Wednesday, September 17, 2008

UF's Indian Student Association Scandal!

"I can't release that information."
Lisa Turtlee Patel

After a series of Facebook messages, Indian Student Association executive officer Lisa Turtlee Patel agreed to give this blog an exclusive...hours later, that exclusive was rescinded. Patel is clearly protecting someone, as these types of mass-mailings are becoming more and more common tactics of System parties at UF.

Lisa Turtlee Patel, I believe, is unfit to hold executive office in an A&S Fee funded organization at the University of Florida and should be immediately removed from office. This investigation will continue until I determine who gave the order to this impressionable underclassmen/ISA official.


Anonymous said...

I'm willing to bet that Lisa Patel probably has, at this point, grounds to get a restraining order against Duque.

Christian Duque said...

Very funny. This official is named as the author (or at least the sender) of a morally questionable mass-mailing. She initially provided a window and then closed it in the course of a few hours.

Circumstantially speaking, I believe she's protecting someone. I also believe that this incident is clear example of voter suppression through the implication that ISA members should slate (and foreseeably) vote for the Gator Party - as oppposed to Orange & Blue.

This is the earliest case of voter suppression I've seen.

Anonymous said...

Poor girl, creeps like Duque attacking her when she probably knows nothing ...

Have you no shame?

Anonymous said...

WHAT? It's not voter suppression, you idiot, it's simple manipulation. Suppression would be trying to keep people from voting; this was just trying to influence people's party affiliations.

And you're a law student?

Christian Duque said...

Yes Anon 9:33, I am a law student.
I see your feeble little mind is overdrive. First read my comment. Read it thoroughly grasshopper.

Now experience the syllogism.

ISA members want what's best for ISA.
ISA members slate for Gator for $$$.
ISA members vote for Gator for $$$

Suppressing choice, for need.
Slating Gator = Voting Gator.

Do you understand now? Or do you need further clarification? I'm making a case, you may disagree, but I won't call you names. You're just frustrated at not understanding.

How's the column comin along?

Anonymous said...

maybe she decided it wasn't worth her time to give you "an exclusive". She is a student and probably has better things to do. SG is a joke anyway!

"morally questionable"? don't be a drama queen! even if she told the whole school to vote for the gator party... is that really "morally" questionable? no. They have brains of their own to decide. Esp if they're the ISA clan- top 10% of SAT scores? It's likely they can thnk for themselves.

I think your journalistic capabilities are a little questionable considering you couldnt even get her NAME right! Check your facts, not your facebook, bro.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that Anon 9:31 is Heshan "Grasshopper" Ilangkoon. Please do not libel this excellent graduate senator.

Christian Duque said...

Anon 12:58

All I can say is that democracy is very important to us in this country.

I'm not your bro. Ok "my friend."

Anonymous said...

@102: Grasshopper can refer to other things besides Dr. Illangkoon.

Anonymous said...

democracy is impt in our country, yes. It is imperative that the US GOVERNMENT protect this.

This may come as a surprise, but UF, is not a country. I know college elections are really impt to you, partly because you need something to write about.. but after this year, no one will remember this. (unless of course you decide to write about it AGAIN)

And to say it was a conspiracy and that Lisa was BRIBED!! It was a FACEBOOK MESSAGE!! out of control! These are college KIDS! Yea some students have their trust funds, but that is a ridiculous accusation to make with NO evidence!

It would be ridiculous to even humor the "national democracy" analogy!

She was a girl who thought, let me remind people in my organization to vote... and tossed in a gator party plug.

If she was protecting someone, why would she have agreed to an exclusive in the fisrt place?? Maybe she was just sick of your meddling and making a huge deal about, well, NOTHING.

--Anon 12:58

Anonymous said...

you just have your panties in a bunch bc she wasnt endorsing YOUR party.

Anonymous said...

12:58 PM: The questionability arises from the belief that more indians on the slating list the more money ISA would receive.

Apparently Gator thought they were outsourcing slating and got fucked!

Thank you, i'll be here all night.

Christian Duque said...

Anon 12:58:

If you plan on becoming a citizen of this country, before learning the pledge of allegiance...realize that us AMERICANS value democracy at every level of government (from the White House, to the State House, to the Couny Commission, to City Councils, to Student Government).

Democracy is a fundamental, core American value that this republic is founded on.

Welcome to our beloved nation.

Christian Duque said...


Anon 12:58

The U.S. government does not protect democracy, WE THE PEOPLE protect democracy. The "nat'l gov't" is that same "WE THE PEOPLE."

What country are you from?

Akash said...

wow christian duque your a little bitch... get of lisas nuts.. seriously man? do u have nothing else better to do with your life?

Akash said...

us Americans? wow u racist fucker.. wow we're "Americans too".. we were born here you bitch.. you white piece of shit.. oh shit am i being racist too?

Bruce Haupt said...

Today's "college kids" are tomorrow's leaders of business, law and government. If someone makes a mistake while a student at UF, and she made a big one, then hopefully it won't be repeated later when she graduates.

That's the positive that I hope comes out of the Student Government we see today.

Anonymous said...

The irony of that Mr. Akash is that Christian Duque is Hispanic.