Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Glenda-Gate: Carmody & Miorelli

It what may have been his first executive order, presumptive GOP Nominee John McCain shook hands with his runningmate's son-in-law. Sadly, Palin's daughter will not be making a televised studio appearance on the Maury Povich show...."you are not the father!"

President Carmody on Glenda


I briefly glanced at your blog and the Q&A regarding Glenda. While I am not on the ground, I will provide some comments.

Any suggestion that Glenda Frederick is inapprorpriately influencing Senate legislation or actions should be met with a high amount of suspicion from the accuser's motivation. Why? Simply, Glenda is a kind person who has continually gone out of her way to serve the students of UF in her capacity as Senate Secretary. As a former Senate President, I can say with confidence that the success of Senate usually is a result of a Senate that engages Glenda's expertise and institutional knowledge.

I noticed on your blogs a comment about Glenda's membership in FBK. Seriously? Do you think she attends the meetings? Is she in smoky room with the FBK President discussing whose bills will pass through judiciary? The GDI's or whoever are making these accusations need to get over themselves. Glenda has other things to worry about than what FBK wants of Senate.

If GDI's are worried that the Judiciary Committee leans too heavily on Glenda for advice, then they should win an election or pressure the current Senate President to shake up the committee membership. If it is not Glenda that the Judiciary Committee seeks advice from, then someone else will fill that gap. Senate is the training ground for the higher offices, and it should be no surprise that Senate members choose to seek the sage advice of Glenda. Afterall, she has served in her position longer than some of these Senators have been alive.

On one final note, and unrelated to Glenda. GDI's: grow up. If you fight for the sake of fighting, or blog for the sake of blogging, your voice stops sounding like the voice of reason and starts sounding like a cacophony of hoots, cackles and wails. As I said above, I am not on the ground. However, it sure sounds like this crop of GDI's have found it more interesting making noise than making progress.

Glenda is a good person. Sure, she doesn't like some Senators and she likes others. That is natural. However, unless you have concrete proof that Glenda has tanked a bill because she didn't like you, then stay quiet. She is a professional and would not insert herself into those kind of politics. Many Senate Presidents were elected before, during and after me that I am sure Glenda had reservations about. Yet, I don't think any of us will find that she got involved. Why? It is not her problem. So, to anyone that is making their issues Glenda's, just stop. Move on.

Take care,

O&B President Sam Miorelli
On Glenda, Part II.

As to specific interactions, there are several (but in my opinion her involvement with Sheldongate was actually an example of her behaving properly, unlike how it is reported in your blog):

1) Open Government Act: One of the pieces of legislation which I have been working on since the Spring election is called the “Open Government Act.” It explicitly spells out new policies for SG to handle public records including expanded periods of document retention, specific training to SG officials on document retention policies, timelines for response to document requests, acceptable fees for documents, and penalties to SG officials for failures to comply. Most of the clauses in this proposal simply clarify SG’s internal procedures of adhering to existing Florida law on public records, however several require SG to hold itself to a somewhat more stringent standard than the most conservative readings of current law and AGO’s would require. Gator’s only leg to stand on against this was “well this would be inconvenient to us and we don’t want to have to be responsible for replying so quickly” or “well it’s unfair for elected SG officials to have to prepare these documents if office staff isn’t available to do it for us. We weren’t elected to respond to document requests!” Then Glenda stepped in and raised hell that it would make her job harder and require more filing cabinets to store the documents (despite most documents to be retained under the statute being electronic-only in nature). She pretty much single-handedly killed the proposal on Gator’s behalf.

2) Appointments: Glenda’s most egregious overstep in my experience so far was during the appointments process. Gator couldn’t seem to manage this summer to have any one of their hundreds of elected and appointed folks bother to sit down and read the damn rules about how appointments are to be handled and the time-line required therein. They tried to force the applicants down Senate’s throats the first Tuesday of the summer without sending the resumes before R&A (in violation of SBS) and we stopped them on the floor. Gator screamed bloody murder and even had Scott Cutshall lie to us after the meeting that “this is how it always happens, at the first meeting of the summer, and you guys knew it and are just obstructionist” (it turned out that appointments never have happened at the first meeting of the summer, at least in recent memory and records).

Then Gator tried to do it again a week later, but R&A spent too much time on Sunday night doing sham interviews for committee seats (it was obvious from the committee’s behavior that Gator had decided who got what long before the interviews were conducted) to get to the applications on their agenda. R&A conducted a second meeting Monday afternoon to discuss the committee appointments (which still had to be voted on among other things) and then consider the agenda and appointees. SBS requires R&A to set the agenda before Noon on Monday or it loses that power and the Pro-Tempore is allowed limited powers to set a more narrow agenda. Since the R&A meeting was after the deadline, the applications could not be heard the following day at Senate and were delayed another week.

When Cain and I pointed out this obvious point in statutes (which the Pro-Tempore should’ve known herself and avoided by putting the appointments before the sham interviews on Sunday night or by conducting the Monday meeting before noon), pandemonium ensued. Kellie turned white and called Reilly (who hung up on her in front of the whole R&A committee, and then one of Gator’s R&A members went and fetched Glenda from the room next door (I don’t remember who it was, either Kellie or MaryGrace I think). Glenda stormed into the room and came unglued. She literally stood in the doorway to the SG Conference Room and screamed red-faced at Cain and I calling us obstructionists among other choice words. Cain reminded her that the rules and statutes were clear on the matter and she continued her tirade before retiring to her office.

3) Miorelli v. Bracco et. al.: In June I filed an election complaint against Frank Bracco and Eric Wolf for campaigning for SBP & VP (presumably humorously, but they did have campaign logos taped to their shirts) during one of the Senate meetings. One of the primary purposes of this complaint was to compel Kevin to do his job and appoint an Elections Commission. Because the Election Commission did not meet for more than 2 weeks after I filed the complaint, I filed a complaint against the EC with the SG Supreme Court. When I delivered that complaint to the 3rd floor, Glenda was the only member of the SG office staff there at the time. When she received it she said to one of the SG IT staff members that “he does this because he has no life.” It was not jocular in tone and I believe she only felt comfortable saying it because nobody else was around to witness such unprofessional behavior.

There are other instances too, and of course some where Glenda went beyond the call of duty in blowing the whistle on corruption or putting in extra time to make sure things were accomplished properly. My problem with her is she plays favorites and does not seem to know the importance of restraint in a job such as hers. Truthfully I don’t think SG needs 3 staff members. Two would be sufficient and would stop the hundreds of folks in Cabinet and the paid students in the fancy offices from delegating every single task out so they have more time for Facebook and homework. Office hours should be used for getting real work done, not for eating your lunch in front of YouTube while staff does the heavy lifting you’re too lazy to do.

Fmr. Sen. Duque Speaks

Both President Carmody & Senator Miorelli offer strong stances. One advocates the need to move ahead, to work on matters more pertinent to the student body. The other discusses leveling out the playing field behind the scenes and then moving towards the job at hand.

We're all discussing Student Government, college government, but to a certain degree both men are statesmen. Carmody's accomplishments are impressive (and like John Boyles would do years later), Chris made it to the Senate Presidency, was a presidential candidate in a nail-biter presidential election, and not only made into Florida Blue Key, but has become quite influential in that organization. Carmody was able to reach these goals without being Greek and without being a jerk or a sell out, again, his case is very rare. He's also one of the few Keys that's well liked on this blog. (Others include Fmr. Supreme Court Chief Justice Brian Aungst).

Orange & Blue Party President Sam Miorelli is another top level leader and friend of this blog. Miorelli, who like Chris I never knew personally, seems to possess all the attributes to make him not only a formidable presidential candidate, but a superior caliber Student Body President.

While Miorelli seems eager to engage Glenda Frederick and challenge her role in SG, Carmody stands ready to defend the 20yr veteran. But this isn't your ordinary System/GDI battle. Even calling Carmody "system" seems unfair (as he enjoyed the support of James Argento). In fact, the more system of the two that year was Nikki Fried (who ironically enjoyed the support of Ken Kerns & Nick Capezza).

But why am I deliberating over these irrelevant details? B/c they're not so irrelevant. Ken Kerns, founder of 'Glenda Day,' was the top GDI leader of his day - he, like Carmody sides with Glenda. But other independent figures, like former Pants Party Presidential Candidate Bruce Haupt seem to take a less sympathetic view to Glenda's role in student governance.

Interestingly, both Carmody & Miorelli seem to share common ground in that Glenda does in fact play favorites. Is that to be expected, per Carmody? Or is that unprofessional behavior, per Miorelli?



Anonymous said...

I missed the job requirement for SG secretary that said they couldn't be human.

Ken said...

I think you got things reversed there, Christian.

I supported Carmody for Senate President but in the end, and albeit a bit reluctantly, backed Nikki and Joel in the Spring. (Mostly because some of their supporters put me ill at ease, while the people running Swamp's campaign were some of the nicest and most open-minded Greeks I've known.)

James supported Chris both for Senate President and for SBP.

Nick supported Nikki and was the decisive vote for both Senate President and Pro Temp after the Spring 2002 election.

The Ignite/Swamp race is one of the hardest to classify. But I wouldn't say Nikki/Ignite were the "System party" and Chris/Swamp were more "Independent" - that's a gross oversimplification. I always described it as more generational, in the sense that the older power brokers in the System and the GDIs tended to be with Nikki, and the up-and-comers in both camps tended to go with Chris.

At any rate, I'm still confused here - if you're major objection to Glenda is that she provides her input on things, how is that going to change with a student taking minutes, or with you badgering her? Besides, as Chris said, there are better things to be worrying about.

Christian Duque said...


Totally on the right; excerpt from Argento's '06 Q&A on

Chris Carmody: My old mentor. We were both in IRHA together, and he schooled me in the ways of SG. We later parted company, he disagreed with the way I wanted to do things, I disagreed with the way he did things. We always stayed friends and someone I could talk to about SG. I am very excited for the impending marriage of Chris and Lauren Fackender. I wish him the best at Gray Robinson.

Did James support '03 Ignite? I don't know why, but I keep thinking he back that party at some stage.

#2 Per the dispute with Glenda. I'm trying to better understand the parties' arguments and formulate my own opinion. You should know that this whole debate began as a result of comments made by the ranking independent leader, O&B Party President Sam Miorelli.

The grievance is between UF's Independent community and Glenda.

Christian Duque said...


I'd love for you to expound more on why you believe Nikki/Ignite shouldn't be classified as system.

I really enjoyed your '06 breakdown as well:

Fall 1999: Progress (FBK), Vision (I)
Spring 2000: Impact (FBK), FSP (C), Vision (I), Keg (J), BSU (3rd)
Fall 2000: Impact (FBK), SUN (C)
Spring 2001: Fusion (FBK), SUN (C)
Fall 2001: Fusion (FBK), Voice (I)
Spring 2002: Ignite (F/C), Swamp (RG), DVDA (J)
Spring 2003: Ignite (FBK), Student Alliance (I)
Spring 2004: Access (C), Innovate (FBK), Keg (J)

Because even from this chart you claim that Nikki's party, the party you supported, was the "FBK" one.

I know you have an answer to this unusual situation and I trust you'll share it with us.

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE PLAYS FAVORITES. The fact that this continues to shock you blows my mind.

One day you will get to the real world and go into a job interview. You will be the most qualified candidate. And you will be turned down, because your personality is abhorrent.

Your interviewer played favorites. You should've been given the position on merit, but damn if there isn't one rule about the world you've forgotten: no one wants to work with a person they don't like.

Glenda will work with you. It's her job, and she's too professional not to, but nowhere in her contract does it says that she's not allowed to like someone better than she likes you and be more inclined to go above and beyond for them.

You are a child.

Ken said...

I can't speak to what James was doing in his days between my leaving Florida and his stressful days in the Access campaign, except from hearsay. He did get disillusioned, I'm guessing, since he considered running for Honor Court. I have no idea what I would have done, though, since I was impressed by Kyle Jones and there was no GDI force of consequence at the time (and was already burned by Voice's defeat).

Ignite was "endorsed" by FBK, so it would be the System party by most definitions. But as I said, both the FBK community and the Independent community were split in that election in ways you don't normally see. It would be wrong to classify Swamp as the GDI force, especially since it had no GDI on its ticket, only a non-greek that played by the System's rules until he ran for high office. But Ignite is different than most coalition parties in that it was endorsed by FBK (whereas most coalitions are GDIs plus rebel greeks).

Let me back up and say - Chris's two major elections (Senate President and SBP) involved essentially a split within FBK. His faction vs. Nikki's. Especially for Senate President, it would have been the only way he could win (since Voice was too small to matter without a FBK split). Yet, Independents were also split in the SBP race in a way they weren't during his Senate President run - with Honors kids (and much of CLASSC) on his side, and Engineers with Nikki.

That's pretty much why I have a hard time seeing 2002 as a typical election. Because the parties didn't align in the typical way.

It's not that Ignite was not "system" so much as that its competition also had "system" tendencies and neither had a clear appeal to "independents" as a bloc.

Anonymous said...

Gah nobody has a problem with Glenda besides Duque. Sam is just saying that shit because he enjoys getting a rise out of people.

Anonymous said...

Like any adviser, Glenda holds the responsibility to remain impartial towards students and treat them all with respect. However, as anomymous says, she is human. Yet I don't think that should ever result to losing her temper or being derogatory towards a student. However, as I only have one witness, for all I know she called Sam an angel. So I'll have to reserve judgement until I hear futher.

Honestly, I would like to see a Student Secretary rather than a professional staff member. But I'm sure we could all guess how that would turn out...

Christian Duque said...

Anon 1:19, you are sadly mistaken. I've gone out of my way to make things fair. If I was on a spree against Glenda, I would not have gone for comments to Ken Kerns founder of Glenda Day - or - Chris Carmody.

I personally think Glenda certainly played sides during Access/Innovate, which I had issues about. However, she was as nice as she could be, given she was working with an army student leaders.

This debate began as a result of Sam Miorelli's Q&A. I think it's positive and only stands to help the student body.

I also think you seriously undercut the intentions of your Minority Leader.

Fall 06 Exec said...

Plausible rumor of the week: John Clayton Brett is so fed up with how the new kids are RUINING the Machine that he is considering transferring to UF law to clean things up.

While purely FBK hearsay (as of now), this makes some sense, since JCB had mentioned he intended to practice/run in Florida eventually, and further that he already lamented losing his "investment" into the system once he went to Vandy.

This is probably untrue...just AEPI's at swamp running their mouths...but hey, Gator can dream...right?

Anonymous said...

Please, the JCB worship is stupid. He's moved on to bigger and better things. And the system is working just fine.

Anonymous said...

The system is running just fine and Kevin Reilly isn't lazy, right.