Sunday, October 22, 2006

Overcoming Obstlaces

Ok...what if Lauren won't run? Then what? Bruce is a great leader but like Dennis Ngin his indecision might trumpet his downfall. I remember sitting at Bennigan's with a former colleague and Dennis around this time 2004 and us telling him to run and him just replying "I don't know, ah, I don't know." Nothing more demoralizing to hear, than a leader unsure if he's a leader. How do you build morale in a situation like that? Then on the other hand you got a candidate that wants office so bad that upon not getting it sheds tears-of-disappointment. On the one hand we chastize a dopey candidate and on the other we chastize a passionate one. Interesting logic.

GDi's are in a very strange situation right now. There is no question that there will always be an 'Independent party' and that that party will have candidates, however, how many defeats must the opposition to endure before its leaders fully understand that in order to reach power, they need to broker a coalition with stronger forces. Is this 'selling out', slightly, but Indies need to reach positions of power and if GDI's strike a deal with a progressive mainstreamer they may not have to sell themselves very much (or at all).

I believe wholeheartedly that GDI's are making a huge mistake in not digging deeper for better candidates. There is no racial formula behind a winning look at the Gator ticket, gender matters little, look at Swamp and it's three-mail-executive. What would happen if Indies ran someone like Sam Green? Would African Americans still support Josh Weiss or Ryan Moseley? Would Asian Americans support Josh or Ryan if Fei Long ran? Would Gays & Lesbians support Swamp if Chris Chase ran (wait...he did run and they did support Swamp). Point is this... you can't rune a black person and win black votes or run an Asian and win the Asian block...people seem to think that's why Black voted for Access...'oh they ran Jamal, so all the blacks came out in droves,' I can't tell you how much I've heard it and I find it to be utter bullshit.

When I did my 40+ Org. Tour during senate run, I was told by Jamal and Andre not to hit up NPHC org's and/or the council, but hit them I did. I spoke out about the party's initiatives, I took questions, I gave handout and took phone calls. Why? Because as I told them, "I respect you, I respect you enough to come here and fight for your vote, others....outside, they say you will vote because Jamal is black, because he comes from your council, well I come here to you, to your chapter meeting, on this Sunday evening with the permission of your Executive Board, to fight for your vote." That, if I may so, is what you call RESPECT. Don't run a black person for black votes, run a quality candidate and fight for every vote...then you'll win your hearts & minds. Several members thanked me for showing the NPHC fraternities and sororities, respect, both w/ Access & Voice. Did Impact, Unite, or Action visit NPHC fraternities/sororities individually and present before the council? I was a lone senate candidate, if I did, why hasn't a party? RESPECT

GDI's need to focus here. ENOUGH of failed campaigns. The time for a coalition is NOW. But not a coalition of solely GDI's, rather a coalition between GDI's and moderates in FBK. Moseley seems slightly more favored than Weiss, but neither of these men are suitable, they are what you call favorites. GDI's need to dialogue with moderates in FBK and scout for rising stars. Lauren would be a wonderful pick for president. Ryan Nelson definitely remains a great choice for executive office. I would keep Andrew Hoffman's name handy, he could win you the election if he was properly courted. And...don't get accustomed to only running folks one time. There's some names from the past at UF and eligible to run...why do you have to always pick new names?


As much as I love NORML I was not stoned when writing this post, I just didn't choose to proofread and make corrections. Ahhhh the memories of the great steps leading to Century Tower, stumbling to a class where our teacher rambled on about his time in Malawi....on and on and on and on about a bunch of people that prolly wanted to lynch his western butt...I'd stare at his head and wonder how funny it would be if all of a sudden he said LOOK AT ME! took out a huge stereo and started stipping, giving lap dances to all the tools that sat up front and repeated his every word and sand him praises; sometimes I'd just laugh and the slightly chubby DZ whom sat in front of me would turn around and laugh too...sometimes I'd look over at Marycarmen...what a cutie... am I thinking of two different classes? Seri was the woman, who was the guy? OH who cares. Enjoy School:)


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! You are a nut! Your logic is the most skewed thinking I have ever encountered. For one, I beleive Jamal and Andre told you not to court NPHC organizations because CLEARLY they were behind him ANYWAY. The Black Caucus, entirely greek at that time was responsible for much of the education of the Black community at UF about SG and its importance.

Race is a very key issue when it comes to votes. Jamal, being a key player in Black life on campus was bound to enjoy support from his community. Same with Lola Bovell. If you are involved in your community, the voes come. Dennis Ngin is another example.

While it is noble to "fight" for votes, even from those who will most likely vote for your favored candidate, anyway, it is much better if you use that time more wisely on peopel who might not consider a Jamal, or Dennis Ngin.

Anonymous said...

And another point I wanted to make was that campaigns are energized by minorities.

If the GDI's want to win. Sure, then can court Lauren Mierley, but they'd better put a more diverse ticket together.

That crazy shit ACTION put together was disgraceful. And how funny that PRIDE didn't support Chris Chase? Adelle supported Nina. Phil always aupported SWAMP. I hear Erin flip-floped to SWAMP and the rest of them were SWAMP too.

I remember that same ACCESS victory that Sheema did much better than Scott and Rachel in the first vote because African Americans voted for her. So race does make a difference.

Christian Duque said...

And yes, race does make a difference, but quality still surpasses that mark. Race did help Sheema surpass Scott, but race did not get her to surpass Dennis. Nor did sexual preference get Chris the support he lost to Nina and to Swamp.

You insult me -- that's typical an anonymous poster. But I don't dismiss your point, I just make the case that race, gender, sexual preference, religion, etc are important but they are not >more< important than Quality.

And, respect remains key. Thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10:51 weere you with the access campaign?

Anonymous said...

i think race and ethnicity are one thing, but sexual orientation is another. I feel because people can identify with multiple identities that sexual orientation will not help a candidate garner votes as expected.

If you are gay and asian, black or hispanic, you may still side with your racial identity. Same as if you were gay and an engineer.

And of course race wasn't enough to help Sheema Freeman beat Dennis Ngin. So many people were voting for ACCESS. Nothing could have helped Sheema overcome those numbers.

Anonymous said...

Christian, I don't suppose you're referring to one professor Uttaro there at the end, are you?

Christian Duque said...

HAHAHAAHAAHAHA! Great guy, loves Malawi more than John Boyles loves the Bible. Nuff Said.

Anonymous said...

Everyone even touching Unite knows that they tried to court as many ethnic/cultural groups as possible and look what it got them. Sarah Badawi, Gavin Baker (as much as I love both of them) arent exactly representative of BSU, PSU, or AASU. And we all know the gay vote, outside of PSU, is no where strong enough to vote together.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, they don't vote together because they all possess other identities besides being gay.

Anonymous said...


What are these old names that can be picked for a ticket that you suggest?

Christian Duque said...

Ah Grasshopper...if I tell you that, then what purpose would 'the journey' have? Look in your grad populations....the law school,etc.

Many of us are liberals and make the mistake of thinking down liberal/conservative lines insofar as SG goes -- that's a big mistake. There are some wonderful righties at SG as Indie as you or I. Don't count them out. :)