Friday, September 29, 2006

Time To Turn The Page

Well I guess if the students are going to turn the page, so should I. I think for next few weeks The Radikal will cover local & nat'l elections in addition to discussing global politics. I've had enough of reading the Alligator and pointing out the flaws of mainstream opposition politics. Perhaps a third-place finish for an organized political army will be the epiphany of humility, a humility the Independent movement at UF has not seen since Student Alliance/Access days. Then again, we're talking about legacy-indie-leaders grandfathering in the latest generation of leaders, so in all likelihood the mainstream-indies will require a loss to Bible-Man before re-assessing their objectives. Either way, it's great to have six pages of Alligator hits next to your name...only thing is, it stinks you can't run a party. (This isn't aimed at any one person, consider it 'aimed' at about half-a-dozen).

In the end a lot can be understood by simple mannerisms and personality traits. John Boyles lighting a cigar after Armand's victory...that's gangster...but not in the good way. A man lights a cigar after his son is born or after he makes a killing and Swamp -- they made a killing. A letter in today's article lays claim that Armand didn't mention his rivals in a speech, that he ignored them (who cares, but couple that with the cigar smoke and you start thinking you've just woke up at the country club). Whether it be FBK or FBL, it seems everyone wants to be elitist, either privately or publicly everyone wants to feel better than the next guy and that's particularly why groups like the Iron Fist & the Pants Party might have made far greater contributions than you are willing to admit. What's to say that a kid really inspired by two former groups won't form his own party next year, inspired by Dan&Bruce but with the intensity of a S.A. or an Access? Only time will tell, but for the sake of the Indies, I hope that new leaders come about and that the indies finally see a real candidate they can rally behind, not a Jared, not even a Dennis, I mean another Jamal, another Eric Gordon, someone that has a real vision, not someone that's running out of necessity, guilt, or for pure popularity's sake.

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