Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm currently working on this little conspiracy theory, so if you'd like to shoot over an email, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter. The title of the presentation is:
Did Unite! Hardliners Sandbag Chris Chase?

I'm also in the process of securing an interview with a top cultural official whom was offered a gesture of good faith -- this being careful terminology in a game called legal-dodgeball. I am sure you (and some folks that light up cigars alike) will seriously enjoy what this top-level official has to say. It's jaw-dropping, so let's hope he delivers the goods.

I hear Lauren Mierely wants to run for president? Is this true? I wonder...will she put up like Nina Dejong or shut-up like Elda Auxilaire...oops did I just say that? I'm sorry. Nothin cooler than a strong woman, nothing sadder than one whom bows down, take a hand-out, and then goes back to her nose-bleed-seat in the peanut gallery.

Revlon or Women's Rights
Not much of a decision for some.

Congratulations Arturo!:
Somebody Recount Them There Ballots. (LOL)

Worse thing that Action could do now is not question the elections. Can the good neighbor politics of phoning in-to concede the election or the 'we are all Gators' crap, this election seems very fishy. Either (A) Arturo is more popular than Jamal Sowell at an NPHC 2004 reunion celebration or the old-school Unite! kids royally screwed Chris & Co. over. Either way, what the hell happened? Even the stray houses that supported Unite and the lone LChi's of Impact days don't seem to have been around for Chase & Action.

Congrats Arturo, how you did it, not really sure.

Does anyone remember a letter written by one "George Bunker?"
Awesome letter: Click Here

Does that style of writing remind you of anyone? Wouldn't it be funny if the author of that letter had married George Jefferson w/ Archie Bunker and written that from a computer at FIU in Miami 400 miles away? That would be funny, but I doubt that's the case, just a funny letter I wanted to showcase for y'all.

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