Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Updates, Quotes, & MY Opinion(s)

This just in...Chris Carmody, big-time lawyer from Orlando, FL (but more importantly, past UF Senate President & Swamp Presidential Candidate) has prepared a statement for TheRadikal.com in regards to Glenda-Gate. Chris' post will be published alongside Part 2 of Sam Miorelli's response to this blog.TOMORROW

First & foremost, I'd like to personally offer Fmr. SBP Ryan Moseley good luck with his current legal troubles. Although this is a GDI Blog, I think everyone should be as supportive as the circumstances permit. I'm not advocating that he be given a medal, but of all the charges conceivable 'open container' is pretty fuckin weak. Not only that, but as someone familiar with GPD's tactics, I'm only surprised he got the resisting arrest "without violence" collar. Like I said, this is just plain weak.

It's Time The Students Decided Bernie's Fate...

Independents Leading the Way!

From both the Alligator.org & related emails, it seems members of the Orange & Blue Party really pressed an unprepared Patricia Telles-Irvin. During a week that saw fmr. Gator Party Student Body President Ryan Moseley taken into custody by the Gainesville Police Dept., members of the Opposition party were out in full force defending the rights of the student body, the same student body that has largely voted against them in the past.

A new standard is being set by the Orange & Blue Party, most notably through leaders like Sam Miorelli, Mark McShera, Frank Bracco, Kyle Huey, Ben Cavatero, and many others. This is not a party of 1, but an army of many! As an alum, former student senator, and former party leader, I am extremely proud of today's Independent community.

I'd love this ticket.
Interesting background too...lol


Anonymous said...

It'd be a great ticket, just got the order mixed up.

Swamp Juice said...

Dont worry Christian, I'm still around and making you look bad

Christian Duque said...

Make me look bad? Run your blog for three years and then call me in the morning. Your current post is pretty weak, sorry.

Anonymous said...

"It's Time The Students Decided Bernie's Fate...?"

WTF? Students should *never* be allowed to have a direct say in the administration of a university. Don't get me wrong - they're welcome to crow all day about the actions of the administration and can certainly influence policy that way, but students have no eye for the long-term health of the university, and most couldn't give a rat's ass about anything Bernie is doing. It'd be incredibly dangerous to put the fate of the entire school in the hands of such a stupid, apathetic populous. Just look at the way Student Government is run - do we really want the University President selected in the same manner?

That's not to say that students don't have some say in the matter. They're represented by the Student Body President on the Board of Trustees, which makes such hiring/firing decisions. And that's the way it should stay.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you realize it's not the Orange and Blue kids who are getting things done with this. This is way above any of their heads. They're complaining, but not getting anything done or even working towards a solution. It's laughable and offensive to most students. If the average student even saw what they were doing it would only reaffirm why they don't vote.