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UF's Double Standard

Would have been one of the very best SBP's in UF history.

Is There A Double Standard At UF?

I still remember it like it was yesterday. Early January 2005...Access was in trouble. Moritz wanted to run, we (Voice) wanted Andre Samuels out of the driver's seat and wanted more of a return to the Argento/Student Alliance values of 2004. December was at best chaotic. I remember sitting at Bennigan's with an indecisive Dennis Ngin and I remember going from a comfortable Access-strong pool at Board of Managers to being the one hold-out from the party still loyal to Dennis.

But the nail that sealed the Access' coffin shut was losing our name to Michael Shine, a member of Florida Blue Key. Shine, who like Miorelli to Swamp, had no ties to Access high-jacked the name. Despite the numerous protests, letters, and phone calls placed....Shine was permitted to not only steal the name of a party he had no ties to, but he was allowed to steal the name of a party currently in power with 1/3 of the Senate and the entire Executive Branch.

Ken, James, and even Chris might argue with me here, but I believe the Access name alone was worth 10-15% alone! You could have run Smokey the Bear with that name.

Now we could go back to the Glenda-Gate argument that favorites in SG will undeniably be played and once again the question should be logically raised: 'where does the favoritism end?' And 'should this type of favoritism be tolerated?'

There's a great deal of ethics at play here. People like Charlie Grapski were right to point the finger at secret societies in their day, but many of them are wrong for believing the days of the Pork Chop Gang are elements of the past -- they're not.

The Student' will is actively being violated in that online voting remains off the table. Student Body Statutes have been trampled on in similar fashion to the trampling of the U.S. Constitution by George W. Bush and his 'Patriot Act,' which will go down in the pages of history and the annals of infamy.

There most certainly is a double standard. The standard did nothing for Access, but pulled all the stops for Swamp, a party that's not even active.

The situation at the University of Florida is quite frankly, shameful. Oh, best of luck outgoing Dean of Students Eugene Zdziaiski...I'm sure he'll be deeply missed by UF's Arab & Muslim community, as well as the countles members of the Independent community. Here's to Zionism! Here's to firing SG Officials that make too many waves!'s to blackening out everything from lines to entire pages worth of Public Records Requests!

It will be difficult to replace a man of your caliber, but I'm sure we'll get some replies on Craigslist by the end of the day. You did help me a few times privately and you're a good friend to have, but what you did as Dean of Students is simply unforgiveable. I do, however, sincerely wish you good luck.

Woah! What a tangent. In layman's terms....this scenario is shady as fuck, but what else is new? Welcome to the University of Florida's Student Government.

To Ken Kerns & Chris Carmody:

I'd like to thank both of you for your continued participation
on I'm humbled to have two such highly respected & important figures in UF-SG's history here, amongst us. The younger generations are at a huge advantage to be able to learn directly from your experiences and from your opinions.

Thanks Again.

I just might vote for ya Ralph

In 2000 I was so excited to vote in my first presidential election, yet when I exited the booth, I felt like a crack-addicted street hooker that had just been gangbanged by a group of truckers. lol

I was pretty humiliated with myself.

I didn't go for grunge or "alternative." I grew up on Motley Crue, L.A. Guns, KISS, Metallica, Guns 'n Roses, Pantera, & Marilyn Manson. Tipper Gore & the PMRC were the reason I had to get my older friends to buy me cds from behind the counter! We're not talkin cigarettes or booze, we're talkin music! I hated that woman, I really disliked Al Gore (mainly for his pro-gun stances).

I've NEVER liked Joe Lieberman. Now I like him even less. I'm not an of man that's really influenced my outlook on life & politics was Jewish (Leon Trotsky), but I am Anti-Zionist. I'm an internationalist, I believe flags, fireworks, pledges of allegiance, even 'patriotism,' I believe these are all tools to divide us, get us to kill each other in some of the most heinous ways.

Lieberman is blindly Pro-Israel and would have ruined any chance at Peace in the Middle East. Joe Lieberman makes Ariel Sharon (Israeli war criminal) look like Janis Joplin in 1969 smokin a joint and giving the peace sign.

Anyway...I had to vote for Gore/Lieberman because I didn't want to "waste my vote." But today, I just don't know. I wanted Dennis Kucinich or Mike Gravel for president. When they both dropped out, I wanted someone I thought could really win and someone that at least piecemeal, support my issues. Hillary Clinton would have pulverized John McCain, but she got screwed.

Howard Dean, Teddy, John Kerry, & John Edwards flocked to Obama. Hillary got more votes! Hillary campaigned her ass off for Obama. And come the convention, Obama cast her aside again, mainly because little ole Michelle allegedly dislikes Senora Clinton....

A lot of Democrats are pissed that John McCain picked a woman running-mate. You don't honestly think he picked Palin because she gives him a boner on stage do you? I mean, she's pretty straight up hot and not like tooth-gap Condi or Shaky Reno, lol, sorry that was insensitive.

Point is...why should I vote for Obama? He speaks of change, yet he picked that old dinosaur, relic of the past Joe Biden. Joe Biden's older than dirt, I mean why not pick Hillary?!!!! Why not Bayh to swing Indiana or Nunn to get the South? No...genius over there picks Biden. Any Democrat with a pulse could pull New England, possibly even carry Virginia.

I honestly don't know what to say. All I know is that I didn't like Gore and I didn't care for Kerry. When I walk out of that booth in November, however I vote, I just hope I will have done so for the right reasons.

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