Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Meyer Apology

Andrew Meyer could have been great, he could have led the masses, but instead he was victimized by Bernie Machen's stormtroopers of uniformity and now it seems, Andrew Meyer has again been victimized -- only this time with aggressive counsel by his side and paraded on the pages of the Gainesville Sun, the Independent Florida Alligator, and at this will only be a matter of days before this poor kid's mug visits your hometown paper's front page, not only as a way to highlight an obnoxious college student's 'unruliness, but far more importantly to flex the muscles of the status quo, the norm that every college student should strive to achieve: study hard, study fast, bow down motherfucker, and go join the others in cubicles & huddled around water coolers at lunch -- this is a SYSTEM society, we are all nuts and bolts of a well-oiled machine, break away from the pack and we'll MAKE YOU SORRY!

The Student/Alum Speak Out!

"I don't care that Meyer wrote an apology as part of a plea deal, this travesty of political forum will haunt ACCENT. I think everything else I think about this issue has been said before:" Click Here

William "Will" Foster
GDI Leader

"Seemed a little calculated, but I am glad he apologized. All of the videos and phone calls released did not make him look too good. Hopefully he meant what he said."

Chris Carmody
Fmr. Student Senate President


Anonymous said...

Have you even listened to his phone calss from jail to his father?

You'll sing a different tune onc you do.

Anonymous said...

9:14: Are you stupid? It is a call from a student who feels he did nothing wrong and that the police overreacted.

Thanks for telling me to listen to the calls. I wonder why they put him in solitarily for trying to take a mugshot like Delay or Hilton's?

Anonymous said...

Andrew Meyer is getting exactly what he wanted. Publicity. I truely wish everyone would stop talking about this "look-at-me" idiot and let him fade into the background where he belongs.