Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the party IS the students

You guys are right. I don't really know as much as I should about what's going on at UF, because I'm not there. However, setting my humility aside, I do get rather reliable news on a regular basis and based off of that and emails I formulate my opinion.

The McShera letter read like something a turncoat would write. It seemed very much self-centered and treading on thin ice. Quite frankly, it's the kind of language I've read from turncoats in the past.

If you actually have read my blog over the last three years, you'll notice that my #1 passion is for the SG Senate and the great work that takes place in chambers. However, I'm also aware that this is one of the most important times the Independent movement has lived since 2004. I thought a Miorelli announcement now would be HUGE for the movement and its a sentiment that's been met with positive feedback from all parties presented.

McShera is not a turncoat and I sincerely apologize for having made that implication, but McShera should take on a larger role. Getting petitions, campaigning, staying up late, and taking guys act like you're talking to a freshman pledge in some house forced to work. I worked. Ask anyone from Access or even from the tiny, beleaguered Voice Party. I worked! So don't throw your work in my face and expect anything.

McShera may be working, but he's no where near his potential. By his own words, the kid's slacking, but he's no turncoat, so my apologies.

I always apologize and retract when I've erred. Check back in time.


Anonymous said...

I don't remember the last time I equated "comfort" with sitting through lengthy meetings and having to argue every issue becuase of major flaws. Senate is not comfortable. The vast majority of senators for Gator have intentions of moving up to Chairpersons and SB Exec. The fact that there is at least one senator who doesn't makes me fell 1000 times better. Every person that gives up their time without compensation to adequetly serve the senate and students should be respected, not harassed for lack of personal ambition and alternative motives. Believe it or not but people can run for Senate to be good Senators... And I am quickly losing respect for this blog if it's going to persist it's baseless attacks just because a person wants to just SERVE THE STUDENTS.

It doesn't always have to be about politics...

Anonymous said...

yeah clearly mcshera has no regard for the future of the indie movement. he just collected hundreds of signatures for a ballot initiative that is going to significantly help the indies for years to come, but dont worry about that

Joshua said...

Just because McShera doesn't follow your whims to run for SBVP makes him a bad GDI? Did he flip last night?

How would you even know he would be right for the job when you haven't even met him in person and the only contact with him is a few replies to your emails?

Please Christian, you know better. The indies at UF know better.

Christian Duque said...

My only contentions are that (1) he openly admits the strategy would have produced results, (2) he's an upperclassmen with SG credentials that could be used to help elect more O&B senators into office, and (3)I have never been a supporter of incumbent senators vying for re-election. I find the move to be a stepping stone for bureaucracy and given the very limited spots GDI's can secure (historically-speaking), I'd worry that it'd only be a question of time before bureaucratic GDI went over to the System.

Anonymous said...

To clarify, he said it would only produce short-term results. Second, O&B didn't exactly max out it's slate last time around. Finally, if all O&B senators were to slate only once, the chances that they would be able to gain any notable respect/position/regard within the chambers without a majority would be slim. And history isn't exactly on O&B's side as far as getting a majority would go. O&B still needs leaders in the Senate, and can't depend on freshmen and sophomores to step up and lead the chambers with young senators and an unfriendly party present.

Anonymous said...

Putting Mark on the ticket would be no different than picking a random student from Turlington or Plaza. His following is very limited, no one knows who he is, and his Senate experience and inability to appear like a good candidate would not benefit anyone.

Will said...

Mark is doing the right thing. The third floor is a toxic dump filled with self-important busy bodies who are incapable accomplishing even the menial tasks that they list on their resumes.

This afternoon I attended a talk by a military defense attorney that works with Gitmo detainees (webcast). He described the hopelessness of advocating for clients before the commission system and the disregard for the law by the prosecutors and judges. It is striking how similar it is to SG -- even if the stakes are much higher.

If someone like Mark really wants to spend his energy working for a hopeless cause with a system stacked against him, he has the intelligence, test taking abilities, and interpersonal skills to fight much greater battles than fighting against bunch of entitled children who live in trustees' shadows.

There is no reason Mark should increase his obligations to the school by running for SGP.

Ken said...

I'll join the chorus here. One big problem my generation of Independents faced was the over-reliance of veterans and under-reliance on recruitment.

If Mark wants to run for re-election, let him. He may strengthen O&B's chances of winning his district again by giving credibility to the slate. Just as Cavareto would help O&B by running for a second term in Hume this fall (although Hume is a safer bet for O&B then just about anything).

Here's the thing - if he runs for SBVP, and the party doesn't end up with a strong cadre of elected Senators, it won't take long for the movement to falter.

SUN was guilty of this strategy in Spring 2001 - our campaign focused on maximizing the vote in our strongholds (particularly Engineering, Law, and Grad Students) to strengthen our chances of winning the Exec without any real regard for the Senate slate. Then many remaining senators drifted off, graduated, etc., and SUN died before the next election.

You have to strike a balance between a competitive Exec race and putting strong candidates on to your Senate slate in districts that you'd need them to produce real victories.

I don't know McShera or any of the alternatives. Yet, his incumbency can help secure a Senate district, while could just marginally help an Exec ticket. Unless O&B is in a position to win the Exec (as much a fluke as that would be), I think he might be better off helping O&B win the CLAS slate for a second year in a row, and thus secure a victory for 4 new GDIs that can build the party once he's gone.

You never know - you might eveb find a perfectly good substitute VP candidate between now and January and get the best of both worlds.

But I would never accuse McShera of betraying the movement simply because he doesn't want to make a quixotic bid for Vice President. He might sound a bit selfish by taking the "easy road" of "comfort" in a second term in the Senate - but just remember, for the GDI side, just about EVERY victory in the Senate is one on the merits and is hard-fought. If him running again can allow O&B to move resources to winning other seats, all the better.

Seriously, Christian, I'm beginning to wonder about this blog - you're sending out a lot of pot shots, often at the GDI side down in Florida, that just don't make any practical sense.

Rather than pushing McShera to run for SBVP, why not open a discussion among the GDIs who read your blog about who might be a good fit for all 3 exec spots?