Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Racial Tensions

I can't continue to ignore the phenomenon taking over this nation, starting with the fascists at Fox News & spreading like wild-fire through the annals of society, internet chatrooms, blogs, newspaper editorials, classrooms, the work area, and the neighborhood. In a few short years Hispanics will become the largest minority group yet every day we hear more anglos using terms like aliens and illegals inconspicuously. They claim to be addresssing the problem of illegal-immigration, yet they use the cause as a soapbox to lash out against Spanish in schools, to push for English as the official language of America, to stress untruths and seeking to cause friction between Hispanic-Americans & Black Americans.

There is animosity between African Americans and Hispanics in this country and this animosity will only grow worse in the coming years. Don't base your opinions on La Casita & the IBC, educated people will always have the rationale and the mental preparation to look through racism...but on the streets, in the projects, in the neighborhoods the animosity runs so deep that most major networks have already touched upon it on several of their most prominent programs.

As the old saying goes...first they came for the communists....and it ends with...then they came for the Jews and no one was left. The problem in the Latino community is that Mexicans are suffering undue bigotry, aside from D.C.'s desire to clamp down on illegal immigration, we don't see Cubans or Boricuas or Dominicans or Nicas or Colombians rushing to Mexican-American's aid. During the Hermanos shoot-down or the Bush/Clinton policies of touching surface on Cuban exiles, Mexicans did not rally to help Cuban-Americans. The Hispanic Community is sub-ethnically divided across the United States.

Hispanic Culture is under attack. The Anglos wish one day every Hispanic will have a Hispanic last name (i.e. Hernandez) and not speak a word of his language or practice any part of his culture, they preach assimiliation but what they want is Americanization, they want Hispanic Americans to become gringos, they wish they could load us into ships, have us travel so far we'd literally lose touch with our roots, water down our culture, and force us to adopt their own. African Americans were practically re-programmed culturally...the Anglos almost succeeded had it not been for courageous authors, musicians, and poets that kept the struggle alive for centuries. I don't think Hispanics should bow down, this is our country too.

I am so sick of getting stared at for speaking Spanish or told to speak English. I was born in New Jersey and I do love this country, pero yo soy Latino tambien and don't you forget it :).

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