Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The UF Supreme Court: Students' or Students

When discussing SG we normally focus on the Legislative & the Executive, because the traditional role of the Courts has always been to stay behind the scenes, to remain impartial, and away from the glitz & glamor, the pacts, and the lobbyists. But, thanks to Matthew Klein's second incursion into, let us leave it at, controversial politicking, I'd like to learn more about the Justices currently serving on the Student Body's highest court.

Who are these people, who's in Florida Blue Key, who's Greek, are there families influential, are they legacies in the legal profession? I'd be interested in reading their opinions and rulings (having only read some opinions on online voting & the Alan Passman Fiasco).

So let the emails pour in. Anonymous emails will be verified. To guests leaving comments -- keep them clean. Racial slurs will not be published.

Arab & Muslim students need to be ever-vigilant after the showing of this film. Avoid traveling alone at night through poorly-lit portions of campus, be weary of odd people and unusual questions, and especially do not divulge your student id# or residential information to anyone, unless it is clearly a UF official acting in a professional capacity only -- if a CLUB is not registered with the Student Activities Center, it may not be legit. Also, if you drive down 34th st, be vigilant of the Wall - one thing's free speech and another is hate-speech. If you see people putting up clearly racist images (e.g. Crescent Moon x'ed out, swastikas, or anti-immigration type "art,") call GPD immediately. Rumors are flying that certain "misunderstood" folks in certain "scholarly" circles want to push the Obsession "message" a little further than the powers that be thought they would. As can be usually determined -- the powers that be don't know shit.

Also HUGE kudos to Islam On Campus President Yaser Ali and IOC for boldly condemning Matthew Klein's ISLAMOPHOBIST email. Click Here. Also, I do appreciate that Mr. Klein apologized, but he should know as anyone that showing remorse does not usually satisfy the public's demand for JUSTICE.


Anonymous said...

I believe Matt graduates this semester

Anonymous said...

"As can be usually determined -- the powers that be don't know shit."

Great line.

Although, I'm not too worried about any after affect (as in abrasive acts).

Obsession might be on google video somewhere. I may be tempted to watch it, laugh at its ridiculous attempt, and then write up a needless counter-argument for it. But then again, arguing against bigots is like arguing against a brick wall...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they'll ever bring a movie to UF about Israel's illegal seizure of middle east land during the six day war. O wait, that will NEVER happen.

Christian Duque said...

"Matt" could graduate tomorrow for all I care, this is about the principle of the matter and the dangerous precedent this sets - justices writing racist emails-then-apologizing and offering to remedy the situation by recusing themselves on cases that involve the affected religious and ethnic groups. I don't care if you're in FBK or a GDI - that simply cannot be in a court in this country - student or otherwise.