Friday, February 24, 2006

Sleazier Than A Hollywood Blvd Peep Show

She's lookin better & better everyday =o)

First off...let me say just how sick this election is and how blessed I am to have graduated and not have to say I went out with either Swamp or Unite. Gatorpedia says I ended my SG career with a humiliating defeat w/ Voice (and some other very kind things thanks Mackenzie [no sarcasm]), but getting creamed at the polls with Voice may have been a numerical pitfall, but what is going on w/ both parties is foul. I guess it seems I ride UNITE a little harder than Swamp but maybe that's because I was of the independent community and maybe I expect a little more.

'Recently, he ultimately decided that he "would rather fight for an ideology than a system." He believes that Swamp and Boyles absolutely embody that system.'

Who the fuck does Adam Roberts think he is? Fuckin Winston Churchill and what...John Boyles is Benito Mussolini? Listen up folks...John Boyles may be a sell out and he may speak in tongues at church and he may have the power to heal the blind, but at least one day a long, long time ago he was an independent with a party called Access, he was never a Greek (like I am, like Jared is, or like Adam Roberts used to be) and he went up the ladder. He prolly had to take a lot of awkwardness, he prolly had to hug a lot of fat girls, and he probably had to drink a lot of bad beer at Kluck U but he did it. As much as I hate the system..John & Swamp have effectively been upstaged..UNITE is the system.

>>>>Food For Thought<<<<
HOW MANY UNITE SENATE CANDIDATES WANTED SILER AS JARED'S VP???? about they were never told of it, how about it was forced down their throats?!


"Ryan Nelson has not been promised or offered any position."

Riiiiiight. 3 days before the election this kid changes sides....yeah riight! We were neighbors with Phi Sigs, unless hell froze over I don't think they've become Franciscan monks..I'm pretty sure their consciences were not the deciding factor in their sudden party-change. Nice try Roberts or...should I say Bacon. Sleazy...even for me...a GDS (a G*d Damn Socialist) you've made the color red sleazy.

'Recently, he ultimately decided that he "would rather fight for an ideology than a system."'

Adam are the sound like an agent of it more and more everyday. I think the only people that believe UNITE isn't the system are castrated SG independents like Kerns and Argento that spend their evenings making up imaginary constituency blocs (adding a a new one everyday) and posting stupid wall signings on both sides of the field. As much as it pains me to say it, I feel so terrible for the Gavin Bakers, the Nikki Grants,, the.. no, ugh I ran out of names, all my Access & Voice friends that are still at UF won't go near either party with a 10ft. pole, but those that did get sucked in, whether they care to admit now or whether they're drunk with the idea of an easy victory...UNITE is not the independents' party, this is bandwagon-mainstream politics at its worse, party changes at the last hour...PURE OPPORTUNISM and for this whackjob to say nothing was promised and spout propaganda is utterly unacceptable.

I'm sorry Adam, you were always nice to me (and I was to you) but from what I'm told you have a gigantic ego and I don't want you taking this personal (lol), but all jokes aside, you are not the same person from last year, or maybe you were...maybe it is all just business to you, maybe that's why you didn't want me around, maybe that's why Andrew Hoffman and Thomas Jardon aren't involved with your new party either, maybe that's why you sign messages with a screen name that includes your name and party position, for shame, it doesn't include a contact #, you've really dropped the ball this time, you better get Fernando right on that, clean up on aisle 4!!!! No but seriously, this is an outrage!

My only fear is that if Jared wins there's gonna be a lot of pissed off people without promised're gonna have some cabinet's with 5, 10, 15, maybe 20 Assistant Directors and then when internal senate elections take place, the newly elected senators will have to sit on the floor as there will be about ten different families there to root on their son or daughter, each family engaging in the " ___ (son/daughter) is going to get elected Senate President tonight...." and only one will and the other nine families will have to comfort their child. I don't know...maybe I'm bein to hard on UNITE, I mean afterall it is possible to have the athletes, the Greeks, the GDI's, the Hispanics, and many, many more by being honest, professional, and sincere....yeah right!

Adam Roberts, President of the UNITE Party, in bold.

Sorry to Nikki Grant, Michelle Lightbourne, & Gavin Baker, cuz of you three I started lookin at Unite in a different light and granted that light was pretty dim to begin with, these Greek turnovers and the immediate, almost-prepared-in-advance demeanor of your party president to what would otherwise call for meetings and somewhat of a gradual response has left me thinking UNITE is not the underdog GDI party here.


Greek on a Leash said...

GOAL supports Ryan Nelson. Go figure.

However, GOAL knows that Ryan is very, very tired. Ryan has had one of the longest weeks of his life. He has been threatened for supporting a party that listens to him. He was called malicious after Swamp CHOSE not to host their meeting at Phi Sig, despite his offering his home anyways as was his promise. His motives are being questioned, his fraternity is being demonized, and his old friends are averting their eyes.

But he is happy. And he will write a lengthier response this weekend when he can sleep. Thank you to those who understand.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to sit here and respond to all the inconsistencies and mistruths in this post, but I'm not at the moment blessed with the kind of time necessary.

Suffice it to say, though, that, to quote Buzz Lightyear, you are a sad, strange little man. It makes me feel a little bit more ineffective that there are still people around as uninformed as you, but then I remember that you're not actually a student, so it probably doesn't make a difference.

Nothing but love, though, my predecessor. Nothing but love.

PuckLight said...

I somehow get the feeling that all of this resentment towards adam roberts stems from a past crush on becca guerra. middle school anyone?

Christian Duque said...

Here's all I want to know...why is it that when I say something my critics agree with I'm everything from 'not that bad of a guy' to getting listed on their blogs...but when I say something they disagree with, they come at me with personal attacks and smear campaigns?

I don't hide behind screen names when I question Jared, John, UNITE, or SWAMP's intentions. Look, maybe I'm wrong about some things, maybe I'm wrong all together like I was about Gavin Baker, but I'm slmply writing a reaction to what I've read. This is MY blog, my journal, SG is yours, YOU are the new generation, YOU are the movers and shakers, I make no issues w/ that. I am simply writing MY reactions to what I read in the paper w/ my limited knowledge and SG experience. I bow down before all of you for I was but a mere SG novice, a lightweight...I knew very little and know even less today, so correct me but do not scold me too harshly for I am only expressing my opinion. I am of humble origins and often opine on matters beyond my level of intellect.

But, you can agree with me or refute me entirely but why make perosnal attacks, why bring in other people that haven't been mentioned as some twisted support for your outlandish claims, claims that I will not even dignify with my true opinions on?

I don't like UNITE and I'm not a huge SWAMP fan either, I guess the only candidates I can say I support are Susan Henriques, Gavin Baker, oh wait a minute...

I just saw the new Swamp pic, John is showing teeth -- they listened! I spoke out about Lola holding the football last week and on the new Unite photo Siler is holding the football --- Boyles is showing teeth...the Unite Party is over, it's all over =o) LMAO