Monday, December 17, 2007

Update #12

New Q&A's!
David Reznik

Reznik, like Peter Gruskin before him, has undoubtedly left a major mark on the Arab & Muslim communities' struggle for inclusion at UF, proving that despite not being of Arab culture of Muslim faith, we must all fight for what's right! Reznik, like Gruskin, serve as bright examples that being Jewish does not limit one to being Zionist. They have proven that not only can they fight for what's just, but they are born leaders in their own right.

Bonnie Mott
I'm also very proud to announce that Bonnie Mott, candidate for the Gainesville City Commission, District 2 will be joining us for the Q&A following David Reznik. I'm sure this interview will provide a great deal of insight into this candidate's vision for our community.

Hawkins Q&A TBA

Robert Agrusa
Didn't even bother to reply -- bad move.


Anonymous said...

Great news for the garden state.

Anonymous said...

Who is David Agrusa? Robert Agrusa maybe? The candidate for the at-large commission seat?

Anonymous said...

It's a distinct possibility that David Agrusa didn't reply because you actually meant to ask Robert Agrusa for an interview. Nice job on your fact-checking there, Punchy.

Christian Duque said...

*Stares at his shoes whilst on the GHF computer chair, then grins.*

I can't express how stupid I feel. LOL