Friday, September 19, 2008

Gator, Voter Suppression in BSU!

The Gator Party's God-Fearing, upright moral citizen, Naadira Renfroe, a member of the Student Senate and Exec. board member of the Black Student Union sent out a message similar to one sent to the Indian Student Union, encouraging African Americans to slate with the crumbling majority party. was tipped off about this message two days ago and held out, in the hopes the Alligator would carry the story.

Gator Party Sets A Great Example

“It’s really no one else’s business."
Gator Party Treasurer Brady Beitlich

The Party that currently holds the majority in two of three branches of UF Student Government can now boast of its second highest ranking member, being cited for underage drinking...just across the street from the University of Florida. This comes as very sad news, as only weeks ago Fmr. Gator Party leader & Fmr. Student Body President Ryan Moseley was arrested for having an open container.

Although Gator's #2 leader feels that his actions and that of his colleagues in a public place, less than 100yds from campus 'is not anyone's business,' I would have to venture to disagree. Beitlich's actions make me feel embarrassed & mind you...I'm in Grand Rapid, MI in law school. I'm sure the students don't find this amusing either.

At the very least Gator should dismiss this officer and issue the Student Body an apology. That is...if they can even stay in the election at this point. And furthermore, SHOULD they be allowed to participate? That's a morals & ethics question that I'll leave to higher powers.

Gator's Public Records Strategy

The Gator Party should focus on rectifying its troubled ways, not filing public records requests. This blog has received credible information that points to former O&B Presidential candiate Thomas Jardon as having placed the phone call. Although it greatly troubles me to publish this information about a colleague in arms, Tommy understands just how high the stakes are and acted decisively.

Independents are tired of just 'taking it.' Independents are fighting back on all levels. Two key members of a cultural organization that Jardon has had ties to since 2004, told that: "we were walking with Tommy when we saw some of this [expletive], we asked a shopowner to use a phone to call in an emergency and then went to another bar to have a beer and make time. He [Jardon] was really weird about none of using any of our phones."

Jardon declined to confirm or refute this report, although he did seem somewhat surprised. Tommy also called me, somewhat skirting the issue, until I named my sources. My sources wish to stay anonymous and have said they will not testify against Jardon before any student body. One of the sources has been Tommy's friend since high school and was a regular at the Jardon house in South Florida.

Another close, now graduated fmr. SG'er claims Jardon has been compiling dirt on Gator for a dossier that will probably see the light of day in early Spring '09. Of the few that have seen the files, sources claim big hits for Jordan Johnson and at least three other key senate leaders. "This is just the kind of thing Tommy goes for, he can be quite merciless."

“No one is going to be policing what they do in their private time, as long as it’s not associated with a student organization, a student event or on campus."

Kevin Reilly
Student Body President
Gator Party

Now when making this request was the student body president drawing a line in the sand for all UF students - or just the 85% that his party has historically underrepresented? Because if Reilly expects the "have-nots to honor the rules, but not the Greeks or FBK-aligned, well then I have to cite the great Paul Drayton and really lay down on Reilly...."that is NOT ok." I really didn't want to be that vulgar with the SBP, but I felt it was justified.

Material cited from the Independent Florida Alligator

Congratulations to Sen. Wolf
This blog has a lot of respect for turncoats, especially spineless ones that are allegedly sitting in on Gator Party executive meetings. Congrats turncoat.


Anonymous said...

they're gone

Anonymous said...

With the pending online voting suit and the caliber of the Orange and Blue's slate this fall The System is on the verge of collapse. On the verge of losing an 80 year stranglehold on power at UF. Everybody is going to be playing every card that they have and putting all their chips in. Luckily, the Greeks don't have many cards to play because this type of political system breeds complacency as well as promotes to the top of the organization individuals who are not actual leaders, and are not actually talented.

As for dossiers of dirt... doubtful, but hey, we can all dream right?

Anonymous said...

miorelli is filing the paperwork to have mccarthy and goldberger expelled as we speak...

Anonymous said...

Dossier was a product of the indies focusing on befriending us before we rose to power within the system. It is real.

Anonymous said...

A) I don't believe Tommy did it. There were raids all night at bars

B) If he did, this is just payback for what Weiss did to Unite in 05. None of you system tools called Weiss a asshole.

Anonymous said...

BSU story did run:

Anonymous said...

Jardon just made a really big mistake if he is behind this. He better forget about practicing law in the state of Florida.

Anonymous said...

"Jardon just made a really big mistake if he is behind this. He better forget about practicing law in the state of Florida."

Idiots, all of you. The Good Old Boys system in Florida is on its death bed. Has been since Lawton Chiles left office for good. And clearly you don't know who Tommy's daddy is if you think you could black ball him from Florida politics or law firms. You think a firm like Holland and Knight would turn away potentially talented applicants over SG nonsense? This is a firm that, mind you, is now run from NYC and whose corporate culture is now mostly Northeastern, not Southern.

Anonymous said...

That's why we're employed in all the top firms in Florida. Deathbed my ass.

Anonymous said...

2:39: Please tell me you are joking? I recall you guys also promised that Ryan Nelson and William Foster would never get into UF's law school. They both did on enormous scholarships.

You are a failure.

Anonymous said...

Jardon will never get into H&K. Not after this.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, FBK is still all powerful.
So powerful former SBP's cannot get into Levin.
So powerful Jeb Bush snubs their courtship when he comes to town.
So powerful it took a couple of Indie kids to stop the administration from changing the conduct code in a way that would have begun a process of throwing the Greeks off campus one by one, just like all the big schools in the Northeast have done.

1000 people a day move to Florida, none of whom know what a Key is nor care. And many of these people are educated and affluent and will run for office, or rise in the ranks of Florida's businesses.

UCF is on the rise. FSU has risen up from it days as a lowly girls only school. The future leaders of Florida no longer come from UF. FBK continues to operate on an outdated model of promotion based on affiliation and not merit. If the organization hopes to maintain what little influence it has left in Florida or augment it then it needs to rid itself of the Greeks, impose some semblence of academic standards and reward real leadership. Because the real talent from UF never even applies because the locks have been taken off the doors in Florida politics and business and you no longer need a Key.

Anonymous said...

you're very amusing...we got nearly 100yrs workin for us. you'd be wise to never let us find out who you are.

once we get those records and verify that this lunatic blogger says is true, then jardon might as well go work for argento making shitmoney and being a big zero, kinda like you're going to be in your insignificant little life.

Christian Duque said...

Money isn't everything. James could have worked for a huge firm, so zip it!

Anonymous said...

The Keys just don't get it. They are insulated by a few successful bigots that help them during tapping and tell them to keep doing it the way the always have. Meanwhile many of the most powerful and wealthy alumni who were Keys think the organization is a joke and think that Student Government has become so corrupt and terrible it is actually doing a disservice to the student body. Student Government is a business just like any other, same with FBK. Both have failed. Student Government is almost useless to the point that they are only given a small fraction of the budget to actually play with while the rest is immediately dolled out to grown ups who don't have shit for brains. FBK's big schtick is to run Homecoming and Gator Growl, both of which are disastrous jokes at this point compared to what they could be and should be at a University this size.

So keep believing that your system of patronage is the right thing to do, something worth fighting for and see what kind of results it gets you in the real world.

Try to run a private business by making decisions based on organizational affiliation. Suggest to your boss that they hire your less qualified drinking buddy and see how quickly you are excluded from the decision making process in the future. Become the CEO of a company and stack the upper levels of management with your unqualified friends and see how fast the Board of Directors or the Shareholders send you packing never to be given the reigns again.

Every FBK Greek member at UF is getting a worthless education in management and leadership. FBK devalues everybody's diploma when they yell to the world they are the best UF has to offer and then send forth some of the dumbest and most incompetent people the university has to offer who are the product of patronage.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:30


Anonymous said...

What does Argento do?

Anonymous said...

3:28: You have to be a really big failure to believe that H&K is the pinnacle of the legal profession. Cravath FTW!

Of course like most people in FBK you think going to Nova gives you a real legal education.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone find it funny that Eric, who claims to be a principled independent but now sits on at Goldberger's exec meetings, share an affliction with Sarah Palin?

Anyone know a cure or cognitive treatment for
pathological lying?

Look out John McCain, Eric was the original maverick.

Anonymous said...

For the record, Eric has never come to an exec meeting or Gator party meeting of any kind that I can think of

Anonymous said...

Eric has never attended a Gator Party exec meeting of any sort.

Anonymous said...

3:28: Come on, please tell us why your inconsequential firm (H&K) is the greatest in the legal community? You sound like an FSU student claiming because of BK Roberts you could get a job at Greenberg traurig.

Epic fail.

Anonymous said...

3:28 you are out muched. you have no idea what you're saying. H&K is the only firm worth talking about. FBK still runs this state, some things never change.

Anonymous said...

In all honesty, I can care less about what happens to Tommy. The bottom line is that when all is said and done, this is just student government politics.

By calling the police and having students arrested, that is crossing the line. I'm sure Tommy had a beer before he turned 21. If he is so concerned about the future of students at the university of florida, it shouldn't matter what party they support; they are still students.

I know this is a passion of yours, Christian. I respect the fact that your run this forum. However, 20 years from now, most people reading this blog won't remember who won what senate seat or got what directorship. Unfortunately, some students will always remember and be haunted by the fact that they were arrested for underage drinking... all because of some asshole that is bitter that he never became student body president. Tommy, grow up.

Anonymous said...

5:15 Isn't Holland and Knight material. I guess he'll end up at Gray & Robinson.

Anonymous said...

5:15 I'd take a job at Baker & McKenzie (miami) over Holland and Knight in a new york minute.