Wednesday, February 15, 2006

2/14 & 2/15

New Library West Starbucks Stirs Dispute

**Touchy...Starbucks was in fact started by a FIJI (Phi Gamma Delta), however, they are a corporate giant that will likely tack on high prices for their goods and totally destroy the atmosphere of a serious research library. L-West was my home away from home, when I had had enough of pledging and being a nobody...I'd tell my pledge masters I had to study and break away for a couple of hours and read. Other times, after pledging, I'd spend hours in the microphish ( do you spell that) room going through 30, 40, even 100yr old newspapers, not for a class or anything, but just to see how the old political masters did their thing in the old days. And there were also times I could hit the abandoned - some even say haunted- fifth floor and just do research on various topics. L-West had all the vestiges of a true blue library powerhouse, now Bernie Machen & his capitalist cohorts (I heard Machen's wife was a real that's so, "Ms. Machen get in your hubby's ear and tell him to stop this and if it takes work, just ask him what the capital of Thailand is) because L-West should be a learning institution...I mean its bad enough students don't even own their own union at UF, let's not start selling space in the library to corporate giants.

Emily Yehle -----> Sweetie, kindly shut that hole under your nose and let the students use the opinions section. I know of many good lettes bcc'ed to me from Voice kids that you people have totally ignored. Between Gavin Baker, Mike Gimignani, and all the party leaders you have effectively cut the students out from their own section.

====== 2/15 ==========
Swamp Announces Platform

SWAMP Platform comes out, hammering:

#1 Fiscal Responsibility simultaneously the budget created by the Gator Party majority is full of flaws and in recent weeks President Goldberg has been preparing the students for masssive cuts into student orgs.

#2 Increased accountability within SG - Boyles did nothing during the Cosimi scandal or the FBK allegations raised by Charlie Grapski and Patricia Telles-Irvin.

#3 Representation in both the community and the UF administration - at least John is honest here...a Boyles administration will have no backbone and will fold to Machen's cronies every single time, bar none, in the name of REPRESENTATION and/or "GOOD RELATIONS."

Classic Boyles quote: "In an interview after the rally, Boyles said he was especially passionate about Swamp's goal to increase diversity within SG, listing himself as an example of a senator who defies SG stereotypes."

John Boyles is soo into diversity he made sure the lucky minority on the Swamp exec ticket was his veep and not the treasurer...he wanted to be sure (like Hernandez) that Black voters wouldn't get cute like on the first Access victory of Spring 2004 when Jamal/Jennifer won and Dennis came short by a thousand votes to Sheema ( don't forget John got elected with that Party, that great Party during tha election)....John and Jared both want those African American votes...question either of them actually care about African Americans?

Proposed budget for student organizations flawed

Who's running UNITE! this week? Mr. Roberts? Ms. Cullin? Ms. Guttag? Mr. Jardon?
Did any of you wise party experts read what I wrote about Siler? SILER, you know the guy pictured next to Jared, no not that guy, the football guy you bought off a couple of weeks ago, c'mon Adam...jog that memory, you know who I'm talking about. Anyway, I pointed out your veep candidate shouldn't use the word "ass" because it sounded vulgar, now I see Hernandez using the word "FUCK" in senate, do you think that looks good? What kind of a law student would sink that low.....shameful.

I worked dozens of hours with Jamal on the campaign, I never heard that man use any kind of vulgar term, much less the word FUCK, much less in senate. I've said far worse that FUCK in a senate murmur, but the point is Jared is running for President and you people should talk to him. It may be a minor detail to you, but I guarantee you that those cookie cutter folks out there will take their vote to John Boyles rather than someone with a potty mouth. I should remind you that many of John's supporters have gotten the crazy idea in their heads that Jared is in fact the Devil, so let's work on making the UNITE candidate a little bit more refined.


Gatorman said...

I mean its bad enough students don't even own their own union at UF, let's not start selling space in the library to corporate giants.

Just curious in what you mean about not having our union, to my knowledge students completely fund it, and then a hire a guy to run it, right? Am I missing something of huge importance.

Christian Duque said...

Yes, you're missing a few things but you're on the right track. As a former member of the Reitz Union BOM I can tell that the $3.7 million in A&S Fees go a long way to funding the Union's operations, however, without Aramak and the Hotel, the Union might as well close shop because it couldn't afford to stay open.

Now let me point out a few things that make our Union most-student-unfriendly. Many Unions offer students a place to kick their shoes off, lay on a couch, and study or read magazines....

The Reitz is devoid of reading rooms, the Gameroom which should offer students free games and pass-times charges on EVERYTHING, the Union is not open 24/7 as most other unions are, parking (for studentes as well as everyone else) is charged by the hour and the administration makes a killing off ticketing (btw Student legal won't help you fight those tickets so its a huge racket for the administration).

And while the Union does offer bike repair, Gator Nights, and the opportunity for orgs to have meeting space, it also has a way to go in being Student-owned. The students do not own the Reitz either ((((check the fine print)))), there is one student union ((((a little trivia for ya)))) that the administration never bought from the students here at UF, that they essentially stole from the Student Body and set up shop, but I think I've given you somewhat of a response on your query without expounding on how the students were raped by the suits.

Did you guys see that Hernandez ad? When I was in my fraternity I always looked up to Jared for being different and writing those op ed's, I even told him so, but almost 90% of my brothers wanted to lynch him....did he make that ad to cater to the anti-Greek bloc or have his close advisers in UNITE (non-Greek btw) told him that that kind of advertising is going to get him more friends today than when he made them initially? .... I don't know about UNITE...I don't know about SWAMP... either way the students are going to get fucked.