Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Awww....How Cute

I still remember back to the days when a party actually had to win the Alligator's support, now it seems the paper whose impartiality in previous election was deemed by the Greeks as biased favoritism has turned into exactly that.

"So Brandon Siler thinks he'd make a good candidate for Student Body vice president.

We agree. "
(Siler Selected, )

Based on what Mr. Alligator editor? I like Brandon Siler and I tried to help MVP as best as I could. I spoke to Andrea Guttag by email and on the phone about ways for her party to run independent, on ways to appeal the late party decision, and on reasons why a third option were great for the democratic process. MVP decided to cave in and take a handout instead of go get theirs like they should have, I personally think that shows a tremendous lack of heart and the fact that Ms. Guttag told the Alligator that MVP shares so much with UNITE ideologically after what I was told in conversations only reinforces my view that Andrea & Co. will do just fine in SG.

Like I told Andrea, I don't know Brandon from a hole in the hole, but a third (or fourth) party is just what the doctor needed for a healthy electoral process. Now it's back to two parties, but I find it highly inapropriate for the Alligator to be singing UNITE praises before any talk of platform initiatives and also blindly trusting in anyone that's a politician for a living. Brandon Siler cannot be called a former candidate with a former party because MVP didn't get to do anything, the Alligator makes it sound like he left a long stretch of shaking hands, doing interviews, kissing babies, giving speeches, and jetsetting from one student org. to the next....when in reality Brandon Siler's candidacy with MVP could be summed up like this: he woke up one day, Andrea Guttag told me him he was running, and Brandon gave the double peace sign like Dick Nixon and that was that. I don't know, I mean you can't be credited with being a candidate with a party if neither truly existed. Give me a break!! And what kind of a party is so insecure or so desperate for power that gives up a seat on its exec ticket to avoid competition?

There's a huge diff between Jared Hernandez and the man with the impeccable integrity of Dennis Ngin. Dennis would never have taken a rival candidate as a running mate to cover his bets at the polls. People ask me what happened to me, why don't I just pick a side and shut up, but I ask, what the hell happened to you, where is it written that human beings must choose anything, what the fuck ever happened to being a G*d Damn Independent?

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