Saturday, September 27, 2008

The O&B Sweep

Aside from the growing mountain of speculation insofar as FDLE on the third floor, I'd like to go back to the notion of O&B sweeping District D. Such a feat would be a defining moment for the second half of this decade for the Independent movement. I also believe that such a feat would fuel a strong showing for the party in Spring '09.

I still believe Sam Miorelli & Mark McShera are names that belong on an executive ticket for the Orange & Blue Party. Not to take anything away from Frank Bracco or any of the other greats in the party, Miorelli & McShera would deliver a sensible combination of clashing-yet-agreeable minds insofar as creating a dynamic and effective GDI bid for the leadership of Student Government.

No longer are my posts being treated as frivolous speculation. You are witnessing the devastation first hand...I'm merely writing my observations in the the city of Gerald Ford. O&B has slated more than Gator, they've stood up, out-numbered 8:1 to call for the Articles of Impeachment of an inept Student Body Treasurer and to protect not the integrity of the Student Body Constitution and the Student Body Statutes. They have not even let the conniving acts of Sen. Eric Wolf bring them down. They've been cornered and beaten bloody, but like in any Rocky movie, they gasp just enough air to deliver a rib-wrecking right or send Gator back to their corner with a busted nose just before the bell rings.

Miorelli & McShera v. Gator --- TKO in the 3rd!


Anonymous said...

Duque, you change the names for the O & B Executive Ticket everytime you post a new entry.

If the GDI are to win all these seats and gain control of SG, how fair would that be? They would only place radikals in seats and that would ruin the relationship with the SG staff and UF administration.

Stop looking at people in the parties instead look at the work they are doing.

Anonymous said...

You must be retarded. District D is going Gator.

Anonymous said...

There's no FDLE on the 3rd floor.

Christian Duque said...

What an interesting suggestion.

Anonymous said...

If Drayton runs again O&B will sweep everything!

Anonymous said...

God forbid SG grows balls and challenges the UF administration!

Anonymous said...

I have an honest question, Duque. Why do you still care? What benefit do you have by making a mockery of UF SG?

You don't go here. You have no stake in things. There is no point to this website.

Christian Duque said...

#1 It's no mockery, it's analysis.
#2 Purpose: Fueling the Movement.
#3 I'm an alum & love UF
#4 I loved my time in SG
#5 I love the concept of SG

Thanks for reading. :)