jared last year and that this year Jared's own fraternity is the one shafting him. I feel bad for Jared, real bad, but politics are dirty and taking the word of FBK and large houses (even if you're a member of one of the large houses) is pretty crazy.

=========Duque's Election Result-Predictions===============
As of right now, I'll post two more set-ups for fun:

Student Body President/VP: 55/45 in Boyles/Washington's favor.
Treasurer: Moseley/_____ Runoff
The first round: Moseley 40-49%, Bovell 25-35%, Henriques 15-25% *

Here's where it can get very messy....I believe that fmr. Progress members still see Mackenzie Moritz as their leader....Adam Roberts may be cool to some, cute to others, or even a great leader to a few others but in the long run to true Progress hardliners, Roberts will always be Mackenzie's bitch, excuse me, Roberts will always be #2 (as in the Veep not the bowel movement) and they will go Mackenzie's way. Mackenzie is Susan's Andre (campaing manager) and Susan was always Progress, hell she lost her job, her livelihood for the Party...hardline Progress members will not vote for Lola, Lola will not reap the on-campus housing votes...those I also give to Susan & Ryan (I would venture to say that HUME will go hugely to the independent candidate's pool).

Here's where it could get real bad --- Susan goes to runoff with Ryan, Lola feels the sting and endorses Moseley, hence returning to the Gator Party fold via SWAMP. But who knows....perhaps the results of this election will make up for the boring centrism of the campaign trail. Also Jared/Siler in my book are down but they're hardly on their knees, they could come out of the rut if they consider a minor PR makeover.

Accounting SWAMP (1)
Agriculture: UNITE (2)
Architecture: SWAMP (1) (unopposed)
Business Admin: SWAMP (3)
Education: SWAMP (1)
Engineering: UNITE/SWAMP (1:1)
Forestry: SWAMP (unopposed)
Graduate: SWAMP sweep
Health & Human Perf: don't know
Health Related Performance: Independent (1)
Journalism: SWAMP (2)
Law: UNITE (1)
Nat Resources: UNITE (1)
Nursing SWAMP (1)
Pharmacy: SWAMP (1)
Freshman: SWAMP (5)
Sophomore: SWAMP (5)
Vet Med: SWAMP (1)

Comments, Predictions?
No not a type-o, I give all of LS to UNITE and all of the Grad votes (even if they do usually vote 50/50 all to Swamp). Betcha I'm right.

I don't like this particular dish (I'm eating my own words over here, I need some salt and some garlic powder, this is just unbearable).....Gavin're ok...I joined your facebook group, hopefully you won't get grilled too badly for having my full support!


PuckLight said...

Much better lately with the whole facts thing. Just one thing: look at where all the former Progress kids are. Look at what shirts they're wearing. Their support is not as green as you would think this spring, but more red.

Christian Duque said...

I wouldn't be so sure. The Progress Party (much like Voice) imbued a great sense of loyalty into their membership, both parties were small (Voice being the smaller) but even today the people that poured hours and hours over what most people would have dubbed a lost cause, are as loyal as ever. These hand-picked loyalists alone don't pose much of a threat, but in the final hours when they talk to their friends and their friends talk to their friends...I have to say that despite all the factual and life as it my unfold today, right now...that the true Progress diehards will not be able to vote against Susan Vas Henriques, no matter what color shirt they're wearing.

Also Siler will not take the Black vote, the Black Caucus is with Lydia and if my theory w/Progress is right, Susan will either take on-campus housing from Lola and go to run off with Ryan or she'll score in the 10-15% mark and be eliminated in the first round.

Michelle L. said...

Are you taking into account that Unite has more Greek support than Impact had last year? I also look at it this way, one more greek vote for Unite is one less vote for Swamp. The runoff vote was about 55/45 Gator party last year... it's only going to improve for Unite this year.

Oh yeah, and Unite is going to wipe the floor with Swamp's Engineering senate candidates. Please make that Engineering: UNITE 2!

Anonymous said...

So I'm going to break my self-imposed silence on this blog, as I've realized that you're not a bad guy, just horrible misinformed.

I have to wonder, though, who the hell you're talking to about this stuff. With the exception, of course, of 2/3 of their exec ticket and a hardcore operative, basically all of the Progress Party is with Unite.

The idea that John Boyles and Lydia Washington have a snowball's chance in hell of winning the election makes me giggle a little bit inside. Granted, I know everything can change in a week, but come to campus, talk to normal students, ask them who they're voting for. You know campaigns - you know every single open-minded person, given the choice, is going to vote for energy and enthusiasm over dejection and hopelessness.

What it comes down to right now is this: SWAMP is still trying to solidify their base, while Unite is twisting the knife. You just can't win if you're still trying to shore up your base a week before the election. Every single day for the past week, SWAMP has been beaten a little bit more. I have yet to see them get any victory, even a minute one, in anything.

I also take issue with your past characterization of "the independent movement" as being required to be completely devoid of Greekery, organizational support, or celebrity influence (because obviously celebrities only get involved in politics for the publicity) but that's a topic for another discussion.

Also, clerical note: it's going to be terrifically hard for SWAMP to win Vet Med without a candidate. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Also, the idea that there's any sort of an on-campus housing "bloc" is patently absurd, and I thought you of all people would know better. For shame. ;-)

Christian Duque said...

LOL....yeah I guess if they don't have a candidate that'll be rough. I'm sorry, I do admit vet med I made a mistake on. I sincerely believe UNITE will take LS but in the other areas I have the following comments:

Engineering students are themselves (and have been historically more independent than most others) I don't believe Unite will sweep. Last year the Voice candidates with all due respect were better than either of the other three parties, I stand firmly behind that. Allison Andrews & Sarah Fisk were at the top of their game and still didn't place.

But before I go any further...I would be interested in knowing which houses support UNITE officially. Again the entirety of my comments as I've been saying as of late rest on reactions to what I read in the Alligator and few phone calls I get per day. I'd absolutely love to hear the list of houses officially hehind Unite.

E.J. Walicki said...

Ah but what if they DID have a candidate...?

Check out the site by the way...I finally did it...I am actually quite excited!

Christian Duque said...

What site...what's happening here?!

E.J. Walicki said...

Sorry, by site I meant blog, just click on my name to see my profile.

Christmas Child said...

I think your predictions are close enough, but I'm confident Unite will split the sophomore seats, and Unite will hands down have Engineering... look more closely at those candidates. NRE is also unopposed Unite, and LaPorta will win HHP. Pedro is campaigning with grads, so that will also be split. I'm glad you're so confident with CLAS, but I realistically think that will be split as well. Although if that were straight Unite, that would be lovely.
Furthermore, Virgil is right in saying that majority of Progress wear red shirts, in spite of letters from people like Daniel Hobbs whose face I saw maybe once campaigning with Progress.
But you are right that underground, lots of Unite people support Susan.