Monday, November 12, 2007

Love Brings Peace, Hate Brings...Hatred

Yet another wealthy, white, ultra-right wing young attorney has come to Matt Klein's defense...soon this is going to look like Trent Lott's birthday party. The last email arrived from Christian W. Waugh, an extremely arrogant gentleman that addressed me in some of the most demeaning language I've heard since the Access/Innovate Summer of 2004 -- he wrote me an email that you'd think was conceived for an SG novice, hell, for a moron, but I digress. Mr. Waugh went on and on lecturing me about how stupid I was and how wise he was....hey Einstein, if Klein is so innocent and I'm so off, why'd he APOLOGIZE? What b/c he's a nice guy?

Below is an excerpt from Christian "The Admiral" Waugh's email promoting Obsession:
"The movie will last about an hour and will be followed by a panel discussion with guest speakers. Over 20 million people have already viewed this movie, which has been featured on FOXNEWS, the Communist News Network (CNN), and other news outlets."
I think this gives Mr. Waugh all the credibility I think he deserves - lecturing me on politics & the rule of law and calling CNN communist in what seems to be a formal (not lighthearted in any way) email. I just hope he knows the tax code just a little better than he knows anything he's tried lecturing me on.

Moments ago, I also received an email from the Honorable Matthew Klein:
Look, I don’t know what or who you are but I don’t take false accusations such as yours lightly. You need a crime for a hate crime to exist, and all students including students in SG positions have a right to free speech. My speaking out against terrorism has nothing to do with my position on the SG court. If this issue ever came before the court, I would follow judicial cannons and recuse myself ensuring impartiality on the court.

From the first word (look - sounds a little exasperated), Mr. Klein seems poised to make the point that using fear tactics and making false claims pertaining to innocent students and Homeland Security is free speech. It's not my opinion that Mr. Klein's email did in fact alienate students based on their religious identity and ethnic heritage - if not, why did the President of Islam on campus file official complaints AND why did Mr. Klein once made aware of these formal complaints, swiftly feel the need to CLARIFY himself and then APOLOGIZE? I want to go to law school one day, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Mr. Klein's free-speech defense is weak, to be generous.

What Mr. Klein also fails to realize is that HIS EMAIL is what I believe to have been THE HATE CRIME. And Mr. Klein did not speak out against TERRORISM in his initial email, he spoke out against INNOCENT STUDENTS - then causing him to apologize.

From the batch of lawyer buddies of his emailing me, I would not be surprised this ends up in court and I would love nothing more... not sure that can be said all around though.


Anonymous said...

Post the Admiral's Email!

Christian Duque said...

The admiral? You must be kidding me.

Anonymous said...

That's his name, don't wear it out.

Christian Duque said...

How 90's of you. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I remember Fox occasionally bringing people saying the US needs to kill as much Muslims as possible. Imagine if someone said that about African Americans. Most people are completely oblivious to this prejudice. Many indeed embrace it at some level.

A documentary on Afghanistan that shows Neoconservative hypocrisy

Anonymous said...

Mr. Duque,

You are lost in the trees of the forest of hate. Your heart is in the right place, but your head is up your ass.

Christian Duque said...

Ah but you are mixing the facts with emotions -- you should cite my shortcomings, not sound like a fortune cookie.

Anonymous said...

Viva online voting!