Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Election Comission recommends to validate everything but Tolbert

In a very real way, the fight for Tolbert could be Action's Iwo Jima, only they won't have the luxury of multiple photo shoots. When allegations were made, they demanded at least one shred of proof and apparently that shred came by way of SAE/Rm.12. Arturo and Swamp could have won by 90% and taken every seat, but from a PR standpoint, Action can seriously put Swamp's supremacy in serious question by re-claiming what could possibly be the third Action victory, the Tolbert Area! Remember, the Texans weren't winning the war...in fact Santa Ana had them all but annihilated, but a valiant stand at The Alamo changed the tide of the war and won Texas their national freedom; who knows if Action repels the mighty Swamp from Tolbert, if in one semester's time Ryan Nelson won't have WHIPPED both Josh Weiss and Ryan Moseley for the SB Presidency?

It is absolutely critical that the Action Party leadership make a strong stand for this seat. If the Party gathers proof, real hard evidence and Chris Cupoli, the Senate, and/or the student courts won't listen, then file for an injunction with a real court. There are $12 Million in student funds on the line. Despite the fact that the Justices were appointed by Boyles and rubberstamped by his Gator/Swamp Senate, no Bench will refute hard evidence and/or suppress a valid case!

If Gator/Swamp make the mistake of hastily confirming ALL, then Unite & Independent senators should rise in protest, exhaust all methods at slowing down the process (go till 8am if you have to!), and make for damn sure that those Pro'ing and championing the cause to certify Tolbert regardless of proof be well documented on paper and once the case is solved, put all those Hawkish senators before the Student Conduct Committee and demand that they be castigated for consipracy to undermind the will of the Student Body.

As a FIji I was always taught that you can't spell ASSHOLE without S,A,E but that's besides the point. I don't want the members of the rejected Fiji pledge class from way back when to hold me in disregard. However, I would like it to make a bold statement:

I am not accusing anyone of double voting. However, I am suspicious of students that can vote in two respective area races and use only the need of their party as a determining factor in which one they will cast a ballot. I find that morally unethical and I leave it to Action & their counsel to make the case for this being illegal (shouldn't be too hard).


Anonymous said...

They already went and certified every vote in Tolbert, these allegations were completely unfounded. Nice try at making something out of nothing. You were a FIJI? No wonder you hate greeks and any half-decent fraternity on this campus.

Christian Duque said...

You don't say?