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Anonymous said...

Wow Christian, Jason Lutin attended an AIPAC SABAN program, something that has nothing to do with the National Policy Conference in DC. The winter and summer saban programs are attended by whoever so chooses to do so and being an SG official does not mean you lose your right to attend leadership conferences, even if they are to promote and educate people about that "OMGG EVIL ISRAELI ZIONIST OCCUPIED GOVERNMENT AHHHH." Lol, hitler was also big into the whole "zionist conspiracy" thing, but he didn't try to mask his Jew hatred. Atleast he was honest and didn't attempt to mask his hatred of Jews by using the term "zionist."

On another note, responding to another of your posts, how much do you and your nakba cronies get off by touting David Reznik as your token anti-israel Jew??? It must be glorious for you. The fact is, Reznik knows nothing about his people, knows nothing about what is really happened in Israel and what is still happening(the fact that the Arabs rejected the right of Jews to live in mandated Palestine and live in the land that they face towards to pray 3 times a day). Reznik even brags about his "old zionist days" (I call them "pre-commuinist days") when he got a star of david tattooed on his back. Any educated Jew knows tattoos for Jews are forbidden!! Wow, he's a great representation of the Jewish people!!! Give me a break...Reznik is a Jew and the true path of Judaism (love for your fellow human being and ur own people, which means not supporting genocidal terrorists who want nothing more than to spill Jewish blood) will always remain open to him, but at the moment, Reznik has turned his back on his people and has joined rank with the EXCOMMUNICATED fringe group neturei karta.

Anonymous said...

Is this really news-worthy? Yes, this guy is a career politician, and a follower, rather than a leader. And how old is he, like 29? This guy has been hanging around SG since the late 90s.

Anonymous said...

Lol, Glen Bleck. I could have a more intelligent discussion with a monkey.

Media doesn't talk about the AIPAC trial which is consistently postponed. I don't know why anyone would want to ally with a Lobby that spied (or still spying) on the US. But then again...

"America is the greatest nation in the world -- most of the time."
I think America has some of the greatest people and I think the Constitution is one of the greatest things ever written. This democratic republic is definitely kickass. However, the US gov. has done horribly things to many people around the world. ONE example is Depleted Uranium dumped over the ME. If you're not sure how cruel that weapon is, look up "DU babies" in google images if you have a strong stomach. I don't. (it's definitely not for the faint of heart)

But yeah, America is awesome if you disregard Neoconservatives/Zionists/other nationalists. In other words, I agree with that statement if you're referring to the (American) people and its constitutional values. Hopefully Ron Paul (only one of the three who really has a chance) will get elected and fix all/most of that crap. Although, I have high doubts that he will win FL.

Christian Duque said...

Anon 1:45

I wasn't going to publish your comments, based on its hateful nature. However, I did find your 'intellect' quite riveting. Who exactly are you to deem who's Jewish & who's not?

Being anti-Zionist is not being anti-Jewish; Zionists cling to looking interchangeable with Judaism as a valid defense. This has nothing to do with Hitler or Nazism; Zionism is a form of nationalism, National Socialism was also a form of nationalism. How can you call internationalists, nationalists? What a blithering idiot.

Some of the heroes of this blog are Jewish: Leon Trotsky, Noam Chomsky, Victor Rabinowitz, & Howard Zinn. David Reznik is a man, he like Peter Gruskin, and many other non-Zionist practicing Jews, is as much part of the Faith as you are, perhaps more.

God had plans for the land of Israel. Contrary to Zionist beliefs, God's name is not Theodore Herzel.

I think you have your religious denominations wrong. Only the Holy Apostolic Roman Catholic Church can "excommunicate." What a moron.

Anonymous said...

The whole point of me saying that the real path of Judaism is still open to Reznik goes back to him being a Jew. You can't renounce your Judaism and Reznik will always be a Jew, even if he does side with the enemies of the Jewish people. The fact is, there is more than one kind of Zionist. There are those in the path of Herzl, Ben Gurion, Rabbi Avraham Isaac Kook (religious zionists) and those Jews who believe that once the Jews have control of the land they are not allowed to give it back. There isn't a one size fits all rubric that you espouse.

Not standing with Israel as a Jew in the face of vast Arab aggression in the form of countless aggressive wars and ongoing guerilla and terror campaigns is tantamount to treachery and only serves those who thirst for Jewish blood (Hamas, Hezbalah, Al Aqsa martyrs, etc).

It does have to do with Hitler. The Palestinian nationalist movements of today are born from the policies of the leading Islamic spiritual leader before the establishment of Israel, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini, who spent the majority of WWII in Berlin while planning the gas chambers to be built after Rommel was supposed to have pushed through north africa. You have a Jewish problem Christian. You claim in ur piece that the Jewish "vote" has contributed to all the hate of minorities, basically the JEWS are responsible for all of the problems u are highlighting at UF.

All of the "heroes" u named stand against the Jewish people and are ur usual communists.

G-d had plans for Israel and G-d still has plans for Israel. An by the way Rabbi Duque, in Judaism there is a term called "Cherem" which is pretty much the exact equivalent of excommunication in the catholic faith. Way to go Rabbi moron.

Christian Duque said...

Anon 10:21

You have a severe problem classifying your political ideologies. Let me lend a hand - or two. Zinn & Chomsky are anarchists - if anything - not communists. Leon Trotsky was a Social Democrat in the Post-Czar/Pre-Communist phase of the Revolution of 1917. If anyone could be a communist, it would be Trotsky, but even he was not.

I stand that Zionism has nothing to do with Hitler, with the exception that like Neturei Karta state, "Zionists capitalized on the fear of the Jewish people to turn the rabbis against Judaism and for this version nationalism." Hitler was opposed to Judaism, not so much Zionism, as Zionism had not been tested anywhere as of yet.

Prior to the Israel of 1948, Jews, Arabs, & Christians lived in harmony. Jews in Iran live in harmony, Christians in Saddam Huseein's Iraq lived in harmony, but the same can hardly be said about Muslims in the Jewish homeland today.

I love how you spell G-d, trying to act all religious. Zionists are not Jews, but keep milking the Torah while you fire guns at unarmed children. I don't have a "Jewish problem," I have a great deal of love and respect for the religion, after all, I am a Judeo-Christian...but Zionism, just like Christian & Muslim Fundamentalism, have little next to nothing to do with spirituality, scripture, or canon-law.

There is a reason you call be a bigot from anonymity and I write with my name. You, like your Zionist cronies, aim to intimidate people and it must make you irate that you can't shut me up. Must suck for you, huh?

AIPAC Guy said...

Thanks for putting my picture up on your site! That was a fun filled convention, and I appreciate you bringing back all the memories.

Zionists from all over the globe commend your work proving that only whack-jobs like you support radical Islam and support the destruction of the sovereign state of Israel.

No but seriously, get a life and stop caring about the big bad SG/Blue Key machine. Even all of the graduates of the so called "system" you bitch about move on after a while.


Anonymous said...

Christian Duque said...

Hey "AIPAC" Guy:

Is it so hard to sign your name next to your comments? You seem to have the same dash bravery as so many members of the IDF's most elite commando units, you know, the ones that fire rubber bullets at nine year olds. You say you're in the picture, but you don't say who you are, LOL.

If you're who I think you are, was I rude to you at the gym when you nearly died seeing me walk past you? No. I'm not a rude person. This is just an opinion-based blog, you Zionists need to relax. This is not Hebron, I'm not a rock-throwing 9yr old, you can come out of your battle tanks, call off the air strikes, and approach me and debate.

Also, I really hope you're not in law school. If after reading everything I've written you still think I'm behind Radical Islam, you're a nut - or maybe you think that the Arab & Muslim groups on campus are terrorists too?

Or maybe you feel if you call me a terrorist enough times, the secret police of the Bush/Carlton Group/Cheney minutemen will bust into my apartment and ship me to Gitmo for having an opinion that doesn't conform to AIPAC's?

This country was founded on the belief of freedom of expression and we all have it. Sadly, your side has decided to write libelous emails and print racist ads, now you're angry that the backlash that's erupted on this blog has resulted in a campus-wide rejection of your fanatical views and that even the Vice President of Student Affairs, one up from your bought-and-paid for Dean of Students, has sided with the minority groups you have harassed for at least the last five years.

Jason Lutin will not be a UF Student Body President. I have spoken to both sides on that, credible sides. All of you, and by you I'm referring to the bigots out there, you all need to get real.

The bullied have organized and bullied they SHALL BE NO MORE!

Anonymous said...


Christian Duque said...

Brevda? I have no idea who that is. But whoever AIPAC Guy is, he is a blithering idiot.