Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Radikal Updates #10

The Coalition
Members of the independent community and the burgeoning Muslim & Arab communities should continue to explore the concept of an all-inclusive coalition for the Spring 2008. Groups like IOC,ACA, & Nakba, in addition to the core of the Progress Party, and potential allies ranging from Campus SDS to the Gator Homeless Coalition, could create a multi-faceted & diverse ideological alternative to the FBK-backed parties that have lost touch with reality and the common student.

While the FBK-backed parties like talking about inclusion, they have widely violated the rights of UF's Arab & Muslim population, a violation that has encompassed neglect and an utter lack of consideration (funding offensive speakers, ads, & allowing top SG brass to attend meetings such as AIPAC's nat'l conference).

There is also a general disregard for the electoral power of the Muslim & Arab communities. Long has the Jewish vote been courted and held in high regard and it is this 'vote' that allowed for so many injustices to go unchecked for so long. Once Muslims & Arabs VOTE, the abuses will wane. The proposed Coalition of Independents of 2008 would offer many denied sectors of the student body, a right to be heard!

But Independents need to start acting like Independents and offering something different. For instance, why do UF students shell over $120,000 a year to Florida Blue Key for a concert, when thousands of Asian American students WANT an institute? I have always believed that FBK, with it's flashy Who's Who... could easily raise the funds illegally stolen from UF students via the private sector. Imagine the equity achieved in ten years by slashing the Growl expenses from the budget and reallocating them to help pay for a Asian Student Institute.

Also... why do we need Accent? Cultural enrichment you say? Nonsense! There is a real need for SGP, however paying a man like Alberto Gonzalez $40k to answer pre-approved questions is absolute horse-shit. The money wasted on public speakers could be used more pragmatically across campus.

Armando Grundy: RaDiKaL Interview
On Sunday, December 2nd, I was fortunate enough to meet with & interview, Armando Grundy, candidate for the Gainesville City Commission, District 3. The interview covers many areas of Grundy's most interesting life, his views on opponent [incumbent] Jack Donovan, and his vision for city government, business, & community involvement. WEEKEND FEATURE

Venezuela: Divided Down The Middle
Despite colorful editorials of wishy-washy illusion & articles by writers hoping to embellish on the loss of the Bolivarian Revolution, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez suffered his first electoral defeat since 1998. Unlike the colossal defeat that the [right-wing] world press is reporting, Chavez who was rallying Venezuela on a referendum that would allow him to run for a third consecutive term, the initiative failed 49/51%.

There is growing concern of the solidarity of progressive governments in Latin America. I've had the opportunity to do some research into Bolivia's Evo Morales and find that that country,like Venezuela, Nicaragua, Brazil, Chile, & Argentina, is moving on a steady road towards elements of democratic socialism.

Venezuela's peaceful road to socialism has experienced one very real hurdle and the fact that the Chavez government recognizes electoral defeat and works from that end, then those fewer & fewer that ignorantly dub Chavez a dictator, should re-examine the concepts of democracy & dictatorship perhaps a bit more closely.


Anonymous said...

1. The Jewish vote count is probably 50 times greater than Muslims.
2. Gator Growl is actually attended by all kind of students and alumni (with attendance around 30K or more), and is a tradition. There is no substitute event in place. Asian Institute will only be used by about 1000 or less Asian Students who are actually involved with Asian cultural organizations (even less for those who need the resources ... not many signed up for the certification program). Also they can use the library, computer labs or Reitz for all those things.

Christian Duque said...

1. 50 or 100x is not the issue at hand. The issue at hand is mobilizing a community on the verge of blossoming into a full-fledged member of the student population. No longer will Arabs & Muslims be solely governed, rather, they want to take an active role in government.

Arabs & Muslims, based on the wrongdoings of the past, culminated with the SG ad, SG participation with AIPAC, and the actions taken as a result of the Obsession film and the general indifference to the varied calls for justice, MAKE THE CASE, that Muslims & Arabs cannot trust those that have neglected them. The only viable road to true representation, lies with an Independent Coalition where they may be active in all levels of party business.

#2 Tradition or not, student money is for student organizations that qualify based on structural criteria per the Student Body Constitution. All UF organizations are held accountable to the Constitution, budgetary codes, and responsible to uphold certain policies to continue to receive funding.

Florida Blue Key is not a public organization, meetings are not public, the organization charges dues, AND the event SELLS tickets. Student money is illegally used and then students PAY AGAIN!

I'm sure the event is worth preserving, but use PRIVATE SOURCES to fund it. Student money should be strictly reserved for student interests, ALL STUDENTS!

Anonymous said...

SG hasn't subsidized Growl in several years... stop living in the past.

Christian Duque said...

"Several?" What does "several" mean to the FBK-lot? One = one, couple = two, a few usually equals 3 or more, several is out there, what does several mean to you?

I doubt you'll find a chorus of seconds to the notion that 'several' translates into two years.


& that's assuming you are correct.

Anonymous said...

Actually Gator Growl still receives money from SG - or else why the hell do Gator Growl promotion items have the SG logo on them?

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ what would be a down right scary coalition.

SDS is a terrorist organization and shouldn't be allowed on campus. So is Nakba.
Gator Homeless Coalition should recognize that students don't want homeless people on campus.
The dirty hippies on the plaza of the americas dont vote.
Fourth, if they want to make a difference in student government they should come out and slate or try to contact who ever is running the indie party. The progess party and pants previously was despearatly recruting people on the last day to fill up the slate. There were only 7 or so active vollenteers for the campaign.
You bitch about Grapski still tring to play a part in campus politics, yet you are telling the indies what to do.

Christian Duque said...

Wow. You are the primary reason why Independents should band together with progressive clubs & the Arab/Muslim communities. I published your comments because as sad as it is, I believe you actually believe this crap.

For the record, I am not trying to tell Independents what to do, I'm just writing a blog that happens to cover a little SG...this 2.5yrs now, get over it.

Bruce Haupt said...

Perhaps, good sir/madam, you are thinking about the size of our Fall slate of Senators (7).

We had WAY more than 7 in the Spring... many, many more... massive numbers... quite likely 15 that were very active.

So you let me know and we can throw down about this next time I crash into Gainesville. :)

And another note, we didn't have the same numbers coming out to slating (obviously), but we did fill out the popular spots pretty easily. We were on our cellphones calling random friends up for the oddball seats just like Gator was... there were just more of you with more phones and more friends to call. :)

francisco said...


Pants was alot of fun, if Bruce and David were around I would say lets do it again!

Anonymous said...

I was refering to progess in the fall regarding my seven vollenteers.

Growl 07 said...

Growl 2007 officials actually rejected the idea of an SG-subsidy very early on. From a purely business perspective, the ethical implications and potential negative PR that accompanied it far outweighed any sum of money SG could have given them. Additionally, Growl had just signed Lynyrd Skynyrd - as long as they got the rest of their shit taken care of, they wouldn't need to worry about money. If you look at either SG or Growl financial records for this year, you will find that SG took out space in the Growl program for advertising - just like many other local and state businesses - at the same rate offered to the open market. In hindsight, JCB and Weingard were offering BARGAIN advertising rates given the level of exposure (50,000ish in attendance) they were offering.

I doubt that an SG subsidy will ever happen again. Growl and Florida Blue Key have simply matured beyond that point. Get it right next time.