Monday, November 26, 2007

Short Article, Major Implications.

The Power Vaccum

ok. Let's put impartiality aside for a moment. And for those elected officials in the audience, try as hard as you can not to put yourself in the shoes of - or worry to much about - those faithful constituents that voted you into office and whose interests you claim to act on behalf of every Tuesday night and at all times while acting as an elected official.

The Student Honor Court has always served to provide a fair trial for accused students. The Dean of Students, from my research years past, has seldom contradicted the advice of the SHC -- therefore the vast super-majority of rulings by the student court have been affirmed by the administration. Any attempt by the Faculty Senate to scrap this student body, should not be taken lightly by Student Government or the Student Body. There is no clear purpose here, other than fixing a model that's proven quite effective and stripping students of power to be reapplied to the Faculty.

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