Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ok, I'm not going to preach, but I will say this. Whether or not Josh Weiss wins or loses, I find it pathetic that term-after-term no one man's up (just a figure of speech) and runs spontaneously...you know...just gets up and decided right then and there to throw their hat into the ring, to roll up the sleeves, give a powerful speech and be placed next to the shoe-in candidate.

Now you'll hear the defeatist anthem..."we're in the minority, we have to work with them,", that's just plain bull-crap-pola. A bully knows his business, he'll go kid-by-kid shakin them up and taking whatever he wants -- because he CAN. But then there's this one kid, he's tougher than this kid, he can beat this kid to a pulp, but the little guy fights back, the little guy will break his fuckin nose and make him bleed all over himself, he'll lose the fight but he'll break the bully's fuckin nose before he goes down. The bully fears no one, but he respects the tough little jerk that won't tremble, won't fold, won't bow down based on the simple fact that no matter what the circumstances of the fight-- he'll lose.

All it takes is one senator. One senator has the right to run and the right to speak. I hope there is one tough little kid left in senate because I can't tell you how sad it is to read in the Alligator about how parents are flown in, elections are decided before the election, and SG and its vital Student Legislature have become a $12 million tourist attraction. It's just plain pathetic.


Concerned Citizen said...

And who, from the few minority senators remaining, could you recommend that is right for the job?

Let's not forget Senator Ryan Nelson's attempt at Pro Tem last spring. That was an independent standing up and going against the crowd, fighting for what's right.

It isn't just a problem within the minority party (and what's left of it). No one will stand up, regardless of color or party.

Christian Duque said...

And that's a very, very, very, very, very VALID point and one that I must confess I overlooked. It's not only sad that no one from the minority would stand up, it's almost equally pathetic that no one from the majority sees nothing wrong with a single-party, single-candidate race for the top job of one SG three branches.

Senate President is as powerful as SB President. That no one in Swamp or Gator would stand up is also truly pathetic.

CC makes a terrific point.

Anonymous said...

i knoe people see it as wrong, but you do have to worry about being kicked out of the system if you challenge it.

particularly, if you are young you don't want to jeopardize any opportunities for FBK or to be involved.

Christian Duque said...

Agreed. I don't think you want to TOTALLY limit yourself if a political future is your objective. However, some of these kids have enough cred and established-social-ties as to where them making a stand would not jeopardize too badly.

Aside from appearing pathetic in chambers, it looks TERRIBLE that the top position is already decided PRE-VOTE and that no one wants the #2 spot of the UF SENATE -- and to read that in:


Pedro said...

I spoke with Jessie, the Alligator reporter about running for the Senate Presidency. So I was in the paper... albeit briefly. But then when the moment of truth came, I didn't signal anyone to nominate me. From the incident with the objections to being forced to vote for Pro-Tempore Green, I could conclude that if people had objections to Senate President Weiss' election, they were quiet. I wanted to run, but I want the Senate Presidency for the wrong reasons. (Hmmm maybe I want it for the right reasons, as far as STUDENT Government is concerned, but the wrong reasons as my academics are concerned).

But they were not quiet about Sam. After former Senate President Diane Kassim, it's really been irrelevant to me who the Senate officers are.

I think Sam could have done a better job at R&E Chair, but it's hard for me to blame him. R&E (not its members or its work) is really a trite committee with little purpose. The only important thing that they have done is the CaribSA investigation, led by former Treasurer Cosimi).

R&E's greatest misstep was to expel former VetMed Senator Meriam Molstad, and reinstate two kids yesterday night. But more on Meriam Molstad below. Back to Sam. He's gotten jobs, continues his community service, and from his message, he seems to want to focus on his academics (which is why he is a student). I do object that senators unwilling to vote for Sam had no other choice. It also seems to me that my motion was mis-understood, even though the consequences would have been the same anyways. Schott and Boyles were busy reading the rules and procedures, but I don't know if they wanted to confirm to Josh that I could have been right. I have read the Senate Rules and Procedures. While it is indifferent to me whether Sam is Pro-Temp or not, I will be filing a complaint with the SG Supreme Court to nullify the election of Pro-Tempore Green and then have a valid election, where "Sam" and "no" can be the two options.

While I would like to be Senate President one of these days, it's not one of the things that really fits into my calendar or goals. PRIORITIZE... so tells me a dear friend all the time!

Right now, my goal is to move closer toward that PhD, and Senate is not the way to do it. A Senate Resolution will not convince my PhD committee to advance me to doctoral candidacy if my research sucks.

That said, I do have a degree of contempt for the double meetings. Senator Amador's original idea of having a bicameral legislature for grad students is starting to make sense, even though it is virtually almost logistically impossible. I tried to make this point clear in public debate, because I didn't get the memo when I had to attend my first double meeting and swearing in. After sitting through 4 double meetings, I conclude that not everyone values their time equally. I go to bed at 3am every day to get up at 7ish for two jobs and my school work; hence my apparent crankiness in chambers. My job and schoolwork are very time consuming and I am exhausted by the time Senate draws around.

What can I say, I'm an old man with little patience for "cojudeces". Ask Senator Amador what is a "cojudo", she'll probably show you a mirror.

Given the recent scandals and resignations due to GPA defficiencies, I would believe that Student Government officials would take their jobs as Students more importantly than their job as SGovernment officials. But they only take them seriously after they get in trouble with DSO.

Back to Meriam: Yes, Meriam probably did not come to the citation to appeal her expulsion, but I would ask Senate to be more lenient toward graduate and professional students. While Meriam Molstad can be happy to regain her Tuesday nights, after the many that I made her lose, I was quite upset that she was not reinstated. It's very hard for veterinary students to come up the hill for inanities such as a Senate meeting. A lot of senators also do not talk, but they get reinstated. I remember when I got into chambers, there was a somewhat heated discussion on whether former Senator Sundeep Rawal should have been excused. He did not attend Senate because the Dentistry academic calendar is different than the regular academic calendar. His argument was (correct, in my opinion) that he need not attend Senate because his school was not in session. Likewise the Dentistry school was off for their fall break this week, hence Chris Latham did not show up. While I admire the undergraduates' drive to become leaders and all that fluffy talk, graduate and professional students are in school to get good grades and/or produce kickass research.

Being a Senator is a sacrifice: as many people stated, thanking outgoing senators for their devotion to SG, to chambers and to their constituents. But it need not be. Senate has become the new Sabbath; where men serve the Sabbath and not the other way around. Give to God what is God's and give to Caesar what is Caesar's.

I also asked incoming R&A Appointee Patel if he was willing to vote in favor of cancelling Senate when the agenda was very light. When Senate President Patrone and company went on two trips over the Summer, and Senate was cancelled... oooohhh the sky didn't fall, and the moon didn't crash into Mars. But hey, having senators come and talk at public debate is more important than confirming the interim Student Body Vice President on what should have been the last Senate meeting of the summer.

Don't get me wrong, I have grown as a person from being involved in SG. And I do fondly recall when former Senator Nelson got offended after the Nov 8 2005 Senate Meeting at the Law School, when certain senators of the power corner who shall remain nameless had to vote in favor of repealing the 50% honorarium cap, an amendment that passed by 1 vote. (The same vote that prevented Lola Bovell from re-entering the Budget Committee) Then the motion to table the Special Events budget, thus defeating the approved amendment, was, unfair and immoral.
But anyways, after what could be construed as a little rude debating, the whole fantasy of abolishing the 50% cap vanished like a wisp of cloud in a gale.


public class Pedro
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Anonymous said...

int x=1;
disp("Pedro fuckin rocks");

Christian Duque said...

I concur. Pedro does rock! :)

Gavin Baker said...

Christian, I assure you there was much sighing and rolling of eyes.

But I think it's telling that these are jobs that no one wants. (I know that's not entirely true -- other people want them, they're just scared. But if you want something bad enough, you force the fear down and go for it.) If these were enjoyable, meaningful, horizon-expanding, change-creating positions, people wouldn't let votes go uncontested with merely grumbling.

Anonymous said...

How are sighing and rolling eyes supposed to make anyone feel any better? In fact, it makes me feel worse. Oh, wow, people are doing something wrong- but wait, they feel bad about it so it's OK. No, that's not how it works. I don't have sympathy for tools.

Anonymous said...

this anonymous senator would be thrilled if Pedro manages to have the supreme court overturn Green's election.

Pedro said...

I'm not interested in getting a new pro-tempore, and it could be unlikely that the supreme court do what I ask. But the fact that several senators were forced to vote for someone they clearly did not want to vote for, leads to incorrect vote totals and incorrect conclusions. The result of the vote says that Sam Green was elected unanimously, but the reality was not the case. The dissenting votes were not able to be captured (unless you listen to the Senate recording that Glenda uses to produce the minutes). Let me say also, that I don't think that there are enough dissenters to have prevented Sam from getting elected, but I stand that the election was improperly handled, and that a "no" vote should have been possible.

When former Treasurer Cosimi was reinstated, any rebel Senator could have chosen to make a protest vote or something else by voting for Gaby Leon or for Freya Birdie. Obviously no one decided to do so (myself included) but the protest vote WAS an available option. Treasurer Cosimi was unanimously reinstated according to the will of EVERY Senator. Pro-Tempore Green was not, and that is the difference.

Anonymous said...

I just think that it's shitty that no one let John in the room when the deal with Sam was made. I mean, he's the Student Body President. Show a little respect.