Thursday, October 19, 2006

Grapski Enters Not Guilty Plea!

This is surely a very complex case involving alleged election abuses and/or alleged criminal behavior on one or more parties. Alachua City Manager (whom also serves as Police Commissioner) permitted Charlie to record a conversation some time after it started because he claimed to one newspaper that 'he had nothing to hide.' Since the article claims Watson has cited that Florida Sunshine laws note it's illegal to record state officials, I find it unusual he would have allowed any recording to have been permitted in the first place. I am not sure if this constitutes entrapment (allowing for something, knowing full well it's illegal, and then using the permitted act as grounds for detainment). From what I understand there is also a phone call recording in question.

Now I know many of you see Charlie as nothing more than a trouble-maker, filing suits left and right, but let me try to enhance your outlook. A lot can be accomplished with a court ruling, it sets precedent, and in many regards its far more difficult to overturn, than say a law passed in the legislature. For the legislature (be it a city or county commission or a state or federal legislature) to deem and PROVE a court ruling to be unconstitutional is no small act, in fact, few legislators would even dare meddle in court matters. They would have to dissect the ruling, find several EXTREMELY questionable areas, and give such an impressive presentation they'd have to get either a majority or a super-majority of their colleagues to chuck the court decision's validity. Again...some people choose law suits to make their political points, others go through the lobbying frenzy and hope for legislative bills.

In a way....lawsuits, could be construed (at least in my book and under certain conditions) as Judicial Lobbying, with court fees usually footed by the plantiff (making "the trial" a paid service for one of the three branches to hear the (new & ) proposed interpretation of the law)and court decisions such as Roe v. Wade or Brown v. Board of Education changing the status quo forever. >>>>Comments?<<<<

Do I think Charlie is innocent? That's not really important in the scheme of things. I lift weights and I know a lot of muscleheads, Watson was an old Mr. Gainesville and a part-owner at Gainesville Gym (my old haunt). Charlie is family, I love him, and I want to see him found innocent. I believe the case is complex, but this is an Indie site and fully supports Charlie. Talk to Charlie, visit his site found on my link-area, because you'll have to travel many miles and talk to many people across this fine nation to find another reformer of his caliber.

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An Interesting Bill
I was pleased to read about Former Sen. Fei Long working on a very timely piece of legislation involving int'l students directly. There have been notable instances where the UF Senate oversteps its boundaries and enacts resolutions that have little-next-to no importance beyond its own chambers at the Reitz Union. However, the bill authored by Long, Brett, et. al. hopes for influence as opposed to power. If the University follows the UF Student Senate's lead, then U.S. embassies & consulates may add more credibility to parents invited by a prestigious upper level academic institution state-side. Whether the bill affects UF's 6% Int'l Student population or not, this is a sound & necessary piece of legislation.


For The Full Read: Issue Goes Beyond UF

Sad, But Is It True?

Several of my best sources have remained mum on this one, but some time ago I was informed by a good friend that fmr. Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Rod Smith (eliminated in the Party primary) and/or many of his campaign's top brass weren't truly supportive of DNC candidate Jim Davis and are allegedly supporting GOP candidate Charlie Crist. I would not be surprised if these rumors about Rod Smith are nothing more than an anti-FBK witchunt, however, after viewing Smith's own website, I can tell you his support of Davis seems visibly-lacking. Anyone that has any information on this matter, please post and/or email me.

Again, the initial paragraph is solely aimed at fact-finding as the original text and title suggest. However, a good friend of mine whom works in the Davis campaign believes what he believes. I also found a portion of this article unusual:

"In addition, several key personnel from Smith's primary campaign have decided to support Crist -- not Davis -- in the general election campaign."


So yes, I'd like more info on this. I'd like to know why Rod Smith's main page has no mention of endorsing Jim Davis and why media opposing Davis has not been removed. Perhaps I'll never know and/or perhaps my friend, the article, and my own curiosities are all unfounded, but telling me to shut up never worked with anything I've ever shown interest in before.

Bruce & Lauren!

I hope Bruce doesn't get mad at me for posting this, but this is SG's premier blog, so I feel I must. I ran into the PANTS candidate at yesterday's career fair and we spoke for a few minutes. Let me say this and let me hammer it away.

I was never on the ground, I heard about PANTS antics and I thought they were both funny and silly, but I endorsed Bruce over Chris, over Nina, and over Arturo because I see a great deal of potential in this student leader and I think the way he felt yesterday and the ambitions he has, prove it! Bruce is not another Dan Fitzpatrick. Dan wanted reform and wanted change and his efforts shouldn't be mocked, because he made his point and he succeeded at his goals, but, there's more to Bruce than what you saw this past election and I for one want him to live out his dreams, because they will really benefit the student body.

I would also like to see Lauren Mierley run. I think if anything, Nina proved that the sororities can be moblized and that a female candidate is viable, so viable that she can take out the indies...that's no small feat! Nina defeated the GDI's and even though her numbers fell considerably below Swamp --- Nina ran sans party and sans senate candidates to help her draw votes!

Lauren could bury Josh Weiss & Ryan Moseley in a debate. I've campaigned several times alongside her and she has what it takes to win over people, her good looks aside, she could easily force FBK to support her, they would be fuckin stupid not to. I met Josh once (thanks to Lydia Washington) and I think the kid's great, very humble, very soft-spoken, totally professional, but I don't see him as a SBP, not yet.

Did I sidetrack here? No. I don't believe Lauren to be an FBK/Greek puppet, I believe she's a real person and could do great things (even if she were to secure FBK support). Additiionally, I know she wants to be SB President and I believe she would have no better runningmate than Bruce Haupt.

Bruce going to Tommy's party would be a waste of time, not because of chances of victory or professionalism or any of that, but rather because I don't think they would mesh right. I don't know how to explain it, but the mold of the GDI's after '05 (Ngin, Hernandez, Chase) isn't one that a guy like Bruce seems right to follow in.

Lauren should seriously consider a run and should really have her people look into Bruce Haupt. A fmr. cabinet director, an active Greek, very socialable, very hard-working, with strong Indie ties, and a passion not only to serve, but to reform! I think a Mierley/Haupt ticket would surely be an unstoppable force. I believe they would secure the largest number of IFC/PC houses and bring about a sizeable split in the GDI community.

I believe that if properly negotiated we could see what is currently-dubbed-Action and a rebel-FBK class (that wants to finally clean house) shake, on a potentially strong union between Keys that want change and Indies that want another shot at a power-sharing government as in Summer 2004. I would love it if this could happen. I would love to have Lauren & Bruce just kick this around, it could just work. It would be wonderful if next semester Tommy Jardon would be seen walking beside Lauren Mierely reading out her day's engagements from his blackberry and me blogging about how progressive FBK has become.

Just because we fucked up Summer '04, shouldn't stop progreesive Indies & Keys from giving teamwork another chance this upcoming election. United we stand, divided we fall. I got news for you, there are Keys that want change and I think the new FBK leaders just might deliver. How great would it be to be a Florida Gator if this dream of mine came true. :)

But what about your boy Ryan Nelson? What about Weiss & Moseley? All great names, but with Lauren in the picture they all have to sit down and wait. In my book, with Lauren in the game all is changed, w/o her in the running, I would go with Nelson. I believe the threee I named to be great picks, but Lauren would be the best pick. Things don't always work out in paradise, but I think Nelson would have been a great senate president.


Anonymous said...

That Smith crap is bullshit. Stick to SG elections.

- Will

Christian Duque said...

Will who? I'm christian DUQUE.
I am just curious about Mr. Smith's loyalties, but since I don't know I've chosen to ask.

Anonymous said...

Smith's top campaign staff's loyalties are not his own. Your source was talking out of his ass. Ex-Smith staffers can create a 527 but that does not show Smith is supporting Crist.

Smith has asked his supporters to give to Smith. Smith's Campaign Chair Chris Korge (one of the DNC's top FL moneymen. He was Kerry-Edwards national finance co-chair) asked Smith supporters to join Davis.

Smith has no control over what Todd Wilder, Mike Murtha and James Harris do w/ a damn 527. Dems loyal to Davis need to quit alienating Smith supporters by spreading these cramp rumors.

Plus its FDP, not DNC. If Davis was truly a DNC backed Dem (which wouldn't make sense) he would have a better manger than Jennifer O’Malley.

- Will

Christian Duque said...

Whoever you are "Will," thank you for posting. I voted for Davis in the primary and would love to see him win. My intentions are neither against Rod or even pro-Davis, just wanted to know. I thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

How do you resign a month into your Senate Presidency and expect to run for Student Body President?

Christian Duque said...

Valid point. But where there is a will, there is a way. This is a person that could truly defeat either Weiss or Moseley (the only person conceivable). From what I understand, she wants this position.

I believe she would bode well with Indie support, but the Indies need to push for Bruce, someone that's a real reformer but not feared by the mainstream. Bruce also needs to put himself in the lead. Had Chris been elected, Cabinet Directors would have been terrified of his rule and/or there might have been a mutiny.

Mierley can secure FBK support but needs a strong Indie by her side and needs to broker ties with Jardon's camp, this leverage coupled with Nina's ability to mobilize the sororities (and mind you Lauren comes from a far stronger house), I believe would give progressives in FBK more ammo in S'07 than they had in S'04 to sway support to Lauren over Moseley or Weiss.

With major indie support, the PC sororities, and FBK (even if just its leadership) then the Coalition would win. No run off.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of white people on a ticket though. What would the black caucus say? You would kinda need to figure them into the equation. The only other position you seem to offer them is treasurer, though they do have a couple of strong minority candidates.

Jimmy Choo said...

The "Will" is Will Foster, Christian. Ignore him, he's not that important ;-) I'd like Jim Davis to win too, but besides having NO money, he's not getting enough support, and Will is right about his pointless campaign manager O'Malley. Whether those rumors are true or not, I don't think a stronger Rod Smith endorsement is going to help him.

About SG, I was under the impression that Bruce was going to graduate in Spring. And honestly, if I were as amazing as Lauren Mierley, I'd just take a fabulous job and peace out.

Anonymous said...

Just to note: check last Tuesday's Senate agenda and you'll see the first announcement for a BA seat...Lauren's....apparently she also stopped showing up to Senate.....

Anonymous said...


Money will always dry up when you have an uninspiring Dem with no hope of winning running in a Republican dominated state.

McBride lost despite outspending Jeb. Davis will lose w/o outspending Crist. Blame the FEA all you way for McBride's lose, but they could at least fundraise.

Money also really dried up when Gallagher's dream team had its ass handed to it. Then Crist picked Kottkamp (anyone else like how the campaign doesn't mention he is a partner at PI lawfirm Morgan and Morgan?). At that point we even lost the trial lawyers (see John Morgan)

Jim Davis doesn't have money b/c he is a crap candidate.

Do i Want Daivs/Jones to win? Sure. Do i think they have a chance? No. Will I support Gators for Davis in anyway? I am.

- Will

Christian Duque said...

It's the Fall. It isn't completely out of left field for an incumbent senator to leave the fold per se the semester prior to a Spring run. In fact, many potential presidential candidates that are up for re-election the Fall prior to their respective presidential run, will either go for re-election to help the party and then resign, or, simply not run again.

In U.S. politics it isn't unusual for a sitting senator to run (i.e. Lieberman, Bob Dole) and when they lose their races they just return to the senate. An SG example would be Scott. He was defeated by Jamal and returned to Senate briefly as its president and to finish out his regular term. Really, to remain a senator or to part ways in the hope of a fresh start for office, really just boils down to personal choice. But Lauren resigning the Senate Presidency and/or her seat in no way should be taken a 100% indicate-marker that's she's out.

Lauren will need to be convinced, she will need to concretely be told she has a shot -- and she does. People like Tommy Jardon, Nikki Grant, Clause, Grove, et. al should reach out to her from the Action side, as well as to Bruce.
I can't stress enough how dynamic having Bruce on board would be.

Treasurer is up in the air, as is party name and senate slate and all that. I'm just thinking about the best ticket and it's Lauren & Bruce. A strong woman at the top spot, with a responsible, reform-minded GDI at the wings ready to FINALLY bring cabinet to the next level.

I don't mind be the doofus or the butt of a joke, so long as the joke give Bruce a reason to call Lauren, gives Tommy a reason to call Ms. Mierley, gives these factions a reason (even if initially to call me a crazy) to just sit down and kick around the idea of joining forces for a greater good.

Indies cannot get appointments, this has been the case with the Goldberg & Boyles administration. It is futile to build a real Indie Party A-N-D rally effectively for enough votes to force into cabinet, force into senate committess by sheer voting strength for GDI's.

On the other hand, with the majority of early support going for Weiss and/or Moseley, it would most certainly take its toll on Lauren and severely put her presidential ambitions in question. In could come a Tommy Jardon, with a group of passionate and hardworking Action kids to give Lauren the initial backing to put her star on the map. Next could come in Bruce to reach out to fringe GDI's and to the more social/less-formal student body. And finally, Lauren a fmr. highly decorated SG official, from a strong sorority, with a very popular and well-liked running mate, and the strong support of the Action Party would come into the FBK fold and try to win its nod over Weiss and Moseley.

I'm not saying she'd get it, but she would surely be a hell of a lot more viable and I think there are progessives in FBK, namely in the new leadership that would jump at the idea of going OUTSIDE THE BOX, choosing outside the norm (Weiss or Moseley) and going with Lauren. But Lauren NEEDS to bring the goods for serious consideration and the GOODS are Bruce & Jardon Inc.

The GDI's need to have a chance again to do something positive, so here the burden falls on Jardon, Grant, Clause, etc to not close out to the idea of reaching out. And this also goes to Lauren, if she really wants to be a SBP she can do it very easily by uniting several factions. And Bruce, Bruce is not a joke, he's a real candidate, he's responsible enough to tell students, I'm RUNNING FOR VP for the second time, because I truly want to make cabinet better -- give me a chance.

Anonymous said...

Christian you have no idea how FBK works. The current FBK leaders are almost all OLD 3L law students. They have no power who the greeks support for SG Prez. The HOUSE LEADERS are the only ones who matter. Granted the house leaders are in FBK, but they meet completely seperately. FBK meetings last about 20 minutes and politics is NEVER on the agenda. The people usually most active in FBK are people that have little to no interest or influence over SG. Trust me the AEPi, SigEP, and Theta Chi house leaders are much more important than Fackender or Looby when it comes to SG elections.

Christian Duque said...

Absolutely. I have no idea, I don't argue this, but your arguement also allows mine to hold water. You have said it yourself, the powers that be would probably not be interested in going outside the box, but what's to say some of those names you mentioned or other factions in FBK, progressive factions for instance would not try to get Lauren the nod?

It would take GDI's behind Lauren, it would take her house, Nina's efforts will still be in everyone's memory, and all of this coupled with Lauren's extensive qualifications and the support of progressive factions of FBK could influence the outcome. This all I'm saying and I don't think it can be easily refuted, she would come in as a viable pick.

Christian Duque said...

Even if Weiss and Moseley are the favored pick, if Lauren is at least deemed 'viable,' I think it would give her supporters in the organization a better leg to stand on than if she just said she wanted to run and put all her eggs in the FBK basket and hoped for a miracle.

Christian Duque said...

Lastly, let us not forget that even dividing FBK and even taking the smaller end would be much more than either Ngin, Hernandez, or Chase ever got. Yes, the African American community and GDI's got Jamal elected, but there was substantial support in FBK and even the diehards GDI's have to admit this.

If Lauren received the smaller piece of FBK, joined in with GDI's, had Bruce at her side, and selected a strong Treasurer choice she would be seriously viable.

Let's not talk win or lose, I'm talking viable. I think she could win 1:1 to Weiss or Moseley, but if she led a Coalition like Jamal, she'd win. Weiss doesn't need a coalition, Moseley neither, Nelson wouldn't get FBK/PC backing, but Lauren is the only person that can truly benefit and Jardon & Co. as well as Bruce need to seize the moment NOW.

Lauren would make a stellar SBP.

And how sad would be for another SBP to get elected that would push GDI's aside for the 450+ appointments for his/her V.P. to do the same in cabinet. When will Indie leaders say "enough!" and get their people in positions where they can actually bring about some change.

Mierley/Haupt could be the answer to it all.

Gavin Baker said...

Christian, since you've continued talking about Mierley, I'll repeat the comment that was posted here and say that it appears former Senator Mierley found better things to do with her time -- because she has left the Senate.

Given this and her earlier resignation as Senate President, I don't think she could make a very credible run for any exec position. (Then again, Lindsay Cosimi proves me wrong.)

But the bigger point is, she clearly isn't interested. All the evidence points to Ms. Mierley wanting to graduate, get the hell out of here and get a job (or go to grad or law school, as the case may be)... and more power to her for it.

Christian Duque said...

I agree, that's how it may seem. But you can't judge a book by its cover. Sources close to her say she still wants to run. These sources are not figments of my imagination -- I assure you.

Anonymous said...

who are the treasurer picks? anyone care to take a guess. and, christian, i do think your logic is a little off. lol that girl wants out. people can want things for you, but you ALWAYS have to place yourself ina position to be seen as credible and since the summer, Mierley has done a couple of things that resoundingly say she wants out of this system hell-hole.

Christian Duque said...

You may very well be correct. I have been wrong more times than I can count, then again TheRadikal is Speculation & Debate Central, so really, that's kind of the name of the game around here.

You're prolly right, but in SG, if we've learned anything, it's that egos are generally fat and nothing's ever definite.

Anonymous said...

Nelson wouldn't even have IFC support, he is a running joke in there. When Nelson ran for IFC exec, more people probably put "not ryan nelson" than the other guy running.

Christian Duque said...

That's a little harsh. He's passionate about his convictions and wanting to serve. Why are people so harsh on him, yet so pleasantly vague with Weiss & Moseley? Why -- I'm just curious?