Friday, December 21, 2007

Update #13

I'm hoping that all of you out there are getting ready for the David Reznik interview, namely Chip Morris and others that feel I'm too hard on Jewish folks, when in reality it's Zionism that I'm critical of. Though we didn't meet for the Q&A, I think that it will certainly be one of the very best, it's a really well-thought and profound piece to be sure!

Also, I'm on day #2 of contacts - how nice it is to see so well. Doing a million and one things this weekend, but will get that Q&A up real soon. Also, had some laughs as Rush Limbaugh has gone on the warpath again Huckabee, also got a major kick out of the ultra-Zionist Joe Lieberman endorsing John McCain -- some Democrat he turned out being, lol. Democrats,'s all the same you know.

Q&A should be up by tomorrow night.

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