Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Armando Grundy Speaks!

TheRadikal: Who is Armando Grundy? Where are you from, what schools have you attended, what do you do for a living, and how long have you lived in Gainesville?

Armando Grundy: I am from Jacksonville, Florida and I served in the United States Army for eight years. I work full time and I am from a very diverse background. I am finishing my education and was blessed with the opportunity to garner an education while serving my country. I have been politically active since the age of tweleve. I am extremely proud to be apart of the the Gainesville Community and the Gator Nation.

TheRadikal: Why are you running for the Gainesville City Commission & if you had to name three top issues you'd like work on once elected, what would these be?

Armando Grundy: I'm running because of growing disparities. There is a lack of leadership in Gainesville city government. My opponent has done nothing over the last three years. Jack has stated he has reduced traffic congestion on 34th and Archer Roads ( None of our constituents or myself have noticed that. I am running to to restore leadership in our District by Protecting Neighborhoods, Public Safety, Increasing our Police and Fire Presence in Gainesville, Reduce Taxes, and bring higher paying jobs to Gainesville by promoting a more business friendly environment.)

TheRadikal: If elected, would you give students opposed to the 2AM Rave Ordinance a fair hearing? Are students valuable only as voters or would you treat them as full-fledged constituents once elected?

Armando Grundy: I value human resource People are people. No one wants to be placed in a box. All people have the right to be heard. I believe in lessening constraints on business, meanwhile mainting public safety. My campaign is an inclusive one, my opponent's is the complete opposite.

TheRadikal: Your opponent, Jack Donovan, has earned a great deal of respect in the local community for his compassion in dealing with the homeless situation. How would you address the homeless problem in the city? Also, what are your views on pushing homeless away from downtown and into East Gainesville?

Armando Grundy: Jack {Donovan} does not represent East Gainesville and yet he speaks about care and compassion for the area and his actions on Hachett Creek and the $802,000 Corporate Welfare Giveaway to the Hampton Inn have shown otherwise. While Jack was giving away public tax money to a private entity that is money our city could use for helping address having more Police and Firefighters in our community. As for our communities dilemma with the issue of members of our community whom are homeless; this must be a community wide effort because are government has failed over the last three years to address this and our government will not be the problem solver. Government tends to be reactive and not proactive.

TheRadikal: What are your views on local tax-paid programs like Better Parks, Better Roads & CHOICES? Also, if elected, what type of voting record would you have on taxes & spending?

Armando Grundy: Government's role is to provide for necessity of the people. I would not support tax increases EVER! I will not vote for increasing our community's taxes when we have failed to properly budget and spend are monies responsibly. We must exercise better fiscal responsibility. Better Parks has been somewhat successful but I fail to see what "Better Roads" has accomplished in our community because are roads are not in the best of condition and that is because of Poor Planning and Leadership. Jack Donovan does not understand the concept of fiscal responsibility. So again I will Never, Ever Raise Taxes!

TheRadikal: You have mentioned high utility bills for Gainesville residents, but what measures would you take to reduce these costs and/or high-consumption from your post on the GCCommission?

Armando Grundy: The City of Gainesville had a study that showed we will be 20 Megawatts short by 2012. Jack's answer to this is raise electric rates to force conservation. He will not address the Energy Transfer issue. Donovan initiated a 7% increase on our community and that effect many hard working and those of us in the lower socio-economic bracket. Did you know that nearly 40% of Gainesville's budget comes from GRU, so it is logical sense why they are raising rates. This is the wrong direction to go and Jack was not compassionate or thoughtful when he led the charge to once again place more burden upon the hardworking men and women, who already work hard to make ends meet. I fall into this category! When elected I would fight to put every city building on a Green Plan within 12 months. We cannot ask our citizens to bear our burdens when our leader do not lead by example.

TheRadikal: I've read your vocal opposition to UWF's College Republicans' "Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day" and appreciate the fact that when we as citizens witness wrongdoing, especially in our own organizations, that we should voice disapproval. How important do you consider 'racial harmony' and mutual respect in a city as diverse and prosperous as Gainesville? Do you feel that race-relations is a thing of the past?

Armando Grundy: There are many who would not agree with your assertion about my actions. I am Pro-Free Speech because I served my country honorably and fought for that right. We were not going to solve the issue of border security by playing children's games. I believed I needed to stand up because I believed it was the right thing to do and I recieved tremendous amounts of retribution from those within my party for it and still do; however there were numerous Rank and File Republicans and Conservatives who agreed with me. Senator Mel Martinez contacted the school and also expressed his dissatisfaction with the event, so a sitting United States Senator agreed with me and like him I feel the event was inappropriate. I will not apologize for standing up for principles. I will still fight for anyones right to have any event, even if I disagree with them. When our country learns the value of human resource we will be much better off. It's about what you can contribute to society. Our generation is beginning accomplish that very goal.

TheRadikal: Recently you visited with members of the UF Student Senate, a time-honored tradition of student-friendly candidates of years past. Why do you feel it's important to court the student vote?

Armando Grundy: As I stated before Christian I don't view people in boxes....I am an inclusive candidate and will speak to all people no matter who they are! I am going to reach out to everyone!

TheRadikal: From what I gather, you have stated that you were misquoted by the Independent Florida Alligator, could you expound?

Armando Grundy: Well first, what I actually said was on film because I recorded the event and they didn't finish my quote and did not quote me accurately for why I left the At-Large Race. My reason for getting out of the At-Large Seat was because Robert Agrusa announced he was running and when I spoke with him about his candidacy; it was a matter of principle. I would much rather work with someone whom I have allot in common with as far as independent ideas and who can think independently. And since I was already dissatisfied with Jack's lack of representation, I felt he should not be left to his own devices and not be allowed to run unopposed! So YES, as a veteran and voter I support and Endorse Robert Agrusa. Both he and I will be great leaders and we need fresh faces and ideas in Gainesville.

I don't need to remind myself of who I am racially or culturally, I am very principled. I love all kind of people and appreciate the Independent Florida Alligator for covering the story.

TheRadikal: Though your opponent is an ordained minister and a respectable citizen, how would you react should the campaign sour through mud-slinging? Usually elections run very smoothly until it becomes clear both candidates will go the twelve rounds.

Armando Grundy: I am not sure what the future hold; however, I will go all twelve rounds! This is not a boxing match its about whose ideas and determination can better our community. Reverend Donovan is a highly confused man and he is a miasma of issues.

The Radikal: Word Association Time...

Stafford Jones: Complex and unique individual. Loves people of all backgrounds.

Chuck Chestnut: nice guy, very personable.

Pegeen Hanrahan: complex individual, very difficult to ascertain.

Jack Donovan: Inept, poor leader. "Hit the road Jack..."

Charles Grapski: I don't know who that is.

SFCC Student Government: they were a very energetic bunch, I enjoyed them.

Ward Scott: I met him once and don't know him well enough to have an opinion.

Charlie Crist: he's very intellectual, respectable and awesome leader!

Clovis Watson: soft-spoken, very likeable guy

Ron Paul: Statesman, veteran. I truly admire him.

Cultural Diversity: I am diverse so therefore I can relate to this.

Gainesville Guardian: reminds me of local USA Today, awesome looking publication.

Police & Tasers: I'm torn on this one. So many complexities.

Senior Citizen & Fixed Incomes: Common sense. I'm a working person, I can relate.

Rick Bryant: Great humor, way to go after Jack Donovan.

Ed Jennings: I just like him!

Jeff McAdams: very good disposition, very personable

Paula DeLaney: I can't say enough about her.

Frank Bracco: I love his spirit and his drive to get people to vote. Great human being. Great American!

TheRadikal: Thanks for taking the time. Do you have a website and/or an email where folks may contact you?

Armando Grundy: My website is: and my email address is:


Concerned Gainesvillian said...

Donovan voted to give $800,000 of OUR money to a PRIVATE COMPANY?!?!?!?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?! If this gets out his campaign is SUNK. Let's all help spread the word.
He's also on the board of the local Planned Parenthood!!!
It was founded by a racist who wanted to exterminate black people and "morons." It now gets $250,000,000 of OUR taxes to perform abortions, over 17,000,000 of which have been blacks.
I like the tune: HIT THE ROAD JACK! =)

Anonymous said...

you act like being on the board of planned parenthood is a negative. seems like grundy already has the art of the cliche down perfectly. "lower taxes and increase services!" very consistent

francisco said...

Hey look, you asked about me :-). I'm flattered...

Anonymous said...

Here are some quotes from the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger:
"Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated."
"The most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members is to kill it."
"We do not want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the negro populations."
Is that what you call a "positive?"
How about the fact that the organization this mad-woman founded has aborted 17 million black babies so far?
How about the fact that tax-payers pay 250 million bucks for it? Is that the part that isn't negative?
Perhaps you should make your way to the local library and do some research on stuff before defending something so horrible... her books are filled with this sort of garbage.
Armando has discussed several areas of local govt that could be trimmed back or eliminated... like 5 million dollar side walks.
Also, in a more business friendly community we would have a better economy which would increase the city's revenue. Econ 101.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I had a running bet with my UCF friends on how many weeks it would take for Armando to begin his race baiting. I lost. It appears he started early this cycle because of the anonymity of this blog.

Student4Freedom said...

I bet he wouldn't give 800,000 of our dollars to private corporations... That would sure save tax-payers a bunch ;)

Anonymous said...

5:43- stop taking quotes off the LEARN website and grow up...

Mike said...

Stafford Jones should lay off this poor guy, it's well known Jones wants chase supporters of Dr. Paul out of the county party.

Anonymous said...

impressive argument anon 5:43.what i call a positive is a society where women can engage men on equal terms. its clearly a positive to allow women to make decisions about their own health in the open. countries that outlaw abortion only see an increase in the number of women who die getting illicit abortions, not any decrease in the frequency of abortions. just be glad that 17 million women didnt die getting a back alley abortion when they decided to terminate their pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked that there are so many people paying attention to what Grundy says. He's barely literate!

Anonymous said...

This isn't a forum for discussing abortion 6:36. PP is clearly an organization founded to do evil and the fact that Donovan is willing to serve on its board speaks volumes about his character.
I'm writing a check for Grundy as we speak. I'm tired of these commies running our fair City.

Imminent Accent Chair said...

4:52 PM, the first comment, is obviously a Grundy troll. That's not the most original tactic, but deceptive nonetheless.

The most glaring thing I gathered from that interview is that Grundy-Gomes is one of the least intelligent people I've ever encountered. He shows no evidence of even a cohesive emotional framework. He justifies arguments with an ad populum reference to Mel Martinez. His platform is a set of redundant buzz phrases that are pragmatically inconsistent and inherent to the new big-government conservatives. More Fire Trucks! No New Taxes! How can one suspend their disbelief like that?

This man should not be allowed anywhere near the public office. Or any government building, for any reason, ever. 100 yard restraining order.

Sadly, Jack Donovan will retain his seat.

Anonymous said...

... or in this case thankfully.

Anonymous said...

Grundy gives intellectual midgets a bad name.

Anonymous said...

is grundy literate?

Anonymous said...

From what I am hearing: Public records request show up until a few years ago Grundy was a registered Democrat. Request for his military service records show he had an other than honorable discharge.

Christian Duque said...

You know...for all the negative talk, Grundy at least can hold his head up high, that he's been nothing but professional in his dealings with this blog.

I've been involved in politics for quite some time, on many different levels. I have come to believe there's no such thing as bad publicity, 'just make sure they spell your name right,' and make sure people keep talking about you.
However, for a guy as low key as Grundy, you just have to wonder why people are so scared of his ideas and his candidacy?

What would Gainesville look like if Grundy had 20% power (1 out of the commission) to effectuate some real change, what would Gainesville look like with a Commissioner as deeply inspired by Dr. Paul, as Armando Grundy is in fact?

I'd like to see it, from the looks of these comments, however, many are freaking out at the idea...

Anonymous said...

Well yeah we're going to freak out over a party switching, abortion hating, dishonorably discharged illiterate candidate. Why shouldn't we?

Gville4life said...

I think it would be great to have some change and I am very fond of the good Doctor Paul too.
I hope Armando wins... Jack has got to go. If Armando is really bad we can always fire him next election but I think we should at least give him a chance because he can't be worse than Donovan. Even if he just showed up to vote no on tax-increases and yes on tax-cuts it would be a huge improvement.

Anonymous said...

the anonymous comment posted about Grundy's services records and a "other than honorable discharge" are comments that have come from the chairman and his childish acts. Military records of that nature are not public and Stafford should quit telling falsehoods. I and several others have seen proof in the form of a discharge which by the way was Honorable! And numerous awards! Its fine to disagree with someone because you don't like them but to attack a man who stood up to serve his country is completely unacceptable. No person on this planet is perfect and sometimes people make choices we ourselves do not understand and/or agree with. But I do respect this man to stand up for what he believes in and take the punishment he is taking. It is noble and I say to him bravo young man as a fellow will say to another and you should know this phrase "Suck it up and Drive!" Airborne All The Way!

mellissa said...

If Grundy is illiterate then Jack Donovan is completely insane and should be institutionalized! Donovan is not exactly batting Homeruns. He is not even close to making it on base. The attacks on this guy are that he is illiterate, unintelligent, etc... All laughable! Donovan is hated by his own colleagues. He does not do anything. Jack Donovan likes to have his ego stroked and hear his name! All of these posts are Donovan Trolls!

George said...

There are many businessmen and businesswomen in our community that are tired of City Hall and the likes of Jack Donovan. He has harmed many small businesses in this community and he claims to be pro-environment and he is anything but that. Jack is all about Jack and that is being nice. He has never held a real job in his life. Bravo to this man for standing up to a shrewd like Jack Donovan.

Anthony said...

I am disappointed in this blog for going overboard stating this guy supports Ron Paul. Who cares who he supports or likes. I do not think he is running for President. So to the owner of this Blog why are you so venomous in pointing out his support of Ron Paul? It appears Armando has a conscious and does not go with the status quo and thinks on his own.

Christian Duque said...

That's very funny ______. Who else is giving Armando any press?

Anonymous said...

So what are the chances anthony, george, melissa and whoever else are the same person? Wow - way to be obvious.

francisco said...

Don't mean to correct you Christian but it would be 1 vote out of 7, not 6. The mayor is a commissioner and gets a vote just like the others; she just happens to also be able to set the agenda and go to all the cool events. So that would mean he would have just over 14.28% :-P.

We have a council-manager system, not a mayor-council system :-). That's what I get for paying attention in State and Local Politics :lol:.

Matt said...

dishonorably discharged, abortion hating????? Has anyone heard armando speak about abortion ever???? This sounds like a Bush Lacky. No one on the Gainesville City Commission is going to solve issue of Roe v. Wade. That person is as smart as George W. Bush and Karl Rove. Typical Moron. BY the way aside from the usual suspect why doesn't the person come out and identify themselves if they have the facts on his discharge or are you going to pull a dan rather. There are leaders being contacted by the REC chair about armando's service record. First it was he never served and now its he was dishonorably discharged. I don't know sounds like a staffordgate to me. I would not trust anything from Dan Rather sources. But if you have facts identify yourself so you can be on the record. I am sure you will even get an interview from this blog. Stafford and the College Republicans hate any Ron Paul person according to this blog. Donovan is also a veteran I believe? He hates the fact f mentioning it but he did. Both of these gentleman have served their country with honor! Kudos. And yes Ben Grove has mistreated Ron Paul people we have seen it!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is with the anti-Armando troll?
Nobody is talking about abortion, and the city commission has nothing to do with abortion policy....
It does show something about Jack that he is on their board tho...
BTW, I think Stafford likes Ron Paul... that's what he said.
I'm not a big fan of Ben's but I don't think he has been bad to RP supporters....

Anonymous said...

The type of discharge is public record, from what I was told it was OTH (other than honorable).

Anonymous said...

2:02: How are you! Did you know! That exclamation marks! Don't make sentences complete!

Anonymous said...

Grundy's discharge from the Department of Defense and all of his paperwork show out of St. Louis say honorable. But you might be referring to Jack Donovan's record. he went there to fulfill Margaret Sanger's goal of wiping out colored (Vietnamese children). You probably heard about him doing that and thus Jack was kicked out of the military for crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

Race-baiting and quasi-literate, you must be a Grudnyite.

dean beaty said...


The five posters from 1:52 PM to 2:23 PM, which each posted approx. within 5 min. of each other, are either a) Grundy himself or b) another Santa Fe student, by judging their penmanship and intelligence. They don't even attempt to present various styles and rhythms, but who would expect them to?

These local elections, and specifically this race, have taken TheRadikal to new lows in the intelligibility of its content. At least SG is dynamic, full of bright students, deals in coherent ideas, etc.

I also heard this is like the 3rd town in Florida Grundy is running for office in... can anyone confirm this?

Anonymous said...

this blog is "lows in the intelligibility of its content" and SG is full bright students? If you do not like our blog then why do you read it? I do not think any of these races are in intellectually stimulating category. All of these races and not exclusive to the Donovan/Grundy race are worth wasting time or energy on. All of the candidates I have listened to seem quite capable, coherent and competent. Bryan Harmon, Armando Grundy and Robert Agrusa were in a forum yesterday with their respective opponents and were very pleasant and knowledgeable. I am trying to better understand your problem with this blog and I am asking for you to please help me understand your qualm(s) with it.

TruthTold said...

Armando supports Barack Obama and claims that Obama is not a socialist. He also campaigned for the socialist democrat county commissioner Rodney Long. He has stated that he is a member of an organization (four A's?) that votes for candidates based on their skin color. As someone who met him personally, he is a very dishonest individual (he attempted to steal some of my property and threatened to place me in a psych ward, although wasn't in his power to do so). He constantly lies to his friends and even bragged about lying to advance the campaign of a local county judicial candidate (not to say the judicial candidate advocated his views).

Armando Grundy-Gomes said he had a pentagram on his Myspace page (whether he does or not, I know not). He is a shill attempting to hijack the liberty movement

revolutionrising said...

Armando said the military should obey whatever orders from the military. I explained to him that the Constitution and the military oath forbid the military from obeying un-constitutional orders. Armando continued to defend his statement in blatant disregard for the supreme law of our land.

Watch the video of some men with the guts to stand up against the NWO and not cower down to the un-constitutional whims of their superiors.