Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Good Election
Well it was a good election to read about. Bravo to the Election Committee for their diligence and expediency in handling the matter at hand. Congratulations to Vice President Arturo Armand and his Swamp machine. But also...congratulations to Nina Dejong whom proved that not only can you be Greek & Independent but you can be at the top of your game as a Greek and be an Indie.

Last but not least, a special salute to outgoing Senator Ryan Nelson of the Action Party for his outstanding leadership, convictions, and selfless service to his constituents. Although I didn't endorse Action 100%, one can only hope that from the pool that includes both Ryan Nelson and Gavin Baker, that we see both this upcoming Spring as executive candidates.

It will take a Nelson/Baker ticket to finally get me to SHUT THE FUCK UP about how Indies should be, b/c that would be the ticket that would make me go APESHIT, 110% behind Action (or w/e they call it), give money, give time, call people blah, blah, blah but some good ass BLAH let me tell you.

A True Ticket:

Ryan Nelson or Andrew Hoffman - President
Gavin Baker - Veep
Kevin Bacon or Tommy Jardon - Treasurer

Fire Tommy from exec and put that kid on a TICKET, he can debate, he can add, he's in law school and he can win. :)


Attila the Gator said...

Thanks for your encouragement! I've already gotten my first (incorrect) guess posted as to whom I am so it's entertaining.

As far as my posting I've set a goal for myself of coming up with a reasonable-length (about 500 word) post at least once a week which I think will help me keep from letting the blog go stagnant after the new-blog excitement starts to wear off.

Oh, and as I'm sure you have read (and inferred if you can read between the lines well) I DO know what happened in Tolbert! :)

Christian Duque said...

Attila my dear, 500 words-a-week sounds peachy.

Being anonymous is great and I'm not knockin it...however, sometimes when you give 'em your face they go APESHIT and run around in little circles, because courage is something that bullies have quite a hard time digesting :)