Monday, December 10, 2007

Michael "Sick Mike" Vick Gets 23 Months!

Confessed-illegal-dogfight-promoter & confessed-animal abuser, Michael Vick, was sentenced to 23 months in prison. The Atlanta Falcons quarterback worked in a plea deal because the one-time ghetto fabulous loser who promised to stand trial like a man and beat the State's case, is a sad little bitch that forced dogs to fight for their lives, shot countless of them, electrocuted others, slammed at least one to death, and hanged several others. Unlike other pro-athlete-ex-cons, I have a feeling that after losing Nike, Rawlings, Coca Cola, Air Tran, and getting all but sacked by the Falcons, that Michael Vick's career is completely and totally over - let's hope so.

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Anonymous said...

it's a dissapointing end to a player who once held the record for biggest contract in NFL history. Sure, he'll attract some interest when he comes out, but he'll never be the star athlete he once was. At the same time, he was never really a great quarterback, just a great athlete. He'll have to take the league minimum and work his way back up if he really wants it. That's unlikely, as history as shown that repeat offenders such as Lawrence Phillips (who was actually banned from the NFL) and Cecil Collins were never able to recount at least half of their potential once released from prison.