Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Tommy Jardon Interview

I don't normally do this, but I sense a lot of conspiracy theorists are stumbling around the corridors of intellectual chaos. So many people elude to knowing the behind the scenes the scores, so here goes. Email me your questions for Tommy. I'll take the three best ones. You can have guts and put your name by them - or you can go the anonymous route.

I bet I'll get a whole "0" replies, but at least I'll have something to return fire with for the years to come on the matter.


Anonymous said...

Question: "Sam Miorelli: Qualified and electable Presidential candidate or better-left behind the scenes come Spring elections...?"

Anonymous said...

You don't get it. We don't have any questions for Tommy. We all know Tommy for who he truly is. You seem to be the only one who continues to ask him questions because you persist in remaining behind your rose-tinted glasses of self-indulgence.

Anonymous said...

Explain how your relationship with Adam Roberts began and why it deteriorated so rapidly.

Anonymous said...

Tommy won't answer any questions about Ben Grove or Adam Roberts truthfully because to do so would be to reveal in a public forum how truly pathetic he is. You are interviewing an Indie corpse and you just can't accept it.

Your Indie God Is Dead Christian.
Never to be Resurrected.
Stop Worshiping A False Idol.