Wednesday, October 25, 2006


In what promises to be another memorable Radikal interview, I started chatting with the old SG legend James Argento. When my old mentor started asking me about who my next interview guest would be, I knew... When he told me he wouldn't be opposed, I was all over him like FBK on SG-Growl-money.

This interview will surely be one of the giants, but I want to do it a little differently. I plan on asking 5-7 questions, however, I want the interview to consist of roughly 12-15 questions. So, that means I will need Y-O-U!

As is the policy of this blog w/ Q&A, the guests are given a pool of questions and they decide which they will answer, so for the public's half of the interview I will need no less than a dozen quality submissions. I will accept only submissions from people that put their name beside their question and have no problem with appearing as the interviewer for that question on the finished product. Of the public's half of the interview, I will accept only two ANONYMOUS questions, if and only if the subject matter warrants it. All questions should be sent to:

The interview release date is scheduled for mid-November.

Pedro Morales

I love this kid. I also loved your letter titled 'Propotional Representation' Pedro. Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly and will touch on this matter in a future Radikal entry. If it were up to me and not saying this is your plan at all, UF is a school of 50,'s larger than some cities! I would not be opposed to the UF Senate (which seems to love the D.C. model so much) to help create a UF House of Represenatives that TRULY meets with Proportional Representation.

Is it unheard of for one branch to create another? No. The U.S. Congress created the Judiciary Branch and honorably made government a three-body institution from a two-body one. Would a UF SG House serve a purpose than senate cannot? I believe it would.
More on my thoughts on this & Pedro's email/suggestions coming up soon.

Thanks by the way, for an excellent letter my friend. :)

Five Palm Trees

Five innocent college students lost their lives in 1990 at the hands of crazed serial killer. For over a decade-and-a-half the families of the victims have had to live knowing that the killer of their loved ones remained alive, making a mockery of the legal system. The families of three others, a man, a woman, and their eight-year-old child not only had to live knowing this monster was alive, but they had to live knowing that the State where they lived knew who the killer was but couldn't convict him.

Tonight, the Gainesville Ripper Danny Rolling may finally receive justice. I for one, would never celebrate the death of any man, even one whom it would seem deserves it. What I will say, is my heart goes out to the victims' families and I hope justice is done.


old school said...

I don't like that picture of me, feel free to use others off the facebook. God Bless the 5 from Gville.

Christian Duque said...

Done. :)

old school said...

now that is a good old picture, my favorite for college. although I have let my hair grow out and have lost weight, so when i look back at pictures of me in college i cringe.

Anonymous said...

No worries. When I look back at pictures of me in college, I cringe too.

This shall be the Radikal's greatest feat to date. Do us proud, James!

Anonymous said...

Where you been at Virgil?

Anonymous said...

Argento, the crazy dude walking around downtown tallahassee dressed as a King last night?