Wednesday, September 13, 2006

That SG Entry...

I just got done reading a very biased column in the Alligator, titled "Spineless Swamp Party silent on issues that matter," but at no point in time did I read anything on the fact that Swamp's main rival in the election, Action provided students with a pre-fab platform that had little-to-no input from either their candidates or the general student body. Sure, on the one hand we can blast the ruling Swamp Party for their middle of the road politics and their vagueness, even for what could be considered a purely symbolic focus group on a platform initiatives - BUT - at the end of the day we (that is informed students & informed alumni) alike, know that Boyles was hand-picked by the powers that be for a reason. That reason I won't elaborate on because you should know by now how my bullet train of thought works, but if you don't, re-read the last 13 months worth of posts. Still, this article goes way to harsh on Swamp and seems extremely biased and of poor professional quality from a sitting editor of the student paper. Especially this early on.

I hate the mainstream (be it Mainstream Greek or Mainstream Opposition), but I want to give all parties the benefit of the doubt (something I believe the Alligator has already failed miserably at). Even though I didn't have the opportunity to actually see what was going on in the Swamp room b/c my entry was blocked by the Revlon Girl (or maybe it's Loreal *that jingle is kinda funny*), I still feel that these kids might actually care about SG, 'c'mon of course they do'. Yes they're boring and yes their leader might one day lead a cult of deranged soccer moms and out-of-work shoe salesmen off a cliff in Guyana but so what?! ...LMAO j/k.....they're not all bad. Whoever wrote this article is a bonafide assbag and should be reprimanded for taking sides so early on. Editors should stick to editing and SHUT THE FUCK UP until it's time to endorse.

Also Kudos to the Independent Florida Alligator for their TOP KNOTCH coverage of all four candidates. I say, the Alligator has done a poor job so far. However, I do want to tell the Alligator's Editor in Chief that I think he's very cool, in fact, he's so cool, I will from this forth call him Mr. Coolo. :o)

The Joys of Being InDependent.

Because I'm a socialist I have decided that for this upcoming election, here at TheRadikal I will have my own set of "DARTS & LAURELS." Basically, when a party does something cool, they will get a Workers' Red Star.


That's All Folks.

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