Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Wolf Factor

Around three months ago Sen. Eric Wolf made headlines when he threatened to walk out on his colleagues in the Orange & Blue Party. Rumors flew that Wolf was nothing more than a puppet of Senate President Kellie Dale, meanwhile his few supporters emailed this blog stressing that the rumors were little more than a witch-hunt & product of an internal power-play.

Whether Eric Wolf legitimately felt that the leadership of the Minority party was his for the claiming, Wolf's tactics were inexcusable and fraught with peculiarity right from the getgo. This System-Man sought to ruin the whole movement simply because he didn't get his way.

Perhaps momentarily O&B scrambled, but look at how the playing field has leveled out today! Wolves by nature are cowardly beasts, roaming around in packs, looking for vulnerable prey to gang up on (e.g. 8:1) or dead carcasses to scavenge on till the larger mountain cats come near. Sadly for Eric Wolf...his new-found party seems to be getting itself ready for a Brian Aungst-like TKO, only sadly for Eric, O&B is wearing the gloves.

Gator Will Eat CanvASS - great name for a punk rock band. Where's Eric Gordon & Dan Fitzpatrick?


Anonymous said...

Soooo Eric Wolf only left because he was a puppet of Kellie Dale and didn't get his way in O&B? So people never leave the minority party unless they're cowards? So Lindsey Johns was a coward? And Jardon was a coward? I'd just like to understand how you defame someone without any facts besides they decided not to go with a party they no longer agreed with?

Christian Duque said...

Valid points. Only...the Minority party is the clearinghouse for divergent opinions, so I find it a little ironic that Wolf (or anyone else for that matter) would trade the diversity of O&B for the uniformity of the Gator Party.

Unless...ulterior motives were at play.

Anonymous said...

Former minority leader Wolf is the original maverick.

Anonymous said...


at one time i really hated you and your blog, but now i'm seeing things more clearly.

your well informed attacks on glenda, assertive stance on wolf, and general creativity really impresses me.

Anonymous said...

Here again we see this blog's double standard. If someone wants to challenge the FBK party then they are mavericks and have "divergent opinions." They are the ones who know how to think! They are rebels! If someone leaves the independent party and works with the Greeks then they have somehow committed a crime somewhat akin to high treason. They no longer think correctly and are accused of selling out or trading support for power. Never, ever, is the O+B party accused of trying to gain power and influence or of trying to ostracize those who don't agree with their ideas. They all obviously live in a happy utopia where all thoughts are accepted, unless you think you want to work with the Greeks. They are part of the moral quest for justice and democracy, or whatever. Likewise, never ever are people who leave O+B given a fair hearing for doing so. They are branded as guilty of a thought crime and dismissed out of hand. The lack of toleration of people who disagree with you is appalling Christian.

Christian Duque said...

Anon 9:10:

I respect you and your beliefs, but I think you're somewhat jaded by my own personal support of O&B., while largely catered for Independents, has also supported "system" candidates - albeit rarely.

In 2006 I briefly supported the Boyles/Washington ticket, largely b/c I was furious at the Unite-buy-out-of-MVP. I was also furious that Hernandez would put an inexperienced athlete to conceivably run cabinet, just to win the same office his gf had years prior.

The blog also has ties to Chris Carmody & Brian Aungst, two of the most prominent non-Greek FBK SG Alums. For a time JCB was also close to the site. Additionally, TheRadikal has had brief ties with Joran Loh, Sam Green, and others which prefer anonymity.

The bottom line is that this is a GDI Blog, but there's always room for diversity, always.