Monday, October 02, 2006

The election-power of Arturo Armand and his Swamp Machine is not in question, what is in question is the Tolbert Area. Some info to date as of today.

A). An anonymous source confirms that John Boyles had no knowledge of any possible tampering. Further, according to other sources, it would be almost impossible to infiltrate the Housing voting sheets, because they are produced by DOH, not the Registrar. Until Action can produce the voting sheets and start showing names of people who are not paying rent to live in the Tolbert Area, this story warrants no further attention.

B). A member of the Action Party provided TR with at least one incident, involving the resient of Room #12 at the SAE House...whose also listed as living at East (but...doesn't).

C). Action cadres have taken the matter formally before Chris Cupoli.

Whether anything comes out of this, I believe that it speaks to the courts. The UF Supreme Court has the power to nullify any election certification and must act if it's provided with real, hard facts and evidence. If foul play can be proven to have taken place at Tolbert, then it is the opinion of this blogsite that the entire election be thrown out!

D). Go back to "A." I am a bit uncomfortable with the part that reads "are not paying rent," does that mean if they are still paying rent (moving to their Greek house mid-way through their lease at on-campus housing) that they can effectively vote in 2 races or vote in the race their party needs them most? THIS SOUNDS LIKE LEGISLATION THAT SHOULD BE WRITTEN. But for now...I don't think that can hold water, I think ethically you can only vote where you reside.

Hundreds of Greeks leave their dorms to live at their Greek houses - some can square away Gator Dining and Housing costs by having them transferred to G.House coffers meanwhile many others simply pack up and move into the Row; this makes it possible for hundreds to be eligible to vote in 2 diff areas (in Fall) and quite frankly this may be the case w/ Rm.12.

Question is...if foul play took place, will Action fight? And will the courts listen?


Anonymous said...

Christian it was confirmed today that no double voting took place. Even if someone improperly voted at Tolbert they did not vote another time as well.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify:

The issue in question is not double voting. Rather, it is a question of whether or not voters lived in the area they were voting in.

Anonymous said...

Christian your entire insight into SG is outdated and completely incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever think your trusted sources might be sending you a load of crap just to make you look stupid in public, which is exactly how it appears at this point

Christian Duque said...

I never made the case for double voting. If you had proper Reading Comprehension skills you would be able to discern the points from my writings. I said if a person is able to vote in two races, then his/her party would use the person's vote in the race where there is a greater need.

This is not double voting, rather vote-prioritization. Re-read my post before making troll-like posts in the comment-area. :)

Christian Duque said...


My sources are some of the BEST in the game. Current leaders and past leaders that reached levels you or I only dreamt of. :)